It has been too long since you last changed your wallpaper (20 HQ Photos)

  • Gandalf

    Yes it has been to long

    • Sad But True


    • Wisti

      I had to upvote you simply for calling yourself Gandalf…

  • Daniel

    Great Pictures this time!

  • temujin1234
    • Builder 44905

      Oppan gang-namseutayil

    • Kristen

      Nobody cares you fucking retard.

  • Mikeg01sf

    #18. Shirt. Now

    • Kyle

      Vader, hands down

  • Tiber_Septim

    #20 Happy Feet?

  • It has been too long since you last changed your wallpaper (20 HQ Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

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  • NYFlyGuy

    #6 is very cool.

    • Smelted Pelted

      Personally conflicted about this one. Love all things star wars, and the the concept is brilliant.

      In the end, it seems quite insulting to those that did/do sacrifice for us.

      • Jawbone

        Forget it, man. The douchebag college fuckers on this site are more familiar with the Star Wars than the Vietnam War.

        • Forrest

          Lieutenant Dan, you got new legs!

        • SARmedic

          My first thought was how disrespectful it was.

    • Joe

      Uhh, no. The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial should not be used in comedy.

      • DC-Brian

        All things should be used in comedy.

        I'll admit to being conflicted on this one though. There's a solemnity to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial that doesn't lend itself well to satire…

        • average Joe

          well said.

      • David

        Roger that. Not cool or funny or entertaining in any way. Insulting to the veterans of that conflict.

        • Lensver

          And how many Americans make fun of other nations' war heroes and martyrs just because they don't understand their culture and they stand against the US (e.g. the Arabs)? Come on people, don't be hypocrites…

          • Rueski

            Exactly, and there will always be something on the internet that offends someone. So if people don't like it, then don't look at it.

          • Wait who?

            Make fun of? Pretty sure we did our best to protect the shrines and symbols in center city Kabul from protesters while I was there… How was it when you were over?

    • Bob

      Thought it was a good picture. Star wars had roots based in WW1&2 so it loosely fits…

      And makes ya think of all those stormtroopers….

    • Ta2dSyn

      I will make the choice to not download it. Movin' on with my evening.

      • JJT

        And that is the best response right there doesn't personally enjoy it because of the joke it is making and instead of bashing it just moves on

  • Dave

    #10 My victory dance for everything. GANGAM STYLE

    • Dave

      Gangnam** Oops

  • mid13

    #10 I so would, but then I would never get anything accomplished. then again, I never do much of anything anyway..

    • Kristen

      I can tell by your picture, fatty.

  • stoner123

    A lot of these look like they were made while high on bath salts.

  • rombot

    #6 is not cool, in fact it's incredibly stupid and offensive (and I'm hardly ever offended by anything, but making light of Vietnam vets and their sacrifice is not tolerable.)

    • guest

      Abu Graib – Guantanomo-
      where have you been?
      So STFU!!!

      • yeppers


      • dood

        If you are implying that all veterans or even a large percentage are like that, then you are a complete moron.

    • Friday

      Felt the same way, not cool

      • chesterdrawers

        Because you sir are a pussy…

    • David Riky

      It's just a picture chill out.

    • Jonathan

      …says the guy from a country that bombed and killed thousands and thousands of innocent civilians from different countries in the past few decades, mostly for money, profits and oil. A country that doesn't even cared about what happened in Rwanda, or in Sudan, and even what's happening right now in Syria.

      You won't make me cry on that one dude, sorry… It's just a Star Wars image. Get over it.

      • DrFunkenstein

        ^ What he said.

      • johnny

        Holy fucking shit you are an idiot. I'm ashamed to have the same name as you. How can you possibly blame an individual for what his country did? I suppose if you are American or European I shouldn't feel any sympathy for you ever for the enslavement and conquering of people for hundreds of years.

