Yesterday it was a daredevil, today it’s a crazy anime doll girl from the Ukraine (27 Photos)

  • eddiehardaman


    • Syndrome of a down

      #4 Poor thing has downs..

      • Chicken Kiev

        or, how far did she grow up from Chernobyl?

    • shamshe

      Why does she look cross-eyed in every picture?

      • Jack Wagon

        i would. just sayin…

  • Xena

    kill it. kill it with fire. now!

    • Brian

      Fireproof, no doubt. Yeeeesh.

    • Woop

      The japanese are fapping hard to this right now.

    • John

      first thought through my mind the instant I saw it.

  • NP1972

    I dont get it…

  • NP1972

    This just creeps me out…

    • Frank M




  • Ike


  • Tiber_Septim

    why oh why, this is worse than planking

  • Shiftycap1

    …………..for once, speechless.

  • Ike

    Living Sex Doll……..Imagine her staring at you while ur sleeping….standing & staring motionless

    • Chucky

      Worse… She'd move.

  • rickacha

    not my cup of tea..and…..#25 is kind of disturbing….

  • Clint Bozic

    Maybe if she got naked….. no wait. Not even that would work.

    • birdhaus

      If you slept with her would that turn it into real life hentai??

    • V4Vendetta14

      She probably only gets with tentacle monsters.

    • Bill Wald

      It's worth a shot…

  • Kahless

    lol, shes cross eyed too.

    • Theresia

      So bad I wanna tap her against the head to see if they straighten out..

  • Marxys

    Wierd and

  • N8orius

    is anyone going to mention her creepy contacts / lazy eye look?
    CMTFO (creeps me the fuck out)

    • Rhego

      So let me get this straight. You made an acronym to shorten the phase but then you spelled it out? Makes sense. And no, it's not gonna stick.

  • asd

    im into it thumbs up!

  • Gtx

    My brain and my penis agree that this is not hot, oh wait…….. Damn You Penis!!!!

  • calidoesitbetter

    whatever is going on with her waist can't be healthy..

  • r151

    #26 Can she even blink with that s**t in her eye? It looks like it's under her eyelid…

    • Dollface

      It Is, so her eyes look bIgger and more "doll lIke" Its fuxkIng dIsturbIng. she waa pretty before! :/

  • Deal

    Fuck it. I would.

  • givethedjabj

    She needs a good meal

    • Mmm

      She needs anal.

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    I'm terrified that this turned me on

  • Yipe

    I hate to admit it but I spanked to these pictures. I didn't feel good about it, but i did it anyway

  • Robert

    Sorry, I herped when I should have derped.

  • BGON

    Amazing….. I'll take her off your hands

  • Phara


  • temujin1234
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