• Andy Valentine

    Web Designers / Developers / IT Bods not on the list? Personally, I pretty much have the stuff on an intravenous drip all day

    • @JJrrake

      Hahaha i do the same thing with H

      • Go Away

        You suck at life

    • just4fun88

      no shit, where are the IT guys… I couldn´t survive one day without my black taste of god!

      • Jeff Martincic

        graphic designer…and i live on mt dew…which is the same thing basically…

        • strue

          No. Mountain Dew is artificially flavoured swill.

      • @CerealFede

        on a quick look i read "without my taste of black god"

    • bob

      I agree completely. Where I work, the coffee is not for the faint of heart. That shit is pure on sailor coffee, you might feel light headed after a cup and my coworkers drink the hell out of it.

    • Dr. Sidaredes

      Crab Boat Captains

    • Underbaker

      I agree with the IT thing, but I also work for the Government. IT guys outside of the Gov are probably so busy they don't have time to drink more then 2 cups a day.

      • JHL1

        Shit, I have 2 cups before I leave, 1 for the road a refill when I get in and then I really start drinking coffee. That's how the internet is possible. I.T. is definitely in the top 5.

        • Underbaker

          How about this than. I.T. folks are just too damn busy to take their stupid surveys. 😉

    • Working Hard Eryday

      Ditto! IT and ERP system we run on coffee, the keurig and the espresso machine

      • jackhadding

        They keep on talking about putting an espresso machine in our IT Build room but it just never happens. 😦

    • thedude325

      They're probably included in scientists/lab technicians. I was expecting to see them at the top. I'm guessing because computer science is technically a science.

    • @justsayoyvey

      At my high school it was very easy to find a student who is a comp sci person (IT, web dev, software dev, builders etc) just look for the guys holding a coffee/soda and talking mainly in letters and numbers.

    • Michael Carroll

      Agreed, was a production foreman for 15 out of the 30 years at my plant, But 25 of those years have been on night shift. So coffee at work during the 12 hr shift and there's always coffee on at home for me & my wife. Now some won't believe this but I drink it on the way home from nights shift then go to bed lol

  • Eric


    • yoursoul


  • basic

    While I fall into the #4 slot, I am also a huge fan of Mountain Dew and 5-hour Energy, orange flavor whenever possible…

  • mrmosley151

    what about truck driver

    • @JJrrake

      This is about coffee. Not meth. #unfortunately

      • Mark Rea

        Strike 2

    • rdpre.

      What about them? They aren't on the list so clearly they don't consume the most coffee. If you want to find out why why don't you conduct your own research instead of posting dumb comments.

      • JViss

        Because this graph is 100% accurate I'm sure…

        • JHL1

          I thin you put an extra zero in there.

          • JHL1


    • Rick Bush

      Was my first thought. Probably biased since I am one. lol. Kind of a generalized list as a lot of jobs can fall under a few of these categories.

    • Kristen

      The title is "Which profession…" driving a truck is not a profession.

      • CaptainInsano

        it's one of the most common profession in America.. take a look around next time you drive anywhere

      • Vag

        It's arguably one of the most important professions there are. Without the trucking industry, our entire infrastructure would collapse.

    • Jeff

      Truck drivers are meth heads

    • Lev

      Caffeine pills.

  • beserker

    Know why engineers don't list on there… well.. we don't need coffee anymore after all the coffee we have during studying!

  • @JJrrake

    Coffee is soooo bad for u.
    Thats y i choose crack every morning

    • GernBlansten

      You're one of those sad little people who thinks negative attention is better than no attention at all…..

    • Scatt Datty

      Go troll another site! please and thank you

    • Child Please


      What's it like to fail simply by waking up?

    • Mark Rea

      annnnnnd you're out

  • DAniel


    • Herb

      Coffee survey, not doughnuts.

    • fstopblues39

      to that…clearly none of these statistics spoke to people that do emergency services haha


        Seems about right. My dad is an EMT and he drinks about 4 massive travel mugs of coffee a day.

