Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • TheRealRainmaker2112

    #47 Wow! Would love to see her take a video of her hitting a driver while wearing just a bra & panties! That would be a video to behold! MOAR please!

    • FLBP-Fan

      An an epic FLBP video too!

  • Jesus

    Hey I think reddit.com is taking all of the pictures from your site, hopping in a time machine, traveling back in time and posting them with the same captions as you guys :/

  • Jorgs

    #47 wow! And let's go golfing sometime. Moar please. 🙂

  • lebelge

    #32 where in gods half acre are you in canada? Obviously not Calgary #50 There are a lot of men willing to cure your blues

  • Will

    #47 WOW!!!

  • TommyV

    #1 is that an ice duck behind them ?

  • Hjah

    It was, I mean it is, as long as you are taller than the water is deeepr. Thanks for taking the time, Jody, to stop over and say hello.

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