“Safety” is NOT their middle name (40 Photos)

  • EMS

    #1 is pretty common in the Dominican Republic. I've seen that and worse on my vacations there.

  • Jackson

    #23 I've done this many times while painting houses. Sometimes it's your only option.

  • Opredeim

    #37 kinda looks like Justin Timberlake "Spotting" Tom Cruise.

  • chiver

    #11 #14 'Merica!!

  • fnawesome

    Hold my beer and watch this sh*t….

  • Versari

    #12 I honestly did not notice thatt man was wearing a water tank as a helmet at first glancee.

  • Silky

    I recognise that place. Its Karachi, Pakistan. Common behaviour lol

  • scrubles

    #39 anybody who hasn't changed a bulb like this has not truly lived

  • SteveO

    #1 who's the lucky one to get the nuts on the neck

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  • Shane

    #18. Thanks for being the dickhead that gives all other motorcyclers a bad image. Way to go jackass! At least I can sleep easy knowing that you'll die doing imbecilic things like that.

  • mike

    all are candidates for the Darwin Awards

  • cudaman

    #20, I take it most people do not know how strong stretch wrap really is?

  • IrishMan

    Notice how #11, and #32 both have Florida plates?

  • BrandonB0963

    what the hell!

  • its_forge

    Someone's said this already but #20 is a can of CO2, which is the opposite of dangerous.

  • Joe

    #19 Who cares what they're doing. Check out the gas prices. I need to live there.

  • superslim

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  • LS2_Goat

    Racks on racks on racks #22

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    37 What? He has a spotter, totally safe.

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