Yesterday it was a daredevil, today it’s a crazy anime doll girl from the Ukraine (27 Photos)

  • funist

    Its like my brain is going yes no yes no yes no yes no yes

  • Jawbone

    Can we PLEASE get these poor girls tentacle-raped so they can get the complete anime girl experience??? This trend is as bad as the inbred Jersey Guido thing the last couple years.

  • Smackman

    Did she….ummm……get her eyeballs tattooed or something?

  • Bob

    #24 well that is not sexy, just creepy

  • lentinant

    Well, if she is trying to imitate Dacota Rose, then she is doing it wrong.

  • reclaimer

    id stick it in.

  • Andy

    It's Ukraine, not "The Ukraine."

  • Bob

    The Blond one is hot, but the other one, kind of freaky.

  • Bang

    Still more facial expressions that Kristen Stewart

  • Stablu

    Super creepy. I will kill that puss though

  • Bradyized

    #22 She is pretty damn hot when she isn't all done up like that. How unfortunate

  • Morgan


  • Jon

    got mo head than she got body

  • Joey Mitchell

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • cool guy

    you should go in a mall and act like a manikin! you could scare the crap out of people, not in a bad way.

  • Dee eeek

    hmmm… ewww???

  • Weaseltron

    Man, there are probably a bunch of obsessed anime geeks crawling out of their skin because this psycho-hose-beast.

  • Paul

    What a fucking retard!

  • Shackleford

    I've enjoyed a wide variety of anime (other than the drama crap) throughout my life and this is just plain stupid. Japanese animation was one of the best things brought to our country, but this is far from appealing, sexy, or arousing.

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