It’s almost the weekend, and I just DGAF (38 Photos)

  • elliott

    IWGAF in 3 hourse !!!!!

    • donuts


      • Gradaddy

        He won't give a f*ck in 3 horse hours… that's like 7 years for humans

        • matcooper

          ^ Haha, do like. ^

    • W??

      Wait…. You won't GAF or you will GAF?
      Which is it? You gotta be specific when you just start tossing letters in

    • opinwe

      maybe you should

  • crusher44x

    I have NO homework or exams to worry about!! It's gonna be a great weekend!

    • IrishInNJ

      I did my last exam and homework more than 10 years ago…trust me, you've never had it easier.

      • acupofjoe

        I concur with this post. Enjoy every damn minute.

        • crusher44x

          Will do. KCCO from A&M!

          • Brian

            BTHO of Arkansas this weekend, can't make it up for the tailgate. The only link to college I have left that is socially acceptable to be a drunk idiot.

  • evk

    Happy Friday chive!

  • Timmy loves Billy

    Billy in dispatch is a HOMO

    • Steve the queen

      so is Steve

    • Billy

      Thanks Justin………

      • geo

        I hear Justin loves you as well Billy…….

    • Zombie


  • Jeff

    #30 lets do what #24 is saying.

  • bdawg


    • Urethra Franklin

      Half way through this post I figured out what DGAF means. I hate the internet

      • Canadodian Reprobate

        NOW, north of Winnipeg? huh?

    • HOOK_the_LEGEND

      Need MOAR OF #30

  • Squirrelin

    #13 I'll admit it….it took me a while to realize I was being given the finger. Hoping she is 18 so I don't have to feel like a perv now.

    • Awesome

      That girl flipping you off is NOT 18… duh…

    • Crazy_Jake

      That little girl is dressed like she is going to be JUST LIKE MOMMY..
      or a hooker.

  • @dbumbaco

    I like her #24

    • No No No

      You like average-looking girls who give a camera the middle finger because they don't know how to just stand there and smile?

      • @dbumbaco


      • Eric Flores

        You are obviously into superficial, stuck up, fake chicks. Which they are hot, but shallow. And so are you. That middle finger is for people like you. Fag

  • Clark

    If you get laid this weekend treat her right.

  • @Happie_Meal

    #6 Is fucking awesome I want one!

    • Dawgzilla

      no kidding. someones gotta know where

    • Med

      climb it? just kidding, i will say its not very family friendly though

    • Needing a Trollop

      New t-shirt idea chive?

  • Trav1121

    #16 I kinda hope the shoot a smoke cannister right up there. Haha

    • bob

      yea, but 2nd cop from the left looks like a girl, and if you look closely is smiling 😛

      worth it!

      • Iso

        Gotta wonder what he wrote on his ass to get her to smile….

        • zzzz

          Nothing is on his ass…she is smiling cuz his pecker and balls are the size of a gerbils

  • Tyrion Lannister

    Truer words

    • Smokey

      So, girl wears dress=free beer? Bad business model!

  • Meow

    #33 #31 How many recycled photos are we going to get? There's plenty more in this post.

    • mittens

      #4 #12 #15 #19 Those have all shown up recently as well. I doubt they care; traffic is traffic. Still getting paid.

    • JAFitC

      I'm sure the Chive deeply regrets the gun at your head that made you look at each photo. Geez, dude, with all the problems in the world, you're complaining that a website providing you free entertainment repeats itself from time to time? Man up.

  • Farrari

    If I see #33 one more time…

    • Med

      I was looking to see if anyone else was going to put this…. couldn't agree more

    • Obviously

      Stop looking at the internet and you wont see it, problem solved. Go to the library and read a book you haven't read before if your that worried about original content.

    • quailman8907
    • cudaman

      Just nice to know she doesn't mind a big load to the face.

  • tv_paul

    #38 Mac…your dates here.

    • Zzzzzzzzz


    • Quagmire

      Dear Diary, jackpot

  • tv_paul

    #15 The Circle of Life.

  • Verbal_Kint

    #19 gettin' all up in that sauerkraut…

    • tv_paul

      Do your wurst.

      • Verbal_Kint

        Gimme some schnitzel, baby…

        • LACHIVER

          Suprised theres not a longer line for that booth

          • tv_paul

            They only serve finger food.

            • Med

              well done, tv_paul……. x2

              • thom

                So that is how Sauerkraut is made.

            • Verbal_Kint

              fucking. bravo. my coworkers thing i'm insane, laughing so hard i'm crying.

      • Hrdwood

        I hope he's wearing a condiment…

  • Wickedrebel


    Find dem legs!!!

    • Dayumm


  • banggang

    #20 his answer makes no fucking sense.

    • Zip-a-de-do-dah

      I figure whoever quoted this can't even remember it correctly…doesn't bode well for their final grade.

    • Distinguished Guest

      It would make sense if you understood computer science. Syntactically, methods have parenthesis, variables do not. For example:

      GoFuckYourself can be a variable used to track how many times you have been told to go fuck yourself.

      But if there are parentheses, GoFuckYourself (thisway) is the method by which you would fuck yourself. The parameter "thisway" tells you exactly how to fuck yourself.

      • Intrigued Panda

        Very well said

      • foo

        The syntax will depend on the language, since not all of them use parenthesis like that. It's still a really terrible answer… Methods are subroutines of code to be executed when called, variables store data.

        • dirk

          agreed. the syntax difference between variables and methods does not describe the fundamental difference at all. that's like saying the difference between 'book' and 'books' is an 's'

          • thedude325

            Exactly. Variables hold stuff, methods do stuff. Saying the difference is parentheses is a terrible answer.

    • AkHunter

      I could be a wrong but this is what my opinion is
      some methods-
      dinner & movie?
      just dinner?
      wine & dine?
      no dinner or anything

      some variables-
      not in the mood
      has a boyfriend / husband
      has other plans
      doesn't want anything to do with you

    • Ralph Wiggim

      The correct answer is the spelling is different. Next question.

  • UC!

    #13 UTICA CLUB!

    • UC!

      #13 doh!

    • James

      Such a sweet child. NOT!

    • UC09

      You mean #12. But yes, UC is awesome.

  • meat.


  • Schnizz56

    #13 don't be hatin young lady. You'll get boobies one day too

    • MonkeyMadness

      lol I was thinking the same thing. 😛

  • irons

    #30 Daymn…………..

    • Captain Cassanova

      How would you like to rock my world?

      Okay, how would you like to rock my boat?

  • pa'ver

    #38 nice legs

  • back2worknow

    Soo…many…reposts. But it's Friday and IDGAF!

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