The Fit-2-Fat-2-Fit Project (58 Photos)

Via Fit2fat2fit

  • Schnizz56

    Doesn't he kinda look like Ben Stiller?

    • Simon

      Maybe the paper was to also give his mind a workout.

    • meh

      thank you shnizz56

    • CSS

      Maybe Ben Stiller in Heavyweights

      • Jen

        i wonder if he masturbates with pizza. i know i do.

        • Lance

          I like your style Jen!

    • Marcopolo

      If someone ate Ben stiller and Ben stillers features became prominent

  • Ih8U

    Fuck your First!!!!

    • murph

      You seem like the guy who would ask to shave his chest after week 47

      • joe shabadoo

        i would imagine that job better suits you….who the fuck else even noticed that???

    • Endo

      you're, fucktard

    • Sykofun

      can't be good for the or-gans

    • üäö

      You misspelled idiot !

  • cultofpersonality

    what sorcery is this?

    • andfukyamoms

      NIPPLES DOWN DAN!!!!!!!!!

    • M. Bates

      No Beer?

      • oh haii

        no wheat produces and the extra pounds fly away.

        • jojo

          Read a book!

  • Coop

    But I want to eat ribz; honey glazed smokey ribz 😦

    • ryankarisma

      then eat it. It's on the top of this mountain……

  • LordofTheApes

    That's intense, gives my fat ass hope.

    • Kzo

      The problem is that we don't see what he's eating while loosing weight. I think it would be more instructive and give some better ideas than just going in a gym.

      • Kzo

        "going to the gym" sorry about that

      • TeamVenture

        Go to the fit2fat2fit website. There are meal plans on the site. As a general rule, eat small meals every few hours. Eat a lot of veggies and fruits while reducing the amount of sugar and fat you consume. It also helps to use a nutrition tracker like to see how much you are eating.

        • Jen

          myfitnesspal is a good app to count calories too!

  • Dan from L.A.

    I always wondered how many before and after photos were swapped. I can easily take a picture of me now and call it BEFORE and a picture of a beter me a few years ago and call it AFTER.

    • The_Dood

      Try five seconds apart. When you have strong abdominal muscles you can push your stomach out more. I can look 5 months pregnant if I push it out, and when flexed I'm just shy of a six pack.

      • dtm

        I think this particular guy's "project" was pretty well documented.

        • The_Dood

          I understand that, and I'm not trying to take anything away from it. Dan was referring to less well documented cases where we just have a before and an after picture. I was just trying to say that if you have muscle, it's easy to pull off that sort of "transformation" in a matter of seconds.
          Just look at these pictures.… And there are plenty more on the net looking to expose how easy it is to do those type of before and after shots…
          This guy obviously didn't flex or push out to make his photos look this way, as we can see by the scale.

    • moon101

      thats why he has the paper there asshole…

    • Bud

      Ya? Can you also create newspapers from the future?

      • black27696

        No but I bet there is some shop you could take the picture to to have the photo edited.

        No idea what it's called though.

        (I don't actually think this I'm just pointing it out)

        • True

          Bitches be jealous

      • Craigery

        Ever heard of Photoshop? It's pretty easy to manipulate photos nowadays.

    • sjchemie

      a common trick in the industry is to find athletic women who have just had a child, or a serious athlete that has been laid up due to an injury.

      they take the baby-weight or injury picture "before" and then once the athletes are back to their normal intense regimen, there's the "after"

      • Verbal_Kint

        actually it's worse. My brother in law works in that industry and they pay a fit woman or man to fatten up and use that as the before picture. No joke.

    • guest

      Bulls–t. Even if he pushed it out (and honestly it doesn't look like he's straining to make it look worse), he still got fat. Legitimately. The jowls don't lie. This guy did something terrible to his body, which he obviously values, to prove that there's still hope to those who need it… if only you put in the work.

    • Boob


    • Dan from L.A.

      Heh yeah I wasn't talking about this guy at all. Last Friday's happy hour we were watching a weight loss pill commercial that had some before/after photos as evidence it worked. This post just reminded me of it was all. Defensive much?