      • shoe

        We do care what happened in those countries. Because after the tragedy America is more than happy to put a bomb sized bandaid on our wound and win. And keep talking like we're the only ones to fight a war for those reasons. You're unintelligent spin on it is used and old. Everything comes down to money, profits and oil. Quit blaming the government for what's wrong in this world and do something yourself. Otherwise stfu and kick rocks dude.

      • Jackie Treehorn

        That logic is fantastic. Because recent US foreign policy hasn't been to your liking, we should be okay with disrespecting soldiers who died in the '60s (or ever). Makes sense! Whether or not it offends you, it may offend some people who have a more personal relationship with some of the soldiers who died and whose names are on that memorial. You don't have to love our politics or policy to be respectful of our soldiers.

        • Tae

          actually most people have a lot of issues with US policy both foreign and domestic and not just recently. It mostly appears hypo-critic and self-serving. But you are right in saying not to defend soldiers, they deserve respect for their sacrifice even if reason for was was incorrect

    • Rest of the world

      When are people going to learn that everything is tolerable? Comedy is universal. Your country's tragedy (and I'm using that term incredibly loosely, given how you treated the Vietnamese) is not sacred nor special. They parody the Holocaust, the Crusades and even the crucifixion of Jesus. Who in the world told you that your 60 year old war was special?

      • Grow The F'Up


      • Yuh!

        What he said

    • Jay-Z (That Jay-Z)

      boo. hoo.

    • Larry

      Based on the comments, it appears we should be intolerant of intolerance? The guy was offended and he said so. When did we normalize selective judgmentalism?

    • chesterdrawers


      • Grow The F'Up

        Just like your mum……. Ooooo burn…. lol

    • Lucky ducker

      Perspective, perhaps you should look it up. do you believe that the wall means much to the people who fought for the other side in vietnam? For the Empire, the destruction of the Death Star would look just as horrendous as 9/11 does to Americans. And to paraphrase someone else- the first death star was almost finished, but the second one was in the process of being built. There is no way that the empire had enough contractors to do all the work themselves. the real victims of it were all the independent contractors who were just trying to earn a living in constructiion and died of a consequence of that. Clerks- something like that

    • fuckyou

      too soon???

    • dood

      thats a bit of a reach, there have been far more offensive things on theChive before. the only thing you could raise an objection to is maybe the fact it compares the US to the evil Empire. But, thats obviously not the point of the picture. I respect you trying to defend veterans, but I think this is a little unwarranted.

  • @mossyb

    #20 The Truman Show.

    • Caleb Todd

      exactly what i was thinking

    • TomTheCameraGuy

      Legit. Good call

  • jason walter
  • hyz

    #10 yes
    #17 fuck yes

  • Tim


    Elite science vs Jedi science is not a path I want to go down…

    • Jawbone

      Don't worry, it's not like they'll take your virginity or actually make you talk to a girl.

  • David Riky

    Fantastic wallpapers, but witch to choose, huuum.

    • Craig K.

      You have a Witch making your choices for you?

  • Jeff

    #6 is disrespectful to Vietnam veterans. Shame on you, Chive.

    • dan

      You lost in Vietnam. No one wants to hear from you. America only likes winners!

    • Joe

      I really don't understand why comments like these are getting thumbs down. Isn't the chive community supposed to be respectful to our veterans and appreciate their sacrifices? Undoubtedly some of here have relatives on that wall.

      • dan

        Because people are whining about a memorial to a bunch of losers.

        • Salt

          Wow, can you be any more of a dickhead?

        • Iceman2509

          I'd like to hear you say that to Carlos Hathcock. He'd even give you 1000yds to say it.

          • dan

            True. He might get pissed off and drop some napalm on a village full of women and children.

            • average Joe

              you obviously have no idea who Hathcock is. He is a legend in a very specific elite community, go ahead, google him then come back and tell me how your comment makes sense…

            • _Moose_

              No dan. A 7.62x51mm cartridge into a very specific target. Your uninformed generalizations are one thing, but don't trash Hathcock when you nothing about the man.

