• BigtotheD

    Awesome!! The fish made me LOL

    • Epitomizer

      My cheeks hurt…I lol'd more than I shoulda

  • Hoovus

    ……. da fuck?…….

  • mjoyner408

    lol… lame

    • fgbsgb

      You LOL'd…. D bag

    • 15Weight

      "lol…lame." -delivery room doctor who handed you to your mom.

  • frankGawd4Eva

    Chive.. you have done it again!

    • Hanx

      If you like this, try this:

      It's more or less the same, only with sports. Best sportshow on earth.

      • Norbert Zalog

        Thanks a lot I just wasted 30 min watching this and there is another 3 hours left…

        JKJK pretty entertaining…

    • flup

      Guess what. This is reddit OC.

  • non, a


    • ba dum tish

      You should gif them a break.

      • Yasir_Khan

        You both possess a very GIFted talent, sirs.

  • jason walter

    <img src=""/&gt; Hahha Caper the caper, sing me the song, Let's sing the song OK?<img src=""/&gt;

  • _DoC_

    People at work are asking me wtf is so funny

  • Cary Woods

    i laughed quite heartily…

  • Chazz Darby

    this is funny

    almost as funny as rape

    • _DoC_

      Rape is no laughing matter…..unless you're raping a clown.

      • Cap'n

        I just had to picture it. And the honking! Oh, the honking… :S

        • _DoC_

          Probably something like this

    • Dead star

      I saw this high .. Freaked me out !

  • Meatball


  • temujin1234

      Some bad moments.


      You laughed, you may have cried then you started feeling something. You cared, you cared about these gifs.

  • BecauseBoobs

    lol The Scatman FTW!

    • kenton

      Just got that whole CD, saw it on friends HDD. BASEketball! SCATMAAAAAAAAAAANN!

  • twavor

    Best part of my day…..Loved it!

  • tv_paul

    It's incredibly stupid yet totally captivating & fun. I really like this one.

  • Michelle Bense

    I'm crying about Spiderman. So beautiful.

  • Jeffrey Dailey

    oH god WTF ROFLMAO

  • Tim

    Like a train wreck…I just couldnt look away.

  • db83

    That metal alligator would make an awesome "Haters Gonna Hate" GIF

  • Humphrey

    I can't believe I watched the whole thing, but was strangely disappointed when it was over.

  • dad

    The cat at 1:00 in was funny as hell.

  • supersport

    The cat was the best part

  • Coralie Ginette Colon Quiñones

    I'm laughing so hard in my university! Yay for people giving me weird looks!

    • Troll

      was going to give you thumbs down, but when I saw your name was very non-'Merica, I let it slide.

    • Hunter_BZ

      Submit a pic, and see if you get weird looks here 😉

  • Boldspoo

    Anyone know who put it together? Curious if there are more of them that I can waste my life on…

  • @pro7otype

    Does anyone have a youtube link for that? I need that on my phone!

  • Mikey

    Oh look, another thing The Chive stole from Reddit. Chive input put a watermark to make it look like there's. How Original. Atleast, put up the source where you stole it from. This site has nothing original.

    • Scodeling


      • Fur sure

        Oh look, someone who has enough free time on their hands to compare threads from two websites that are fueled by user submissions. It's like you think that someone in a Reddit office made that compilation…or that anyone cares.

        • You Get No Smoovies

          Would take no time if they were subscribed to both Reddit and Chive RSS feeds, they would see it on Reddit because it is a top post and would see Chive because it is recent

    • Shockteck

      If your morals are so hurt then get the fuck out of here. Are you that upset over a video that was made using stolen footage? Did the maker of that video call Matt Groening for permission to use that clip with Homer Simpson? How about the Lord of the Rings? How about ANY of the Music?

    • Patrick

      I think you meant to say theirs not there's. Stay in school.

      • Troll2

        Still need to keep the apostrophe, bud.
        -Getting past the 1st grade doesn't count as going to school.

        • Literate

          Actually you don't.
          -Some people get to college to study this
          –Elements of Style

        • Patrick

          Wrong. Go back to class. Theirs never needs an apostrophe. BUD.

    • JCx

      Implying Reddit actually produces creative material.

      4chan > Reddit > 9fag > The Chive

    • Eric D

      i wish you knew how to keep cool and chive on….

    • Catalystika

      And yet, here you are.

      "Some motherf*****s are always trying to ice skate uphill."

    • arcsNsparks

      why the fuck are you even in on the chive you are the exact opposite of what the chive represents

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