  • Joseph

    Military’s not on there?

  • yoursoul

    I'm pretty sure "Government Professional" includes the military, in which case they need to include Monster simply because it's more portable and the temperature doesn't matter so we don't have to ingest it immediately.

    • MarauderV8

      Definitely. Working 20 hours a day underway is only possible through caffeine overdose. I love me some Monster!

      • 817-chivette

        Redbull!!! 🙂 sfrb at that!

        • guest

          Rip-Its or Pitbull.

    • Secretly hate my job

      I'm pretty sure monster gets at least half of their profit from the military

    • Ammo

      damn right i live off that shit on the flightline

  • Siopisize

    5 hour energy is definitely an effective alternative

    • rdpre.

      It's amazing how many people waste their money on 'placebo'.


      They work. I drank four and drove 18 hours straight… It really sucked.

    • msee

      caffeine pill = 3 cents
      5 hr energy = 3 dollars

  • nurse

    Nurse-nightshift. Coffee? Yes please!

    • just me

      same here, surprised nurses weren't higher

      • BostonChiver34

        i hear ya! what about us in the Public Safety field???? Police?! everyyyyyy day!

      • EMT phenom

        ALLL EMS workers. 24-48 hour shift? thats at least 3 -5 cups a day

  • usoagain

    right in the first place, yeah baby!! ❤ coffee

  • Acula

    #1 right here. About to get off a 14hrs shift at my lab. Woohoo. Although I prefer redbull, coffee is free at work.

  • chaz

    You forgot military personnel!

  • JJL

    I drink a double shot of espresso a day. Usually never have coffee. I couldn't function without it

    • Starbucks

      Espresso IS coffee. Derp.

      • JJL

        coffee is for wimps. espresso puts hair on your chest

        • morebeer

          Still coffee

  • JackDiesel

    Engineers don't need coffee, we need energy drinks.

  • DhamaBum

    No architects? We BLEED coffee!

  • DeadMedic

    Clearly EMS workers were not included in this study.

  • Mac

    Paramedic on the night shift, coffe helps me deal with the combative drunks.

  • Vinnie

    Military is definitely the top but they still don’t consider it a “profession” I guess. Every person I work with has their very own special coffee mug.

  • aaron

    So uhh, lawyers are not on this list? I guarantee I drink enough coffee single handedly to put our group on the list. Plus, I hate black coffee. One last thing, WTF is a "food preparer"?????

    • Ccard

      If you were a lawyer I'm pretty sure you would know what a food preparer is.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        a caterer, good sir

    • NOISE

      If you make any courtroom appearances, I'd recommend laying off the coffee; you sound like a jittery ass. I have one cup a day (it is black, though).

    • Cazzo

      Lawyers are out of the office too much to swill down coffee all day, compared to professions where you're in the office all day and never more than a few steps from a coffee pot. I have a cup or two right when I get to work, but that's about it. It is black, though.

  • tom

    Truckers drink way more coffee than this whole list combined.

    • Slappy_McGee

      Nope. It's too hard to keep fresh coffee in the truck, so trucker have turned to things like Redbull and 5 Hour Energy to keep their energy up.

      Source: I worked as a driver recruiter for a couple years.

    • Kristen

      Driving a truck is not a profession.

      • Hank Hill

        Neither is bein a bitch, but I bet you're good enough to get paid for it.

      • Mike

        This from someone who I guarantee has never driven anything bigger than a Ford Explorer. I'm not a truck driver for reference. I'm just not an idiot. Try maneuvering something that's almost 80 feet long and 14 or 15 feet high through traffic every day.

  • Dennis

    uhhh, photographers. I had a discussion with another photographer the other day that the photography industry as a whole would not be where it is today without coffee.

  • supersport

    Anyone in an IT profession not on that list either? WTF

  • Dwreck

    Coffe blows

    • 'Merica


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