Dog stuck in a dog (1 HQ Photo)

I received a story from Tim West this morning. He noticed a very awkward occurrence on his way to work today,

“I was driving through Delano, CA this morning and I came across the strangest thing I’ve seen.  I saw these two dogs trotting down the street, ass-to-ass, and I wondered what the hell. I pulled over and upon further inspection I found the larger dogs swollen and engorged penis was stuck inside the smaller chihuahua female dog.

The big dog was dragging the little dog, her legs were raised high off the ground and the front paws were just sliding as she was being dragged. This parade lasted about a block and a half before they stood still and I was able to unlock these prisoners of love. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. Luckily both dogs ended up walking away unharmed and both probably a little sore. But I’m glad it had a happy ending.” 

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