Wow, that’s a really good point (40 Photos)

  • big A


    • DaddyD

      That was not a very good point. Not at all.

  • Justin Cider

    #1 not true I know everything.

    • Masturbating Monkey

      Honey? Is that you?

    • Jason Low

      Do you know Kung fu?

    • trixi

      You don't know my real name or what I'm wearing right now.

      • Underbaker

        Patricia and your birthday suit, you should send us some pictures.

        • trixi

          Not even close to my real name, and I have submitted pics here quite recently. Maybe they'll be posted.

    • Child Please

      Is your name pronounced, "Just inside her"?

    • mmmmm

      Great, Whats my bike lock combo cus i forgot and it time to go home

    • @MonsterThought

      So you know what it is like to eat your own face?

    • DaddyD

      Great routine … always works …

      Say to someone you meet, "Between my brother and myself, we know everything there is to know. Go ahead, ask me anything." They are sure to ask you something really obscure that you don't know. Think for a minute, then say:

      "My brother knows that."

      Just don't do it when you are out drinking with your brother.

    • Bornintheearly80s

      So…umm, does Bill Nye's view include infants?

      Sorry to say, but Beakmans always been better.

  • baammm

    #1 true

    • Beev

      Your new born baby?

    • King Couch Burner

      Yeah they may know something i don't but whatever it is may not be worth knowing.

    • Underbaker

      What it is like to look you directly in the face, because all you ever see is a mirror image.

      • davo

        tosh has a point there

  • lllll03lllll

    #33 LMAO

  • Trav1121

    #2 #8 #11 #40 Perfection! Live it!

  • boob_cuddle

    #13 lol!

  • eric



    • gnocco

      the truth.
      viva existentialism!

    • Danny

      3 o'clock is the perfect time to take a nap.

      • Chris

        True story. Any time between 3-5 is optimal napping time.

    • Jonnboy

      Idk… I have had some great adventures start about this time

  • Craigery

    #34 Douchebag.

    • FuckThisShit

      He should have read #38

    • Gnole

      He just went on to say how you can be awesome…and he is wearing a shirt that says " I love yo faces" ….and you think that he is the douchebag.

      • goatpunch

        if you had ever seen or heard him on tv you would understand. He hosted shark week. He talks, my fist starts to clench without me realizing

      • Craigery

        He could be wearing a "YOLO" shirt for all I care; he's still douchey.

    • Child Please

      That awkward moment when someone calls you awesome and then you call them a doucebag.

      • Craigery

        Not as awkward as realizing that you're defending this douche in an online forum.

        • Vince

          Why are you complaining … hypocrite.

  • Listen Lady

    #17 This is so true! No one is allowed to talk or laugh either until I figure out where I am.

    • dan

      It's a Guy thing

    • Biggus Diccus

      I just tell my woman to give me road head, then I won't give a fuck if I'm lost.

  • SteveMcQueen

    #40 Butters; so full of wisdom

    • Michael

      And makes it 10X times better when you read it in his voice….

      • lotsofhp

        "Well, thanks for offering to let me in your clique, guys, but, to be honest, I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy Goth kid."

  • bob_the_cook

    #15- That's what I've been saying since I discovered mushrooms…
    #23- and only the arrogant would say otherwise

    • drummerboy18

      not arrogant, ignorant.

      • semantics

        both words work.

  • FuckThisShit

    #28 You're right! Lets all get our asses up there RIGHT NOW!!!

    • Liam Fitzgerald

      I'm amazed that a quote by a not incredibly popular (but still good) Youtuber like TheAmazingAtheist made it onto this

    • caleb

      Or you do a little research, don't believe everything that mainstream media tells you, and realize that nobody has walked on the moon, ever.

      • davo

        yeah better to believe a bunch of internet dipshits with their "proof"

        • dave

          and the proof that they did land on the moon is a grainy video with a wavy flagpole. far more disputable evidence to contradict that the US (i'm american), landed on the moon.

  • Sade

    #40 Preach it, Butters!

  • bigd

    #17 sooo true. also lean forward in the seat and look in every direction

    • black27696

      Well, music is a distraction. So you're removing distractions because you're trying to concentrate.

    • savannah

      that's exactly what i do!!!

  • echogeo

    Is that why Newt suggested we build a colony up there?

  • anon

    mmmmmmm….PhillyD. sometimes he's not very bright, but he makes up for it in dimples.

    • cels0_o

      He looks like a retarded caveman. Just saying.

  • Gustopher

    #35 … Holy shit… Mind effectively blown sir.

    • Alex

      I don't get it, this doesn't sound like I'm saying Michael Caine whatsoever…..

    • caleb

      Awesome, just said this out loud with my neighbour's kid outside my window. Ya, that kid is in the school I teach at.

    • Baker

      I lol'd so loud when i heard myself say this

    • Ryan

      Try not laughing at this in the middle of a lecture

  • error2k2

    "I'd much rather be a whining little pussy than a faggy goth kid."

    • Guse

      I was thinking the same thing! "They left off the best line!!!"

  • truth

    That or a Italian soap opera star. 'Hello. My name is Stupro…Cassonetto Stupro.'

  • temujin1234
  • Captain_Kyle

    #8 I love Calvin and Hobbes

    • LawnGuyLand

      Best EVER!

  • Mark Grudgings

    I now love you more than ever for posting a David Gemmell quote. Now more than ever, Chive on.

    • StuOwen


  • turd ferguson

    #40 Butters is right

  • Kodos

    I have a .45 ACP.

    I don't care if you laugh or not.

    • black27696

      You're lying. Saying you have a .45 acp is such a weird way to phrase it that I don't believe any real gun owner would say it that way. Saying "12 gauge" is pretty standard. So is 9mm, 45, 44 mag, 38, 223, etc. No one says "I have a 9 mm Luger". You don't need the extra word because it's so freaking common. "45" is the nomenclature for 45 acp, otherwise you would say 45 colt because it's rarer.

      • Urethra Franklin

        Check Mate

      • Kodos

        Guess what.. your attempt to make a point is equally meaningless..

        Do you even know what ACP stands for?

        • TTr

          Assholes Correcting People?

    • Guest
  • sapphicosorus

    #36 You don't know that.

    • Craigery

      Sounds like one of those "inspirational quotes" the 14-year-old girls come up with. And they know EVERYTHING. Just ask one!

    • Underbaker

      Who gives a shit about tomorrow, I'm working on making today better and if I complain to the right people they may not make the same mistakes they did yesterday.

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