• steve

    simply awesome, wish i had that sort of talent, i would rock the shopping mall lol.

    • jake

      talented… but it's just that, it's karaoke. doesn't differentiate from whitney's version. would be great if she found a way to make it her own. then i'd call her an artist.

  • DUFF


  • captainmalcolm

    Excellent voice!

    • AllanA

      Now that's impressive

  • abaffuto

    Her shirt…gave her mystical powers

  • Tatyana

    Awesome. Hopefully this gets her some recognition. We need some real talent in the industry. No more of this Nicki Minaj bullshit.

    • Sick350Z

      Wish I could have gave that comment more then one thumbs up.

      • Logan

        they should just remove the down thumb option from that comment

    • Vols fan

      ***golf clap***

    • switch_24

      I think this is the same girl..

    • phuphu


    • Fuhrer D

      The industry destroy true talent; example, the person she just covered. For her sake, I hope they stay away.

  • chrisss

    Filipinos have beautiful voices! FTW!

    • MylesofStyles

      Peng tang ina mo.

    • mannypacquiao

      Too bad the language they speak isn't. I bet if you were any other ethnicity you'd think differently.

    • https://www.facebook.com/AntiSocialD Unkle Tito

      I wish that was true, chrisss. 🙂

  • NebraskaGuy


  • jpense

    and i will always love YOU, random girl in the superman t-shirt who sings karaoke at malls

  • Dan

    Not even looking at the words like a boss.

    • Mike

      That's Vivian Banks style right there!

  • Brent

    Goosebumps!!! Awesome!

  • Statan

    Why did I see a video of a guy getting tazed?

    • kujhawklaw

      Because you're lucky.

  • jcrew

    HOly shit. who is this girl!?

    • Twilightsucks

      Forgot her name too but she's from the Philippines. The video went viral last month. She's been offered a recording contract last week.

    • Red

      Zendee Rose Tenerefe

  • http://twitter.com/kccogirl @kccogirl

    wow. She was great!

    • Attention skank

      Ut-oh guys we have a new kcco slut, watch out.. This one isn't even good looking :-/

  • Yo Yo Ma

    And then she pulled her denim shorts to reveal her cock. And the crowd was, indeed, shocked.

    • MrSusan20

      sounds like someone might be jealous.

      • DJ Tanner

        …of the size of said revealed cock

    • Mitch

      lmfao hahahaha i can always count on chivers for the funniest comments!

  • tv_paul

    Great voice, but I'd advise the girl to stay away from any Bobby Brown Karaoke sound a like singers.

  • White guy

    Lil Wayne needs to watch this so he can be reminded of what talent really is.

  • Chiver

    R u on the chive ……noo ………….yes!!!!!!!! Oh got u so good

  • Jeromee

    Karaoke Level: Asian

    • Psy

      ^_^ op op op woppa gangnam style

  • Paul

    We're mopping the deck
    which is Navy for "floor"
    And when we're done mopping
    We'll mop it some more.

    • patrick907

      you ment swab the deck you will know once you get some sea time puddle pirate

      • Eric

        My deck swabbing days are over I'm headed to shore duty in Japan and am hoping to find some talented chivers there

  • LordofEntropy

    Holy crap. That's a very difficult song to sing, and she rocked it. If you doubt the difficulty factor of singing that song, just watch the faces of judge in any singing competition when a competitor says "I'm singing 'I Will Always Love You"—same look that occurs when someone says they're going to attempt a Freddy Mercury piece—they always sigh and look like "yeah right, good luck with that". It takes some serious skill to nail that song.

    • jmiker919

      Seriously. And it's so funny to think of Whitney's first reaction when she was told she was supposed to sing it. "What, I'm not singing some country bull**it!" But holy cow, could that woman, and this girl(!) nail it! Even Dolly said she could never sing the song the way it needed to be sung.

  • RudeBoy

    KILLIN' IT! I literally got goosebumps watching this.

  • JLinsley

    FIND HER!!!

  • Anonymous

    Celine’s clearly had some work done

  • Stephan

    Am I the only one for whom the videos on TheChive are loading frigging slow? Had to find this one on YouTube to buffer properly.

    • http://twitter.com/kccogirl @kccogirl

      Everything on the Chive is slow for me for some reason. It takes me a couple minutes just to get through one gallery. I don't usually watch the videos for that reason, but I really wanted to watch this one. I'm glad I did, its worth it.

      • tralfaz

        Do you use Internet Explorer?

  • wow

    Girl should enter xfactor.

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