        • hjk

          Thats really a childish or a barely psychotic answer. I think both. If u go through life with this disrespectness you never get a chance to grow up and let people be proud of you. poor.

          • dan

            MY TROLL LEVEL IS 9000!

            • socket2me

              haha, spelling bee troll grade even

      • shoe

        Because Darth Vader and storm troopers don't exist. Shocking, I know…

      • Oltimey

        I have family on that wall. I like the photo. Its well done. And isn't there a little bit of irony in the fact that people are screaming that this is offensive and should not have been posted….Isn't that one of the things that American stand and fights for….The freedom to speek you mind, and not fear reprisal?

        And one thing. I am againts war at any costs, I think it is useless and pointless. Yet I am glad that there are people who will stand and defend my country. You can respect the troops but still not support the conflict that they are in. – Thus endth my rant

        • WellWhatever

          War is unavoidable…..there will always be groups of people somewhere that will gain power at any cost and then enforce their sick and twisted beliefs. The only way it can be prevented is through freedom and knowledge of the past. This means learning from the mistakes of the past and not erasing them. It's just a matter of time before the hate and intolerance in the middle east boils over and blood is shed.

          I don't know why I went off on that tangent, but yeah, just my two cents.

    • Juice

      What if you interpret it as storm troopers (veterans) who gave their life for their empire and Vader is like WillIiam Westmoreland? Perspective, or no?

  • guest

    #6 is offensive.

    • dan

      You're a whiny bitch. Your favorite party, the Dems, made damn sure we lost that war by defunding it.

      • Brian

        Are you a fucking idiot? By the time the Dems took over, we'd already lost that war.

        Quick history lesson: We chose to support the incredibly corrupt leaders of South Vietnam instead of supporting Ho Chi Minh (you know…the popular non-corrupt rebel from the North). Then we doubled-down on what was essentially a civil war, blacked out viable targets, then said "Oh fucking well! Here you go Dems…have fun!"

        You're the same type of ignorant fucker that blames Democrats for the deficit now and ignores the crushing snowball of debt caused by Bush's 2000-2008 Vietnam II & III fiasco…

        There's some morbid fucking humor for you. Laugh it up while they bend you over and fuck you again…

        • chesterdrawers

          The right is wrong and the left is stupid…

        • Mickey

          I dont know about you nutsacks, but i voted for the Empire last election.

          • DC-Brian

            We're all fucking stupid, mired down in an endless debate centered on party affiliation.

            Heads or tails, it's just a choice between two sides of the same worthless fucking penny.

      • Doc Arkham

        So by all means, let's compare American troops to Space Nazis. I'm sure this makes sense in whatever CloudCuckoo Land you live in where everything is based around political affiliations.

        • holyshit

          It's all spinning fucking plates

    • Larry

      OK, everybody… Keep Calm…

    • Gnole

      Only offensive if you choose to look at the picture that way. You could also see that the picture is bringing humility into a cold character. The picture is trying to show that war has an effect on everyone. This is not trying to insult any of the sacrifices made by the soldiers.

      • socket2me

        You have the right to find that offensive but that doesn't make the people who don't find it offensive stupid/wrong/anti-patriotic.

  • dolphinsaver3000

    iiiiiIII LOVE IT!

    • Canucks_Rule

      haha, heisenberg!!


      I am the danger.

      • TTT


  • Z_b

    aaaaand my new wallpaper is… #9 !!

  • Real talk

    #9 is sick as shit..

  • Rob

    #6 yea, I don't like this picture either. Some things shouldn't be associated with humor.

    • Grow The F'Up

      Yeh like your face….. Oooooo burn….

      Seriously, its a PICTURE!.

  • dashete

    #1 Pac's cocaine problem made him very popular with executives, then suddenly very unpopular.

    • Irish Chive

      Its The Matrix

  • janco

    # 19 how I feel everyday at work.

    • iChive

      #19 No space = picture. You're welcome and sorry about the shitty job.

  • BDH

    13 made me laugh a little to much.

    • Fred Flintstone


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