Congrats on the biggest biceps in the world, now excuse me while I vomit (12 Photos)


  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Looks like he really worked hard for those…

    • Mike

      Lets see his fat ass take that shirt off. Gross

    • Ih8U

      He must be blind!! How could you think that looks good! What a loser !!

    • muslces?

      They look more like tumors then muscles… is wrong with his triceps?

    • Hard work

      I have no doubt that he probably works very hard in the gym– I would argue that most bodybuilders who use anabolics or inject synthol directly into muscle bellies for localized size enhancement (like this guy) work their asses off more so than the average schmoe, most definitely. Synthol is a terrible idea, and usually looks awful and asymmetrical (like this guy). But, I can say from personal experience, most take the leap into chemical enhancement as a RESULT of their obsessive motivation and intense work ethic looking for the next step in the neverending quest to get bigger and bigger. Most have some sort of body dismorphic disorder that cause them to always feel small and thus work VERY hard to eat well, workout, and supplement religiously (over-the-counter and otherwise). I've been a devoted fitness enthusiast/bodybuilding since the late 90s and there was a time 10 years ago that I cycled steroids on and off for about 2 years, and I have to say, I worked EVEN harder when I was on a cycle. Bodybuilding is a crazy world that most outsiders will never understand, I finally figured out that I would never be satisfied and now focus on other things in life.

      • Ted

        I can't believe I actually read that.

      • MylesofStyles

        You're making me feel bad reading your comment while I eat a cheeseburger at my desk.

        • fed

          you should feel bad if it hasn't bacon it. no burger can be called as such without bacon.

          • Underbaker

            Have you ever heard of a Bean Burger? It is this awesome creation with refried beans, grilled onions, massive amount of cheese, and Fritos… I'm sorry was someone talking about being healthy?

            • Hmmm

              That does sound really good. Throw some bacon and a slab of dead cow on it and it would be perfect. Then dead fry it.

              • Hmmm

                I mean deep fry it. And add pepperoni.

      • manilovefilmsdylan


        No one's doubting that bodybuilding is hard work. But, from your professional opinion, what percentage of his biceps/triceps as seen above would you say were "earned?" Based on the look of the rest of him, I'd guess maybe 40%, tops.

      • Todd

        So basically your saying your as big a douche as this plug. Good to know. All bodybuilders are insecure fat kids that are gonna show the world that with some steroids anything is possible. He probably couldn't even run a mile.
        So it's official this guy is an idiot.

        • fut cupt

          *you're, fuckface

      • facepalm

        if he worked so hard why arent his forearms built as well? how could you possible get your bicepts that big without building your forearms as well?

        Answer: He didn't

        • HUH?

          i think the plastic surgeon put the breast implants in the wrong spot.

        • Groggy

          facepalm has qi-blasted the correct.

      • I don't know

        The flaw in your logic is that he's not in that good of shape in his forearms of midsection. If he was one of these so called "hard workers" he would still look silly but atleast he wouldn't look like he put balloons in his biceps while the rest of him is flabby and out of shape.

        Synthol is simply the easy way out. You don't have to put in much work with it. Anabolic steroids (depending on what you're taking) actually give you a boost and make you want to work out. So all those roid monkeys you're talking about who work harder than guys off roids, are doing so because they have the aid of a chemical that makes them want to work harder. It's not a trait to be admired. Roiders aren't some respectable group who are to be admired for their work ethic. They're a bunch of pathetic dbags who either a cant be happy with what theyre naturally capable of or b they're lazy and want a quick way of getting big or both.

        I'd love to see this guy really go hard in the gym. With all that stanzinol in his arms it wouldn't take much for an abscess and then his bicsept would burst. That shit happens all the time.

      • gnocco

        tl;dr bet someone is large and butthurt

      • guest

        Smart! 😉

    • mikey

      another world championship for boston!

    • Hutch

      This is the man who's arms exploded. There is literally a documentary on this guy thats worth watching just for comedy purposes. Dude would inject roids straight into his biceps and he developed an infection where they had to go in surgically to cut it out. He did go to jail as well for dealing steroids.

  • Spike

    100% synthol

    • Crashfistfite


      and this only.

    • Groggy

      Yup. There's no muscle in there.

      And look at those forearms in comparison….there is no way to lift the weight necessary to get biceps that size without your forearms also getting bigger.

    • MikeOverHere

      Haters gonna hate. Jealous much, Spikey-poo?

