Deep Frieday (24 Photos)

  • twd22285

    #5 Because krispy kreme cheeseburger isn't enough…

    • slankyj

      NOT deep fried

      • WhiteOrBlack

        i suppose you deep fry Donuts to make donuts. so in a way a Luther Vandross burger is deep fried

        • Lex

          donuts float when you're making em. the deep frying is only after they're made.

  • TheDarkKnight


    You had me at bacon…

    • Gnole


      They lost me at butter…

      • Chug

        It apparently tastes like a very buttery cinnamon roll.

    • dickey

      Lick my butt

  • @JulyettaPCrosby

    andd we wonder why americans are fat…….

    • HumpDan

      We won the Olympics.

      • Runner

        1/5000th of 1% of the US population were on the US Olympic team. How are the rest of the 99.999998% of the population doing?

        • Proud American

          we're pretty much running the world is how we're doing….

          • sfb101

            I think you ruining the world…

            • baddbuzz

              You fix it then . .

              • Mark

                As soon as you let go of the leash…

            • JESSE

              Stay off this AMERICAN website then. Hypocrite

          • me2

            yeah into the ground…. by the way, how is the american peso dping?

          • brucelee

            Running the world? Right into the ground I'd say.

          • Truth

            You couldn't run a bath.

          • Mark

            funding the war for israel, ruining afghanistan and iraq. You fucked up your own economy which in turn is fucking up everyone else's economy. good job america!

            • had to see

              With regards to obesity–yes, americans have a higher rate then other countries. Much of which I would say is probably due to our lack of public transportation. More driving=less walking. I've been to several other countries and I'd say, on average, we're about the same as Canada and much of Europe–the difference being that, in America, our really fat people are REALLY fat.
              With the politics–I won't even try to defend all of american actions (but we weren't entirely alone in our endeavors… ask tony blair). yes we've done a lot of bad but we've done some good too. And as for the economy–it isn't an insult to point out how everyone else's economy was so dependent on the US economy. Really this is what you get for trusting a teenager to handle the world economy

      • givethedjabj

        But you can't host them like we can!!!!

      • Truth

        You certainly won the gold in arrogance and came last in humility.

    • drea619

      we dont wonder, we know damn well

    • Urfknglame

      no one is wondering

  • givethedjabj

    No wonder the yanks are so fat

    • Dan
      • Truth

        A handful of gold medals versus over 100 million clinically obese.

    • Oprah's Vagina

      US is the fattest, followed by Mexico and then Great Britain. I think it is obvious that if Mexico shared a border with England, then the US would not have the top spot.

      Solution to America's weight crisis = close the boarder to fat Mexicans

      • Gingeraler

        Actually, Nauru has the fattest people per capita than any country in the world. So suck on those titties

    • Kodos

      this from a country that invented fish and chips

    • Mjmchiver

      Shut up because 'Merica

    • Jason

      First and only time I have eaten deep fried oreos was at Camden market in London.

  • Chubain


  • BigPup

    Fuck this I'm going to the gym…… Right after I eat this! #7

    • TommyKnockers

      Fuck that I'm going to the gym and I'm bringing my deep fried butter with me… I'll be hanging out lounging by the treadmills getting the evil eye by all the trainers. 🙂

  • Blushy


  • wkdfrog

    #12 is fruit and therefore must be healthy…maybe

    • Tobias Funke

      Only if it's a Bluth banana…

  • Ethix_

    It's like exercise for your heart!

    • Ethix_sucks_cock

      I fucking hate you.

  • shudder

    that is friggin disgusting

    • whos.mike

      I can smell her getting fatter from here. And by no means is she anything even remotely pretty to look at.

      • Jeff

        wow, relax man

    • Kodos

      you saw her fine dental hygene too, huh?

    • had to see

      I haven't had it but it's actually supposed to be really tasty. hard to rationalize something that bad for you but I suppose it's ok once in a lifetime.

  • kal50

    You only live once!!! At least make it a tasty life!

  • NobleCihve


  • Dan

    Where can I get all of these recipes?

    • morebeer


      Step 1. Attain food stuffs

      Step 2. Introduce food stuffs to hot fat

      Step 3. Profit!!!!!

  • Shockteck

    Bring on the American fat comment war! And here we go!

    • WhiteOrBlack

      or not….

  • Taliban

    F you America

    • Kodos

      meet my friend JDAM.. he weighs about 2000 pounds

      • baddbuzz

        we have lots of them and other things that go boom . . No F U taliban and your shitbag country

  • Sean Robert Hampshire

    if only fried food was healthy

  • whoami

    im pretty sure i can feel my arteries clogging up after looking at this

  • Heather Hopkins

    Yes yes America is a fat nation but there are quite a bit fat Brits as well.

    • r00s7a

      Fat asses and we still have better teeth…. Merica!

      • Alex

        At least most people in England are literate

      • drea619

        so are most if not every america in today's young adult generation. i honestly have never met an illiterate person in my life….is that what they tell you over there? that we're illiterate? how funny is that!

        • Dick bearcat

          Well yea!!! Didn't you watch Zoolander!? He has a center for kids who can't read good!

        • Mark

          what passes as literate in merica is laughable compared to every other English speaking country.

          • Hippie Hipster Not

            I laugh when I hear a Brit speak…".what the hell did they just say?"….." wait what language was that?" pronunciation, diction and emphasis …oddly enough, AREN'T part of British English.

        • WhiteOrBlack

          i think you meant American*…. Yeah we all read good and have goods grammer!

  • boob_cuddle

    I tried #2 at the state fair. Tasty. I want to try #4. And #6. #24 that's just ridiculous.

    • Wisti

      you commented on the exact ones that I wanted to a.a

  • Verbal_Kint

    #17 is literally the only thing on this page I would eat. If you don't have a turkey fryer, buy one. Awesome, and cheap. Works great for crab and lobster too.

    • Kevin Mills

      Deep fried crab and lobster?

      • Verbal_Kint

        the burner and pot are awesome for boiling, but fried is delicious too… I've had it at Chinese restaurants.. Both lobster and crab. Never tried that at home though. Now I want to…

    • bubblerider86

      it's the only way to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the south!!

      • Chaz

        Fried turkey is great as long as someone else prepares it:

        Turkey – $15
        Propane -$15
        Fryer – $30
        Shit Load of Peanut Oil – $60+

      • sfb101

        I thought the only way to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the south was in your mommy's mouth.

  • disgusted

    Why the fuck do people eat this shit? Diabetes, here we come. Oh, and how much fatter can this country get? Good thing we now have socialized Obamacare and we can get rationed health care now. Going to need it. Fuck, we are going to hell in a hand basket.

    • Ih8U

      Ya, And they wonder why everyone is so fat!!! They should put the fork down and go for a walk!!!

      • ...

        If something on here was once in a lifetime, or at least once a year then alright. Experimentation. But something tells me if a person gets excited over the phrase "deep fried" then they're just killing themselves. Nothing to do there 🙂

    • Ricky Runyon

      Truly, it's only unhealthy if this is ALL you it. Every once in a while it won't hurt. It's just gonna give you some mad shits. =) You don't have to eat a strict diet every day of your life.

      • Ricky Runyon

        WTF eat** O_O

  • omcdurham

    State Fair coming up…I can't wait!…it's the only place and time of the year where one can see and taste all these wonderful goodies!

  • skyfireCO

    I can actually smell the deep fried-ness… starting to feel queasy #24

  • dillrod

    the deep fried butter is actually pretty tasty. however i could feel my heart start to labor after a bite.


    #2 & #7 seem unbelievably awesome

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