Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • wdh

    sup bitches

    • wdh

      being first was quite exciting =] #32

    • izzyvic

      oh look theres a picture to perfectly explain how i feel. #24

      • wdh

        exactly how i feel about how you feel bud. ;]

    • dagg nabbit

      not much…my nuts on your head

    • walter


    • Jamie

      All I can say is KCACO!

  • kelpjuice


    • chivette1

      so fast your good!

    • sarahJ3

      your a quick one!

      • hwath

        For the last fucking time it's "you're"

        • Lame

          You also are not first so you fail at grammar and counting.

    • Crowley

      Yes you are!

    • dagg nabbit

      no, dick

      • (o)

        penis hole

  • dick

    Hooray EARLY DAR!

    • Superman

      #45 do my eyes deceive me? or do I see Hermoinie nips?

      • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

        Mother of God.

      • Cecil

        So exciting, and yet I feel like such an old pervert for noticing.
        My wand is uh, dusty.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jessica.lynn.freeland Jessica Lynn Freeland

        that was my first thought too!

  • M-Shizz

    #49 daaaaamn!

    • lostagain

      excuse her hump day tardiness but no hump photo?

    • Guest 0452

      Indeed. but where is the hump?

    • donk

      To the fapcave!!

    • Ian Jackson

      Fake chive shirt

      • Yeah

        How do you know?

        • Katie

          Not the right color green, no "c" in the center of the crown

    • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer

      Hump pic please…or the puppy dies!

    • MonkeyMadness

      I know, right? Daaamn girl, don't you know how to flip a photo?

  • dick

    Now go drink a Red Stripe!

  • acupofjoe

    RED ROCKET #13

  • SaltLakeChiver

    #30 – On one hand, early DAR makes the rest of my workday drag….But on the other…Eye candy. Mmmm.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/GernBlansten GernBlansten

      That's not eye candy, that's eye bacon.

    • FunKiller

      I would love to just sit there all day and bounce quarters off of that ass.

  • Gonzalez



      You should've said, "Thank you Ma'am may I have another?"

    • Static


    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Of course you want us to look at your hair. That is absolutely why you submitted this photo.

      • Kristen

        Anyone can submit a photo you fuck stick.

        • wdh

          Hey Kristen, you should submit yours. I reeeeeeeally wanna see what kind of hideous creature you are.

    • FunKiller

      The after sex look hair works…what doesn't is those bottoms she's wearing, wtf? Bangin body though!

      • notferme

        After sex hair? She has clothes on. Airheads fix their hair and makeup after sex….then get dressed. Or is that just whores?

        • FunKiller

          Well, she does have the "whore look."

    • GlibTongue

      Oh no, I'm not falling for that 'Hey look at my hair!' trick. Not this guy.

  • craig

    #8 should be a shirt, and #32 almost made me cry laughing.

    • Urethra Franklin

      #32 is the greatest gif i've ever seen.

      • hoot

        it's friday friday

      • Bartvaio

        Where it came from?

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #12 Mother of God! Pure beauty….

    • toban

      did anyone else have a hard time maintaining eye contact?

      • FunKiller

        Depends which eyes you were looking into!

    • Deep Dish

      Incredible natural beauty

    • RichMahogany

      Possibly the most beautiful person I've ever seen. Find her!

      • TWaits

        Looks like Zach de la rocha?

  • Kroger_Security

    #37 you are gorgeous hun!!

    • JHL1

      Also, moar

  • Rufus

    #25 …follow up in tomorrow's DAR???

    • eddy

      Don't do it!

    • http://www.facebook.com/reginald.vonfinkerschnitzel Reginald von Finkerschnitzel

      I don't think it will fit

    • Mike

      Someone needs to add the Brazzers logo.

    • KyleGamgee

      I do not take your meaning sir!

    • paleontinjin ross

      and she hasn't walked right since

    • Lucky ducker

      I thought it was an FTV screen cap. I sure hope not

  • https://www.facebook.com/briankutys Brian Kutys

    first…… page

  • tv_paul

    #34 I didn't know Salvador Dali had a line of skateboards?

    • Kristian

      he doesn't the skateboards are just beat from riding so hard

    • theodore "ted" logan


  • http://twitter.com/beagleracing @beagleracing

    #30 thank you.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/GernBlansten GernBlansten

    #4 I know she is pointing at something, I just can't get to where I can see it….

    • ThePatriot

      shes pointing to where here brain should be..