  • Ih8U

    That's so hard on the body!!! Fuck that

    • Bud

      Ya, I hope the five years off the end of his life was worth it…

      • Mike

        better then shaving off 15 by being fat

        • Bud

          Right, being fat is bad for you. So gaining 70lbs in less than 6 months isn't good for you either, even if you take it off right away.

          • Jen

            i bet he had fun eating all that shit, though! until he started to feel disgusting, ugh.

  • crazyk85


    Just a normal breakfast for me

    • Junior Jedi

      "That is why you fail" – Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back.

      • Rusty Shakelford

        "That is why laid you are not"- Yoda, speaking to the guy who references Star Wars constantly

    • FRO

      normal 'merican breakfast

    • Sarge

      what the hell is a biscuit?

    • sixsticks

      jealous lazy fat ass you are

  • Craigery

    Take it to the Berry where someone might care.

    • BatshitCrazy


    • Josh Shaffer

      looks like someone is jealous of a body they wish they had but can't get off his fat ass and away from the computer long enough to do anything about it.

    • jessed

      Haha treated

    • Meowmix

      As a straight male, I fucking care. This inspired me to get up at 5 this morning and continue my progression towards losing the weight I put on. Have fun jerking off, I'm living in real life

  • Dave

    Easy to do when you have the genetics to begin with.

    • Mike

      Genetics is an excuse so you have a reason to justify not working hard. ANYONE can get in shape, and that's the point he's making.

      • assman

        I agree, but not ANYONE could do what he did. If you believe it then prove it and do the same for the next year. He def works hard and that can and should be worth respect, however to say that ANYONE can make the change as easily as him is an unfounded statement. In the end the mind is more powerful than the rest of the body and if people truly want to make the change they will, if they don't they won't.

        • Rembrandt

          No one ever said it was easy. It's all about how bad you want it. Is your health a priority, or not? It's totally realistic and your defeatist attitude won't help you lose weight. When was the last time you heard someone complain about being fit is hard, while they were fit?

          • assman

            all the time, I have plenty of friends who are gymrats that constantly say "it is HARD work" or "it is not EASY"

            but I'm not a defeatist and am not sure you know how to use that word because nowhere in my previous statement did I allude to that attitude. I pointed out a fact that the mind is powerful and that fitness obsessed people like you talking down to others is pointless. But that won't change you, so continue to feel superior cause you're special and you're gonna make a difference in the world and people's lives.

            • Donkey

              I like turtles

              • BlueLizzardGame

                Especially those ninja ones.

            • guest

              The guy is a professional trainer. He's not asking anyone to be "fitness obsessed" and he's not saying that "ANYONE could do what he did." He's saying you can change your body. Not that you have to change your body into the extreme fitness level he has.

        • Mike

          He's not making a point that anyone can do what he did, he's making a point that its possible to get in shape, to lose weight and make a change. your trying to iron out the fine details of something that is not even there. you literally argued against yourself in what would be the grey area. you agreed, then to turn around and say "that ANYONE can make the change as easily as him is an unfounded statement." then argued that the mind is more powerful then the body. In that you jumped the fence 2 times. If the mind is more powerful ANYONE can make the change as he did. ITS CALLED MOTIVATION. (the fact you cant decide what your trying to argue makes your point invalid)

          • assman

            mike mike mike, it's cute that you tried to make an intelligent argument, like watching a dog stand up on it's hind legs. YOU said "anyone can do it" I was arguing against you sir. And I can see how someone like yourself (based off of your comments and internet demeanor) would find it hard to follow. My point was that the mind is powerful and it is a double edged sword: just as it is strong enough to motivate someone's drive for change, it too is powerful enough to cause a person's divergence from a regime. Using the word literally incorrectly, poor grammar (it is you're, the contraction of you are not "your"), and citing misinterpreted evidence takes away from the strength of your (see I used it correctly there) argument. Now your (and again there) turn.

            • assman


            • herpderpderp

              wow, a little bit pretentious there and a bit of a dick move.

