Fascinating facts you might not know about ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (20 Photos)

  • Incognito

    A fact I did know …. The only thing worse than the lord of the ring books is the lord of the ring movies

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      your gay

      • Jawbone

        Jesus Christ, AIDS spewed all over this little conversation.

    • TheDoctor

      There are Orcs among us everywhere.

  • Oren


    $15,000? Got the short end of that stick 😦

    • Sarex

      In 1968. for a book adaptation, no he didn't.

    • bob

      back then there also wasnt an insanely overdouched pricetag put on anything "media related"

      err, maybe i meant to say overpriced…

    • Dan

      even with adjusting for inflation, compare that money to the money the movies grossed. he got the short end of the stick.

      • http://www.facebook.com/levar.marklar LeVar Marklar

        You're saying that in hindsight, but that's not how it works.

        If you have a lottery ticket with a 1 in 10 chance of being a $15,000 winner and I give you $1,501 for it, and it ends up being the winner, you did not get the short end of the stick. Similarly, the odds of making money on the $15,000 LOTR movie rights purchase at the time were not high, it was high risk, high reward. It paid off for the studio.

        • Derby

          That was long ago; it was good money.
          Within the realm of the culture of the time, there was quite a bit less of this Marvel-comics-douche-movies, vid-games thing going on. It was actually Not Cool to be a Nerd. Really. I know that may seem hard to understand…the times were different. Culture has changed.

  • film freak

    #1, #17

    I love posts like this, keep em coming, Chive.

  • W00t


  • Dan

    great stuff, cant wait for The Hobbit!

  • gooch

    #7 would of been tits!

    • MattyDeuce

      I'm not thumbing your comment either way, because Viggo did an outstanding job in his role. However, DDL is an absolutely amazing character actor, namely in his roles as Bill the Butcher, John Proctor, Daniel Plainview, and Hawkeye/Nathanial Poe, and I believe he is one of the most gifted talents over the past 30 years. I am pretty pumped to see how he portrays Abe Lincoln as well. Anyway, I think the trilogy was an awesome triumph, and Viggo was great in his range, and his chemistry with Gimli and Legolas was fantastic. I think Peter Jackson actually got lucky that DDL turned down the role.

    • https://www.facebook.com/klove.todd Caleb Todd

      would HAVE been tits… and no.

  • IrishInNJ

    Viggo for the role as "The Gunslinger". Gets my vote.

    • Hara

      Viggo rocks. For a pretty boy, he can sure play a badass. Or maybe he really is a badass and he's coming for me right kn

    • Canadius

      At one point they had Javier Bardem signed up as Roland… would have been wicked =D
      Now looking @ #7, it would be as good if either Vigz or Danny Day was on board B)

    • mastrrob

      I think he could pull that role off pretty well.

      • Jawbone

        Look at Viggo throughout "The Road". That's Roland during the Drawing of the Three, sick and on the ragged edge of death. A grim survivor in a devastated world. Hell, he even had a soft spot for Jake, who did not call him "papa" throughout….

  • Oltimey

    M'eh…still think it needed more cowbell

  • GnarShredder

    #10 Still would've watched

    • Craig

      Not a chance, most boring 3 hours of my life watching that crap

  • Woop

    #20 Why did apocalypse now take so long to film?

    • Oltimey

      Drugs, war, heart attack, the usual shite.

    • MattyDeuce

      Yeah, Francis Ford Coppola had a lot of trouble with the film. He kept doubting his production to the point of himself contemplating suicide. Also, they were trying to finance the film independently and since the anti-war movement was going full speed (they were set to produce the film DURING the Vietnam War), he almost bankrupted the program financing it. Then, Coppola decided to stop production and film some movie called the Godfather Part II, which definitely set him back. Originally, the movie was 6 hours long as well, so serious, extensive editing had to be done.

      • Deep Dish

        Check out Hearts of Darkness. Way better than Apocalypse Now.

        • MrStiggy91

          I read Heart of Darkness in high school, I hated it. I understand why it's a good book, but it was the hardest 72 pages I ever read. I could agree that Heart of Darkness is more powerful than Apocalypse Now, but I think the average person would have a hard time trudging through it.

