By request “off-road vehicles” part 1 (29 HQ Photos)

  • I did it!


  • Cdub

    #84 "oh shit… This is gonna hurt"

    • timbo


  • moondog

    #84 oh shit…. OH shit!…OH SHITTTTT!!!!!

  • clous87

    Definitely more than 29 photos there…

    • Yeah

      115? Good god Rick. You can break them up into more than one post!

      • clous87

        Im waiting for part two…500 photos maybe?

        • Skermitt

          That what I was wondering, 115 in the first? How many in the second? And also, I kinda forgot what I was doing around #43 and #45

          • Skermitt


          • Gonasiphaherpalitis

            Hell I got to #30 and went to the next post,

          • bdg

            Was kinda hoping we would get a little closer,and a little closer!!!

    • sixorchive

      yeah chive, there were only like 16 tits in this post, that's DRASTICALLY too low a ratio for a post full of cars that I don't give a shit about. At least tell me accurately how many useless pictures I'll have to slog through, ok?

      • sandy astroglide

        Demand your money back!

  • Mitchrh1288

    I was actually kinda surprised to see some pics from the mud drags out in Bay City, Tx

  • Anonymous

    #23… like a sir.

    • _DoC_

      Is that the same guy from last weeks episode of Sons of Guns?

  • Bubba

    #35 does it for me!

    • Gatorpsd

      She's from DFW

    • Jakemo_1

      Moments later a devastating "ca-CHUNK" is heard when she hits that rock at 20 mph….

  • tv_paul

    #115 Nice rear suspension.

  • kyle

    Is this going to be a regular category?

    • Ben

      hope not


    #6 30 35 38 49 53 57 62 68 79 83 96 105 115
    Bitches love jeeps

    • Toba

      So if I get a Jeep… gorgeous women will just loiter around it? Sold.

      • EvilRoySlade

        That's pretty much how it works. Not so much with the new ones.

  • A little extreme

    #1 looks like it would just wheelie over if it tried to climb a hill, wheel bases are too short on jeeps to lift that high.

    • mittens

      A couple of these are anything but offroad vehicles. Bro-dozers is more accurate…

      • A little extreme

        Hahaha yep, but this is their first attempt for this kind of posting, so we gotta give em a break

        • The Pict

          Furthest off road the Chive office guys have been was a rest stop, so cut them a break. They're trying.

  • Grt_Ape

    #107 Best pic. No flash, no ego, just getting it done. Nice cage BTW.

    • Rock and Roll

      Nothing beats a Jeep

      • YOTA>Jeep

        Except a good 'ol YOTA

  • Tx_man

    #6…. was hard getting past this one!!

    • Tx_Woman

      You said hard..

  • Iso

    #48 I'll take the UniMog and meet the girls in #68 anywhere.

    • mcsailor

      hell ya girl in Mtn Dew shirt!

  • Twyg

    There's so many more than 29 photos here, and each and every one of them is glorious! KCCO!

  • whyme1973

    #6 #30 #38 #79 #115 Definitely makes me want to take the dirt trails.

    • Hunting

      #38 is filthy… and I love her for it

  • goneKerouac

    #68 the one in the middle. Find Her!

    • Iso

      From left to right: Rebekah Mitchell, LEAH BOLTON, and Sarah Mitchell
      the Jeep is a '79 CJ-7 owned by Leah (Thanks Jeep Magazine!)

    • Adam

      I agree she is gorgeous

  • Yes she is!

    43 and 45. YUPPPPPPPP!

    • mittens

      I have no idea why those are in even in this post, but I'm glad they are.

    • ...

      #43 #45

  • hughjass5976

    Oh Subaru WRC team, how I miss you…

  • Jonny

    That's a strange looking kitchen.

    • Tankus

      Says the nerd behind his computer desk!

      • mike

        do you even know what they are working on? NOTHING! what could she possibly be doing with that wrench at that angle at that spot under the truck?

  • bau5s

    #38 gave me a boner. #104 i came

    • 00181

      #104 = Worst possible case of small penis syndrome.

  • @RickvdS

    Legend 🙂

    • Kyle C.


    • SpartanZK

      glad i didn't have to get past the first page of comments for someone to recognize this badassery.

      • whiskaleafa

        That's what I was hoping too, like, if somebody didnt recognize this beautiful beast, I would lose a lot of faith in a couple Chivers out there lol

  • XxOnEdgexX

    Dodge guys like to Cummins each others assholes

    • UPITT15

      sorry about your dick, bro

  • Brother Maynard


  • mittens

    Disproportionate number of hot women with Jeeps. Around here, if I see a girl in a Wrangler, she usually looks like me, with tits, and I don't mean that in a flattering way.

    #83 Strippers and an XJ; two of my favorite things.

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