From Mitsu Eclipse to a Lambo Reventon (52 Photos)


  • beastman

    seems like if your gonna spend the money, might wanna choose something faster than an eclipse……

    • igoman


      • r@f

        Like a Camaro or Mustang atleast.

        • Ray Pissed

          How about something mid-engined, like a Lotus Elise/Exige. The aluminum tub chassis design with bonded extrusions would perfectly lend themselves to new fiberglass molded body panels. The spartan all-aluminum interior could be covered in an alcantara kit, which with the right seats would totally look like the Superleggera. A used Elise goes for 25k, it's not a huge price disparity.

    • Edwin

      Not to mention he welded a fuck ton of metal to it making it even slower.

    • Spelling Police

      *you're – stay in school.

      • beastman

        When my wife saw this she said, "That's exactly why you should go to grad school"…..fml

    • PA2AK

      yeah, but you know he hooked it up with a cool air intake and with that exhaust probably got a few extra horses!

    • skillnwill

      I have a '01 GT Spyer and that shit hauls ass. I wouldn't do this though, because the interior is horrible.

      • Liv

        You just made me spit my milk all over my computer! Thanks!

      • sean

        if you think an 01 spyder "hauls ass" you must have horrible reference points for what "fast" is

      • Vin Disel

        you almost had me? You never had me…. YOU NEVER HAD YOUR CAR!

    • KJR

      exactly. excellent execution on a horrible idea.

  • Chris Herrera


    • North

      If you mean "sick" as in a make me want to puke kind of way, then I totally agree.

    • Chachi Smalls


    • Anon

      Polishing a turd doesn't make it any less of a turd….

  • Sean

    He made an ugly car even worse.

    • Sean

      Like your mother did with your father…

      She made you….

      • AstroMikeDexter

        Swing and a miss.

        • DubCitySin


      • Jew Jew Bee

        Fucking stupid joke. Get a refund on that piece of shit joke.

  • Radam3


    • DickFitsWell

      Not really. What a waste of time and money. It's like building a "Ferrari" on a Pontiac Fiero chassis. No matter what it looks like it is still a piece of shit underneath.

      Fucking idiot.

  • Mad_Hittman

    I want this car more than I want fresh air!!

  • Anonymous

    Still slow as hell

  • redaa

    Give that man a bells

  • 412

    Well that was a waste of time and money

    • bunedoggle

      #50 If you think this is a waste of time I have bad news…

      • Gnole

        as long as he doesn't start the engine this will play out well…

  • dgaf

    why use a dsm for this? use an NSX rear motor much wider wheel base flattened roof. would look much more realistic and me much faster.

    • dgaf


      • Jester

        "be" is the part of your post you chose to correct?

    • uncommon sense

      Why mess up a perfectly good NSX.

    • Mike

      That's not a DSM.

      • Notdsm

        Yeah not a dsm at all. This was terrible using a dsm would have made at least a little more sense

  • OhioChiver

    #50 And why you asked yourself? There ya go. 😉

    • Dave

      Girl on the left is picking a wedgie.

    • Chazz_B

      that paid off

    • Cole Boozer

      It was all worth it

    • trixi

      Until they find out that the car is really an Eclipse, then they'll go blow the guy with the real luxury car.

    • MarkTruss

      Those dumb whores probably thought it was a real Lambo. I used to work in the automotive lifestyle business. Those car models don't know anything. See:

  • ChineseActorChef

    What a moron. I'm sure that everywhere he goes, nobody actually thinks that is a Lambo. They just think it's a douche bag in a shitty car, pretending to have a car that he doesn't.

    If you want your car to look nice, here's a thought…. JUST KEEP IT CLEAN AND DON'T MODIFY THE WAY IT LOOKS!

    The owner of this car is a virgin for life. No doubt about it.

    • Johnny sitter

      Yeah, and I bet you keep your fucking Geo Metro convertible nice and clean don't you?

      Making a judgement call about people that have never even really seen a "lambo" in person, most people just would believe it rather than think it's an Eclipse in drag.

    • chelsea_dagger

      I feel as though you are greatly overestimating the vehicle knowledge of anybody this person may be looking to impress…

    • bob

      i helped my dad do this to a fiero>countach as a teenager and now its mine. whenever i take it out nobody looks and says "hey theres a douche in a shitty copycar" and the ones who actually can tell its not a real lambo dont think its crap, they are amazed at how it was done.

      just because you are a jelous virgin, doesnt mean… well i cant think of an opposite, you're just a jelous virgin.

