That chimpanzee can cook, how ’bout that (11 Photos)


  • Tiber_Septim

    what's next, will they want to vote?

    • MMMMmmm what?

      I think there's actually some already in congress.

    • David

      Already are…… do you think Obama got into office in the first place?

  • the machine

    Man thats amazing.

    • Bill Boner

      Taking over humanity
      Soon.. very soon …

      • Youdontreallycare

        I, for one, welcome our new culinary chimpanzee overlords.

      • this.

        Monkeys DNA is 1% away from ours…imagine if there's life out there that we're 1% away from in the other direction…

    • Shannon Coverdale

      But can he make me a sammich?

    • FuckinOff@Work

      yea, shits amazing til the law shows up one day & that freakishly strong mother fucker is sittin on the patio havin a pulled people bbq sammich. Fuck that…pet owner FAIL level: 10,664

      • FuckinOff@Work

        really? (-2) nobody reads the news? "Chimp eats ladies face" "Chimp goes on rampage" wtf? I'm a little hurt

        • George

          Look up Konzi. He's not a pet.

    • Bill Moxon

      That Obama is full of surprises.

      • Rhein

        Not the place for that man…

  • mcawesome

    must be a female chimpanzee

    • ar1five

      well done sir….

  • Mikey

    Wow!!! The only thing cooler than this would be for the Chive to start displaying giant advertisements with annoying chatter all over the main page!

    • Robert BigRob Hollenbach

      abp….that is all

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        How can there still be people who don't know this??

        • The_Dood

          At this point, I'm starting to think that's a new trolling technique…

          • I don't know l

            Or you know, they could be on iPhones that don't have abp or they can be on their work computers where they can't install the plug in. So, stop with the repetitive shit.

            • The_Dood

              It's a repetitive answer to a repetitive complaint. Really, if there's a problem with a website, the comments section probably isn't the best place to get it addressed. That's where someone steps in and recommends abp. And damn near every time someone bitches, the next person says something about abp, the third response is a thank you from someone that wasn't yet aware that they didn't have to deal with ads anymore.

              And I didn't realize it until after I posted, but apparently it happened this time too. See two and three messages below this one.

              • That Guy

                what's with all the advertisements?

    • chesterdrawers

      I know, right, you all get a hard-on when you finally get the opportunity to show how awesome your totally rad hacker skills are and shrudely tell people about another browser option. Ferris Beuller, you're my hero…

    • Douche McBaggins

      Just to be clear- use Firefox and get an add-on called add block plus. You'll never see another ad. Its like magic.

      • Bhodi

        Thank you.

  • eric

    You found me..

  • kaito

    Jesus Christ the rise of the chimpanzees is here

  • Jjj

    If he was my cook, I would be the coolest….

  • Ben

    Four words: Planet of the Apes

  • suck me dry

    we're fucked!!

    • Rosa_


    • chesterdrawers

      How fucked?… All the way, maybe?…

    • levian

      Wow, so you're not a complete douche all the time. Who'da thunk

    • FuckinOff@Work

      SMD! way to go on the (+'s)

  • Saul

    Chimps make me happy

  • Bonnie

    soon they will construct kitchens , sandwiches too

    • chesterdrawers

      Be careful, the christians will start scourning you for mentioning evoloution.

  • 29er

    Do you hate it when you fart, then sit down on the toilet just to have that fart linger in your face? It's just like the Keystone Light ad.

    • Reggie Watts


    • CaptainAssHat


    • whiskaleafa

      nope.. love it -_-

  • Matt

    Why don't we go ahead and teach them how make a primitive knife and stab people!! Did nobody else watch planet of the apes?!?! This is how it starts!!!

    • Frank

      I thought James Franco started it.

  • NotSoNinja

    #8 Sadly, they forgot plates, and the chimp burned his own junk off trying to eat pan-fried bananas from his lap.

    • oooHHHHH!

      thats all good, but the chimp isn't smart enough to know not to use metal on non-stick pans…

  • DocDelicious


  • Merckle

    Only you can prevent forest fires Mt ass lol

    • Merckle

      My ass

  • Feel Me

    #1 The lengths some men have to goto just to get a woman to cook. He's showing her what to do step by step and all she can do is take pictures and put it on twitter.

  • emu90

    josh is in for a tough time preventing forest fires with kanzi getting about!

  • Zezdy

    Good Lord… It's begun…

  • Shadow Chiver

    Cesar there you are !! Next thing you know he is going to run for president….

  • Mr X

    Proof that an ape is smarter than Snooki

    • CosmicMonkey

      I did a shit the other day that was smarter than Snooki.

      • Mr X

        So did Snooki this weekend

  • Zezdy

    F you keith stone…F you.

    • chesterdrawers

      He won't reply because he's always sooo smooth…

    • FuckinOff@Work

      I live in southern indiana & i feel like this ad compain is either focused on the majority of ppl in my region of the US, or Keystone is trollin the shit out of us

  • @LadyStarr76

    Haha…what an Awesome chimp, it even made dessert, toasted marshmallows mmm yumm

  • Thomas Radiguer

    behold, their time is coming 😡 I don't want to be the pet of a chimp 😦 he'll give me bananas 😦

  • Loretta

    planet of the apes… and it begins….

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