          • Chris

            He's referring to the documentary "Hearts of Darkness" on the making of "Apocalypse Now", not "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad.

            • MrStiggy91

              Ah, I figured it was a typo; I had never heard of the documentary.

              • Jay

                apocalypse now is essentially a modern (for the time) take on Joseph Conrad's heart of darkness. The actual filming of apocalypse now was plagued with issues, and the documentary about the making of A N is titled Hearts of Darkness in a nod to those 2 facts, and while I've never seen it it, it seems to be universally hailed as better than the movie it focuses on.

  • KCO617

    #14 Sexiest elf you'll ever find.

    • Canadius

      You haven't seen Drawn Together o.0

    • TChrisB

      Disagree. Thought she was horribly miscast. Somewhat ruined it for me. While she's no Sarah Jessica Parker, she's still too horse-faced to be an elf, IMO. Elves are supposed to have unearthly beauty, and there have got to be better looking actresses than Liv that could have been cast. The only real sour note in the trilogy, I think.

  • Forest

    Certainly the greatest movie/series of this century; possibly the greatest movie trilogy of all time (of course, it helps to have the best work of fantasy fiction ever written as your source material).

    • xaotikdesigns

      It was good, I'll agree with that. But the best work of fantasy fiction?

      There are quite simply too many parts where they just break into page after page of song for me to consider it the best. It may be the most influential, but it's not the best.

      • MattyDeuce

        What do you count as "page after page of song," because I'm not sure at all what that means. Atnd since the century is so young, what trilogy would possibly rival it?

        • xaotikdesigns

          I got to the part with Tom Bombadil, put the book down, and never picked it back up.

          It completely ruined the story, and was more annoying than Jar-Jar. Every damn word that man said was a freaking song. Everybody was always singing.

          I'll give Tolkien props, he created a fantastic world and inspired a lot of people who could manage to read it all. I just hate the mans writing style.

          The books, which he referred to as the best work of fantasy fiction ever, were written last century, and they are clear full of singing. The movies were awesome, in part because nobody ever sings in them and they cut Tom Bombadil out of it entirely.

        • xaotikdesigns

          And since I'm talking books and last century, I've got several that I would put above The Lord Of The Rings

          The Elenium by David Eddings
          Game of Thrones was actually started last century, and it's much better.
          There are many different Dragon Lance and Forgotten Realms books that I would put above LotR

          Just because Tolkien is the grand daddy of modern fantasy, it doesn't mean others didn't write it better.

          As far as movies, Marvel is doing wonders with their franchises, and I'd probably put the Avengers above LotR.

          I'm also too lazy to look it up, but I'm pretty sure all the harry Potter movies came out this century as well.

          I would have put the Batman movies above it, but the last one has some problems, so it falls just short.

    • vahung

      Bold, considering this century is only 10% done. It does present a considerable mountain to climb though, and I hope directors and studios never shy from challenging it.

      • Machina

        I agree. I do hope the LOTR trilogy is topped, because if it isn't than I have already seen the best film to exist (in my humble opinion) in this century.
        I'm not too sure my comment makes sense, but I think it gets the point across.

    • Herb

      I was so bored I walked out of the first one, and watched the second one with the DVD at x4.

      • Craig

        Thank you, I only watched the first one. So damn boring and slow.

  • Mad Davy

    Daniel Day-Lewis turned down the role of Aragorn.
    Read more at http://thechive.com/2012/09/04/fascinating-facts-

    I so wish Day-Lewis had taken the part. Viggo Mortensen is the most "un-king-like" person they could have gotten. I can't watch the movies to this day because of his role as the king. Kind of sucks as the rest of the movies aren't too bad.

    • Fan

      Of course, if you read the books (shocking idea, I know!), you would understand that Aragorn did not want to be king. Some people are born into greatness, some have it thrust upon them…

      • MattyDeuce

        EXACTLY! He was torn, doubted his capabilities of becoming a viable leader and saving Middle Earth amid the chaos. He portrayed the role of a man in conflict VERY well.