  • Sean Burford

    #39 healthy lungs are for pussies

  • theWiz

    the awkward moment when you get smoked off the line by a honda while driving a "lambo". What an unbelievably huge waste of time.

    • Metro Riderz


      You've completed a good round of dumbasses that posted comments this morning.

      Who in their right fucking mind is going to try a smoke a Lambo with a honda?
      You think someone in a real Lambo is going to try and race a honda?
      As an owner of various fast cars… people that try to race you at every red light in their piece of shit hondas are the ones that look like a huge waste of space.

      Think before you comment douche

      • KCO617

        Metro, you're a bloody idiot as well and an all around internet badass. You look like a real prick.

        • Metro Riderz

          You and I look just alike KCO617…. just alike, I say.

          • PLeese

            elaborate? For I am confused and believe this comment is void of any purpose.

      • Benadocious

        I think what he was going for are that people in Hondas would try to race the lambo in a desperate attempt to get smoked. They WANT to eat dirt and be smoked. Maybe I'm wrong, but as a kid in my Toyota V6 Camry, I rev'd engines with Stangs and Vettes KNOWING my ass would be handed to me.

        To put it in perspective: Think of it as when you are a kid at a red light next to a big rig…You DONT have a horn that cool. But you still signal for them to out-horn you… WELL I REV my V6 CAMRY so you SHOW YOUR FERRARI.

        Also can be applied to in the bedroom: Men show an awkward bodypart while the women show more elegant bodyparts. They win everytime. Just hope this guy doesnt reconstruct his manhood…

        I am ignorant as f'k but im onto something…

        • dgaf

          well spoken my friend well spoken

        • Lonely Dude

          Now flip the con Benadocious, I understand where you're coming from.

          Now think about being in a nice car going for a pleasure drive to anywhere. Everytime someone sees your car they start revving engines and making noise. At first it is alot of fun to "smoke" people, but then… it gets pretty fucking annoying. Every kid, every fast car, every fiero with a body kit wants to see what it can do. Sometimes it's okay to cruise in a fast car.

          • Benadocious

            Oh I completely understand. If I had a fast car, i would cruise too. : )

            But im in the airforce…Airpower isn't even a thought to crackhead kids. We smoke em everyday but they never look up haha

        • TonyStark

          Exactly! A couple weeks ago I tried to race an aventador in my sonic hatchback, a 1.4l engine. Did I think I could win? Hell no. I wanted to see how much power it had! I know I don't stand a chance. I'd probably lose to your v6 Camry dude. I had one before. It's just fun to try.

          • Benadocious

            You had my upvote at Tony Stark man.

      • dgaf

        i drive a very clean and pretty quick honda…if i saw a lambo id try to race it just to see how bad it would shit on me. but theres the point that pos 2.4L in the dsm wouldnt come close

  • NebraskaGuy

    #50 If you build it, they will come!

    • cDubya

      Not true. If you build it, they may show up. Getting them to come is another trick altogether 😉

  • Emrah

    I am going to build a sports car, bitches love sports cars.

    • SOhioChiver

      I bet they love it when you call them bitches too

    • hahhh

      especially ones with wedgies…they are beeyaches

  • fo1133

    WOW !! <img src="; width="1" height="1" alt="map" style="border: Opx;">

    • Please

      Eat a dick.

  • @Thogert

    It's easy to tell it's not real by how narrow the wheel base is, and by how tall the roof is. Although it does look pretty good considering.

  • @TheRealGroome

    I admire the skill needed to do this, but it's all good until the real deal parks next to you.

    • Chuck Fluffy

      EXACTLY!!! (rich guy pulls up…looks over and smiles)…. Nice Try Kid

    • AnoSymun

      Yeah. You never know when one of the 20(+1) cars ever made shows up next to you. I constantly run into Reventons on the street.

  • Jawbone

    Wow. That looks exactly like someone took an Eclipse and tried to make it cool. And failed miserably. Incredibly impressive fabrication skills aside, it looks very bad.

    And on a side note, who gives a fuck about the bitches flocked around it? There's never a shortage of moronic tail that you can pay to stand around, same as this guy did. Fuck, get some of the attention whores on this site and promise to DAR them. They'll do it for free on top of blowing you.

  • huh?

    Polish a turd as much as you want, it's still a turd…

    • Beev

      but its a shiny and better looking turd

  • boob_cuddle

    #50 but how many of them do you think touched his penis?

  • Oscuh

    #50 is the only pic anyone really cares about in this post. Even the guy hating on it is still talking about it, right?

  • Lou

    Some people just have a little more dedication than others….

  • North

    What a ridiculous waste of money

  • Sweetnutz

    If only that skill were put to good…

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