        • Mike

          He's not making a point that anyone can do what he did, he's making a point that its possible to get in shape, to lose weight and make a change. your trying to iron out the fine details of something that is not even there. you literally argued against yourself in what would be the grey area. you agreed, then to turn around and say "that ANYONE can make the change as easily as him is an unfounded statement." then argued that the mind is more powerful then the body. In that you jumped the fence 2 times. If the mind is more powerful ANYONE can make the change as he did. ITS CALLED MOTIVATION. (the fact you cant decide what your trying to argue makes your point invalid)

    • ChestRockwellz

      sounds lime you have accepted and are fine with being fat. Good for you man! Be proud of yourself. Even if you are fat and lazy.

    • Marco

      Genetics is a complete excuse…

      • sam

        i wonder what exercise will make my hair grow back? it's not always an excuse… but you can be the best that your genetics allows, which is probably better than what you are now.

    • bernout

      Or the steroid dealer.

    • Slappy

      It's about 90% diet to look that way. Simply dropping carbs made me lose 8 pounds in 2 weeks with no exercise. The insulin response from carbs also inhibits the body's ability to build muscle properly, so if you hit the weights and get little result, that's likely the reason. I used to think we all had "body types" that allowed for this kind of muscle or fat gain, but now I know that's bs. It's not eating fat that makes you fat. It's not the calories, it's all the type of food.

      • assman

        Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph

        • RobertQ

          Excuses, excuses, excuses it is either you do more or less cardio

      • Draco

        Please read this. You couldn't be more wrong in every aspect.
        Please don't claim false information.

      • Karl

        It is the calories. Insulin builds muscle, that's why body builders inject it. If an entire food group were bad for you, it wouldn't be a food group. Calories in < Calories out makes you lose weight, calories in > calories out makes you gain weight, with a little bit of buffer room for foods that don't absorb well.

        • Sean

          Well, insulin facilitates the absorption of carbohydrates and amino acids into the muscle, which in turn facilitates muscle growth. More or less correct, though.

          Gaining lean mass also requires a significant number of calories as well; modern science shows that a positive balance of around 500 calories per day should be sufficient. I

      • Meowmix

        I'd say it's 50% diet. Of course if you eat like shit you'll look like shit, but ask any college, high school, or professional swimmer, and they'll tell you that if you get the right amount and kind of exercise, you can enjoy food as much as the next person

      • Sean

        Um…Masters in Exercise Physiology here, and all of that is a load of BS. Literally, everything you said is the exact opposite of what is true. Learn your facts before you go spewing crap. There's enough misinformation about fitness as it is, and it's people like you who make my job twice as hard.

    • Andy

      You are a dumb ass genetics has nothing to with it! Anyone can change their body for the better just takes your lazy fat ass to get off the couch and do something about it

      • Sean

        False. There is a huge genetic component to metabolism and muscle fiber composition, both of which affect weight loss/management.

    • Eduardo P

      Genetics is NOT an excuse guys.. I have worked my ASS off in the gym with structured trainings while eating 4000+ calories a day of a diet made by a nutritionist (With proper Protein/Carb ratio for bodybuilding – bulking up) and i have only managed to get 8kg on me on 6 months
      Then i get a flu and those 8kgs fade away… I have horse methabolism… Will be skinny my whole life

      • methabolism

        The 'meth' in your metabolism* might be your problem

      • Sean

        You say that genetics isn't an excuse, then you cite your metabolism as a reason why you can't put on mass. Metabolism and capacity for muscular hypertrophy both have a large genetic component.

    • TheT

      Regardless of genetics EVERYONE can make huge changes to their bodies in relatively short periods of time. I think youll also find that the weight he gained didnt just fall off him because of his 'awesome genetics', he would have worked his ass off for months to get back to where he was. Its simple, if you want to be in shape badly enough you will put the work in and look great. Everyone else will sit back and complain about why its so much harder for them to do it, when in reality theyre just too lazy to bother. And btw, 1hr per day is plenty of exercise along with a good eating plan to loose alot of fat quickly so its not an excuse to say you dont have time to spend all day in the gym.

  • Kimmy.

    woowee!! that was cool…

  • that guy


  • Popeye

    He proved that anyone can do this….if your only job in the world was to work out.