      • Brian

        Actually, if you read the books you would have seen that Aragorn left Rivendell with the Fellowship with the intention of going to war with Boromir in Gondor and taking his rightful place at the throne. The loss of Gandalf in Moria changed things, as Aragorn had to become the leader of the company. Most of his indecision was about whether to go to Minas Tirith as planned, or to continue with Frodo to Mordor. He even goes so far as to suggest that the company split in two with himself, Gimli, and Sam joining Frodo in the attempt to destroy the Ring. Legolas, Merry, and Pippin would go to Minas Tirith with Boromir. Of course a band of Uruk-hai caused this to get messed up.

        Wow, just let my nerd badge show there a bit.

    • Tim

      That's complete garbage.

    • The_Jackyl

      boo this man!! booo!!!

  • Gun_guy

    One does not simply perform the Heil Hitler

    • xaotikdesigns

      Have you guys seek Kyle, he's about this tall. I think he's one of the elves

  • fo1133

    Agree <img src="http://rf.revolvermaps.com/h/m/a/0/baff00/128/10/51z5xt3nzwb.png&quot; width="1" height="1" alt="map" style="border: Opx;">

  • Oscuh

    #1 I believe he bought his horse from Hidalgo, too.

    • Methos

      He also bought another one of the horses as a gift, for one of the horse trainers, because she had become attached to it and couldn't afford it.

      • Boo

        Yup, disc 6 of the appendices in the extended version.

    • Giblets

      He bought Arewns white horse and gave it too Arewns stunt double because she couldn't afford to buy it for herself as well.

      • Giblets

        Nvm methos mentioned this above 😉

        • Jawbone

          It's cool. And he DID buy one of the horses from Hidalgo after production wrapped.

  • https://www.facebook.com/herecomesdan.thebadness.onemangoonsquad Dan Peterson

    what an informative day

  • sfb101

    #19 I would have dropped the cash if I knew this…

  • skyfireCO

    #11 could be a pretty sweet temporary job

    • Mark E

      Its government … nothing is temporary

      He's probably still on the payroll

  • Dmac

    Not a single fuck was given.

  • Ashley

    #18–Wrong!! I have been there. It's in a town called Matamata. And, since filming "The Hobbit", it has been left like it was in the movies. A set of brothers own the farm it is on and you can go pay for a tour. It's pretty awesome!

    • Jeremy

      Ben there too, it is very awesome!!

      • Kaiwatha

        Me too, me too loved it!! 🙂

    • texlahoma1974

      They were building sets for the Hobbit when I visited. Had to sign a waiver saying I would post any of my video or pictures on the interweb.

    • Katie

      I've also been there! This fact is most definitely wrong. It's located on a fully operational sheep station and the set is quite amazing. Lots of the grass around each hobbit hole is in fact cut with scissors before filming. I watched gardeners do it during the tour.

    • Brian

      Exactly. When they rebuilt it for the coming movies, they built it to last and it will become a tourist attraction.

  • r151

    I'm looking for Kyle.
    Anyone seen Kyle?
    He's about this tall.
    Seen Kyle?!?

    • Alan

      egads this is funny!! I really did laugh out loud….REALLY. I hate LOL when it's not true.

  • Wildeinatree

    Enough with the geek bullshit we want to see some ass

    • _DoC_

      Look in the mirror.

      • cordialb

        LOL PWNED + 1

  • Gallus

    #14 – I watched every minute of all three films and loved them. I thought the acting was great, yet Liv remains my favorite character. It's a guy thing, I guess. 🙂

    • Stacey

      Not just a guy thing – I loved her portrayal of Arwen!

  • Awesome

    Books? I don't love. Movies? Awesome. I feel they brought an urgency to the plot and characters. In the books, Frodo waits like 15 years before setting out because he's waiting for better traveling weather. If I found the ring of all evil, I wouldn't sit on my fanny waiting for nice weather. Also, could Tolkien have spent more time describing every meal they eat? And the battle for helm's deep? It's like 2 paragraphs. You have to read closely between the lines to even realize there is an explosion! Tolkien is a great story-teller / world creator, but his prose needs some work.

    • Brian

      How exactly would you describe a battle? "So Aragorn is standing on the wall and then cuts a head off with his sword. Then Legolas shoots a few arrows and it looks sweet, while Gimli is running around kicking ass and taking names."

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