    • Smashing machine

      Yup what a jackass obviously he didn't learn from watching Greg Valentino has anyone noticed he is a fat ass with bitch tits as well? Lol

  • Sarah

    scary!!! how is that healthy for your arms?!! :S

    • Neven

      it's not. there is a video about one guy who did this to himself, steroids direct to biceps and things got complicated, almost lose arm…

      • Smahing machine

        The mans who's biceps exploded its Greg Valentino

  • the_mike

    #5 Dude with an obvious "look at me" problem and no one is looking at him.


    • Micky

      they probably think he has a medical condition and they don't want to be rude

    • AllanA

      Good luck wiping your ass dude!

    • john

      Is this statement meant to be ironic?

      • the_mike

        I would lean more towards my observation and reaction, then irony.

  • Aaron

    Arnold voice: "Its not a too-mah!"

    • Marko

      not yet, but it will be soon.

  • Zac

    Hey bro, I think you may have missed every workout day except arms.

    • @beagleracing

      and only did half the workouts….forearms are about the size of my ankles.

    • Lunch_Box

      Huge biceps, forearms so small he can't even give a proper handshake, sad.

    • Scaggnettii


    • Dotson

      I saw lots of these guys when I was in Iraq. They aren't body builders, they simple inject a substance referred to as "muscle oil" (Synthol). The lack of veins, muscle definition, and the obvious disproportion of their body and adjoining muscles is a dead give away. These guys long for the American appearance and lifestyle but don't to do any work to get there. They are posers and idiots who want the world handed to them.

      • Dotson

        And by 'guys in Iraq,' I meant Iraqis.

        • DeepestBlue

          They want to be Armenian?

  • Craven Morehead

    He must workout…

  • Timbo Slice

    i guess somebody forgot leg day at the gym……

    • GPHD

      And forearms.

  • Fuck scroll ads

    Every day is an upper body day!

    • Shinanigins

      Every day is an upper ARM day!

    • 29er

      How do you work out your biceps yet your forearms look like they've never done any work. Obviously this guy is injecting. To me it just looks like fat.

      • morebeer

        With a needle filled with synthol

    • @jaczor

      Every day is synthol day

  • Question_Mark_

    It's like a messed up, real life Popeye…

    • Tankus

      Not even, Popeye were the forearms, not the biceps!

    • davd

      Popeye had huge forearms

  • scootz

    meanwhile he has the worlds smallest calves…..nice forearms muhammed……

    • matt

      I think you misspelled "penis".

    • xfudgexmeowx

      He is wearing pants how the hell can you see his Gastrocnemius (calf muscles)?

  • budock14

    biggest biceps on the smallest forearms

    • wft

      how is it even possible to avoid using your forearms like that

      • @RubyRooRemix

        makes me think he just got implants…

        • I don't know

          It's not implants its synthol which is oil stupid people inject into their muscle tissue. You can look up puctures of carrot tops shoulders to see another example. The result you get these odd looking "muscles" and you get abscesses and other negative healy effects.

  • Chiver

    He eats his spinach apparently

  • i can not spell

    his forarms are scaried of his biceps

  • Roger

    A lot of nights spent alone – damn good job at changing hands – I just stick with the same one all of the time…

    • DudefromSLC

      Me too! My right arm is close to his, but my left is a string bean…

      • Wet_tosti

        It feels like cheating when i use the left arm…

  • misschris

    What are the odds that this is natural…? Can't be very good.

    • DDD

      its not, they inject right into the arm….

      • Kimmy.

        good call..Chris candie pants.

  • rAs

    "You didn't earn that. Someone else made that happen." -O

    • FFF

      SomeTHING else, like injections….

  • ...

    Could have at least done one day forearms a week

  • Greg

    he looks like an idiot thats all 😀

  • Alex

    Pretty ugly indeed. Now go train the rest of your body pls.

  • Verbal_Kint

    And inversely proportional to his testicles after that much juice….

    • 1_eye

      Small potatoes make the steak look bigger.

    • Pitech

      Maybe not, Synthol is not even a steroid, it's only an oil that is injected directly into the muscle to simply blow it like a balloon. No training required! And bad results garanteed!

  • triplecap

    Still not worth it even if it gets him a footjob from #8.

  • jim

    he must skip 'every other body part' day.

  • Kcruz09

    He's wearing pants because he doesn't want to show off his twiggy legs.

  • cameron

    #8 where are her toes?

    • Spelling Police

      Egyptian women cut them off to look fancy. True story.

    • Huell

      on her feet

    • DarthLOL

      Stop… Hammer Toes!

    • rae

      he ate them nomnomnom

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