    • r@f

      And he already have muscles built in under that fat-ass. It's still different for actual obese people.

      • James

        That's me question. Did he exercise during those 6 months?

        • Anon


    • Mike

      I work 60 hours a week and still stay in shape. Diet is a huge part of it.

      • assman

        what do you do for those 60 hours a week mike?

        • Mike

          i'm a project manager actually.

      • Chazz_B

        true, actually diet is the most important part of it. You can only jog like 30 min, 3 days a week and with a good diet you will get good results.

    • Ichito240

      Exactly my thoughts, the guys "job" is to be at the gym so why wouldn't he be able to do this. It is difficult for someone that has other responsibilities after working a real job and isn't training and prancing around a gym for 10+ hours a day.

      • moon101

        you dont work out 10+ hours a day in the gym thats how i know you dont even go to the gym.. if you do 10 hours a day you wont get any results, its called over training the body. an hour a day with 20 min cardio twice a day is all you need. so stop being so negative and get off your fat ass.

        • Pokes

          I put on a ton of weight in college by drinking too much beer and eating poorly. After college, I said screw that and started working out. I lost 83 lbs in 7 months by eating healthy, lifting for 45 minutes to an hour, and about 30 minutes of cardio (on top of my career as an engineer). If I can do it, anyone can.

          • Beev

            Good on you, Pokes!

        • Ichito240

          Obviously nobody works out 10+ hours a day smart guy. As a personal trainer HE spends 10+ hours in the gym so he probably works out in between training sessions plus his usual routine. I do not in fact go to the gym, I do manage to run and bike though and I am not a "fat ass" but I am also not a poster boy for muscle magazine. My original post was in no way negative, I was just trying to make a point that a regular person with other responsibilities than working out will not find this as easy as he is making it seem.

      • RuhRoh

        If personal traing is your only source of income, then it is a real job. Trainers don't get paid to hangout in the gym and look pretty. They need to schedule clients to work with otherwise they're not making money. Plus, most gym take a cut from the trainers' revenue stream, so it take a lot of hard work and long days to make a decent living. I am not a personal trainer but I know several people who work or have worked on the industry and it's not a job for those who lack motivation and work ethic.

        • Ichito240

          I agree, maybe that is what is causing all the hate on my post. Personal training is a "real" job indeed, definitely not a regular job where most people are not active throughout the day. Personally the only walking I do at work is when I go get more water, and go and come back from lunch as opposed to someone who is active most of the day at a gym.

    • Hara

      I wanna punch this guy right in his face but I don't think he'd let me get away with it.

    • Shaves chest

      He lost/ gained a lot of body hair as well

      • Toba

        That was 5 lbs of his loss I think.

    • DDD

      You have 14-16 hours a day when you are not at work… how you choose to use them is your own choice…. fat and lazy. or take a measly 30 minutes a day to do something active …

    • PeterRabbitts

      Diet is key. I used to work my ass off in the gym and eat crap food. I looked ok but it wasn't enough. When I combined good nutrition with moderate exercise I started getting stunning results. Again, diet is key.

    • WTS

      There are plenty of people who are in great shape that don't workout for a living, including myself. Anyone can be in shape, so stop with all the excuses… everyone.

      • Jen

        i am a single mom and work a full time job – i work out atleast 5 days a week. i work out on my lunch break. you will make time if you want it bad enough.

    • Kash

      Anyone can do this! One hour, 5 to 6 days a week using a program combining cardio and weight training. Along with a carb controlled/high protein diet this is very possible. The doubters are just lazy! There's always a million excuses not to do something…

  • DoubleNickelJP

    I'm 2/3 of the way there!

  • Wilis

    Wow well if your job is a persoal trainer then yes. but me i dont have time to be doing expierments like this

    • LLC

      you have 16 hours a day when you arent at work….. use them…

    • Tim

      Then be fat quietly please.

    • Robinsos

      But you do have 30 hours a week to watch TV and play video games. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one, and they all stink.

