Damn Nature, you are one crazy mother (25 HQ Photos)

  • seldomseen

    that's not nature, that's cthulhu's ballsack

    • amrith777

      WELP–I'll never look at THAT the same way again! o.0

  • matt

    #2 is a dust storm over Tempe town lake. Almost a daily thing here during monsoon season.

  • Jlb

    #16 Looks like God had diarrhea.

  • seidel182

    what city is #16

  • Adam Warlock


    Is that Godzilla Cop to the right?

  • bob

    #6 looks like the house from Heavy Metal

  • Shack


    That was a massive grass fire by my house when the wind was blowing 110KM/H or like 70MPH.

  • Charter896

    #23 And Intelligent Design is just one big joke, right?

    • IrishWolfhound

      Yes it is.

  • Versari

    #25 Well….i feel a lot smaller right about now.

  • Meertnnn

    #3 That's where Shell got their logo from.

  • Boondock

    Ever have one of those liquid craps that you've kept bottled up for hours and finally hit a toilet? Yeah, this is the moment your butt hits the seat.

  • Dan

    #23 is eye opening ship


    #23: eat proof, you sceptics !!!!!!

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