    • JohnMcClane_

      Who cares? Cuz hottness…

    • chiver

      her attempt to distract me isn't working

    • sheoncebelieved

      She's distracting all of us from her lopsided boobs

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/GernBlansten GernBlansten

        You seriously over estimate our standards…..

        • Cecil

          Apparently. But hey, at least you're honest about it, I can respect it a whole lot more.

    • Megatron

      Pointing at her sex hair

    • raggman

      Looks like she got some jizz in her hair and it's all messy…that's just a shot in the dark though

      • Chad

        I get it! "a shot in the dark"

  • nuccabay

    thank you for early dar and #27

  • Rufus

    #35 geesh my ex gf has lost a few pounds…maybe i'll give her a call

    • I_am_golf_c0m

      #41 + 20 yrs = #35

      • CaboWabo

        That made me lol!

      • http://www.facebook.com/langer23 Christopher Lang

        Who has two thumbs and made a funny? You my friend…

    • CaboWabo

      Scary stuff right there…That chick would cut your balls off….and then eat them.

    • Tomas

      #35 is that Kathy Bates from "Misery"??? 😮

    • Cecil

      Who thumbs downed this guy?
      Most of you say it on the daily, this check is funky looking and fat, she deserves to die…right?
      Cause that makes the ones who think as such super manly….

    • db3300

      That must be her cake knife.

    • jasgat66

      Rufus… I will say I have never laughed so hard on a comment… That was unexpected brilliance ..

  • bombom677

    #45 doesn't that look like some other famous person? I think they'd look perfect in that…..=/

    • Gonzalez

      First of all boobies….and second…is this real? and if so, where is the video??

    • fact checker

      pretty sure it's emma watson from her new moview where she is white trash

      • loose_deuce
        • Gonzalez

          You sir are a scholar and a saint…FF to 1:43 of the vid

        • thedude325

          You, sir should be knighted….regardless of whether or not you live in the UK.

        • Cecil

          Fuck I am bad, bad dirty man. BRBR

          • sly one

            dafuq is BRBR?

      • Roy Rogers


    • yoav^^^

      it's real.
      as seen in the youtube clip

      • jhillman17

        it's not real per se… in the video she is wearing a bra. someone shopped the nips onto this gif.

        • VAB

          Your eyes are deceiving you sir. There's no bra in the video either. This just has the contrast adjusted to make it clearer.

        • LP0716

          Or it is real and the one on youtube is the edited version to comply with the posting rules.

  • MED

    I'm I the only one that noticed this about today's ad? http://s14.postimage.org/m7qujgov5/image.png

    • Med

      get a new name, and quit being gay

    • Warren


    • Kyle

      what am i supposed to be looking at here?

    • Beev

      The bottles on the sides look like humps with thigh high socks on


      Adblock plus and dnt plus, so i never see the ads….and no, I don't feel bad about their ad income; i own 3 shirts, a mug, a poster, and the wallet..so I've paid enough to look at condensed reddit reposts.

  • Brad

    Laughed harder than i should have #18

    • justChive

      Supervisor: [as McClane tries to call up police] Attention, whoever you are, this channel is reserved for emergency calls only.

      John McClane: No fucking shit, lady. Does it sound like I'm ordering a pizza?

  • http://www.douggoff.com Doug

    #14 Welcome to parenthood!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Probably the uncle…it usually happens the second you hand them to the aunts and uncles.

    • jerky


    • alwayskcco

      that guy is thinking, YOU should have been a blowjob!

    • All smiles

      "Look at what I did! Did you get the picture? Did you?"

  • Gmoney

    #44 Must have MOAR!!

    • AAC

      That was on here months ago without the caption.

      • Gmoney

        This should be HQ tomorrow as well.

      • IamAwesome

        Just another case of the guys at the chive adding captioned to hot chicks photos.

        • Yeah

          ^ This

          • Gmoney

            I was just admiring the hump.

    • Bisco3458

      Who Cares, that looks Finger Licking Good

  • HOOK

    #16 #30 Rock solid Hot!!

    • Reardoor

      #30,Completely brought me to my knees.

      • FunKiller

        I'm still trying to catch my breath.

  • https://www.facebook.com/briankutys Brian Kutys

    #35 .. is she licking the icing off the knife from the piece of cake she just cut?


      Grossly GHETTO!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      you meant to say the piece of cake she cut to put aside before eating the rest of the cake.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/GernBlansten GernBlansten

        No, I think that's the knife she used to hold up the cake delivery guy.

    • Circe

      Whatever the back story is, if you find out please keep it to yourself.

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