  • pnutz

    I call bullshit. Same scruff scruffy beard in every pic

    • Mike

      its called trimming…… ever heard of it? its a steady one setting on your buzzer.

    • boo

      you stooopid.

    • Rizz67

      I saw this on television. He had his wife with him and explained how much he changed not just physically but also emotionally. This is in fact legit.

    • My .02$

      Chuck Norris has had the same scruff for 30 years

      • Ryan

        That's because no razor can cut Chuck Norris' beard

  • I'm fat

    I enjoy all the fat people's comments saying he swapped photos or he only can do this cause of genetics

    • Mike

      agreed, its all an excuse for them. ITS CALLED MOTIVATION!!!!

    • JoeMamma

      I think it mainly had to do with him stop tanning and stop shaving his chest lol

  • Luo

    im eating what i want, not working out (only biking few times a week) and 10 years still same weight, but no muscles 😛

    • Whitney

      Gosh, how attractive.

  • James

    Not impressed at all. It is much easier to regain what you had then try and build something you never had. Take a fat kid with no prior muscle mass at 200 plus and transform him, then it would be something to post.

    • moon101

      go to there are hundred's thousands of fat people who got off there fat ass's and got in shape james your excuse is crap.

    • M4jestic

      These things also has been posted before. Many overweight people have done that with rigorous training and dedication.

    • Jacob 'Talon' Snow

      Thats what i did. 215 down to 145!

    • WTS

      Are some of you living under a rock? Fat to fit has been done! Obese to fit has been done! This is nothing new! It may be harder and take longer but it can be done!

    • Ryan

      Because this guy (and every other bodybuilder) was all born with a 6 pack because of their "genetics"? No one starts out like that or gets like that easily, it takes hard work and dedication which you clearly have none of.

  • Dapper_Dave

    #12 #7 #4 The downward journey looked like a blast…..

    • RED

      Typical 'merican diet… fat fat fat

    • fgbsgb

      A delicious adventure

  • Sir Boobsalot

    There's hope fr us all!!

    (including me)

  • jlhimself

    Does his body hair come and go with the weight? 😛

    • @Jul1988

      Exactly what I was wondering ^^ That might apply to me too since I have body hair.
      I feel like a Fat 2 Fit 2 Fat project is more challenging !!

    • Bustanut

      So does his golden tan fade to pastey white then back to tan

  • George

    OK…..I'm ahead of the game. I am already at stage 2…fat. How does he get to stage 3? I would probably even settle for stage 2.5….less fat.

    • Kevin Mills

      I hear that brother.

    • Phillips

      You stop slugging around and go out and get it done!

  • chicago

    how did I click theberry tab..?.. oh wait, i didn't. WTF chive.

    • John

      don't click on the link and it won't show the pictures.

      • chicago

        link name needs a better description. i would've passed it and left it for twinks like you.

    • Mick

      Ahhhhh, is your masculinity suffering? Why don't you go to the gym, shower and dress yourself with loads of naked men. That should make you feel manly again.


  • Alec

    He should have done a little reading before his experiment. Fat cells don't disappear when you lose weight, they shrink. For the rest of his life, the fat cells he added through this experiment will be constantly screaming to grow. He just made it easier for himself to get fatter late in life. You can thank human evolution for that mess. We are designed to gain weight as easily as possible.

    • Rembrandt

      Hyperplasia of the fat cells is a rare occurrence. He likely gained fat from fat cells that were already there.

    • James

      For the most part you develop a certain number of fat cells as an adolescent that you have for the rest of your life. Unless you become morbidly obese then you can add to the number of fat cells in the body, but for most of us what you are seeing is an increase in the size of the fat cell and not the number. Either way you can always reduce the size of the fat cells no matter the number you have.

    • Kevin Mills

      He's probably ok because he didn't stay fat very long, as for me, when I lose 70 lbs in 6 months my leptin resistance will still be high, so I will have to eat less to maintain the same weight as a man of the same size who was always that weight.

      of course, first, i have to lose 70 lbs.

      one more donut.

    • John

      Do the fat cells you destroy through Coolsculpting grow back? 2 trips and he'd be fine if the others aren't correct already. Hater.

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