Don’t look at these celebrity puppets before bedtime (22 Photos)

This has all the elements of an ’80s horror movie. Coincidentally, the puppets were made in 1987.


  • Schnizz56

    Phil Collins/Genesis had a video with these freaky ass puppets in it. Land of confusion was the song I believe

    • deleted9943363

      Yep you are right

    • Turd F.

      Yep. Awesome band, awesome song, creepy ass video.

      • misanthropetb

        Creepy but awesome.

    • thar

      yep. great song

    • Jason

      A childhood memory burned into my brain! Especially the part with Marilyn Monroe and her singing vagina! hahahahhaha anyone else remember that?

      • its_forge

        It was her navel.

    • its_forge

      The puppets are by these fucking amazing British puppeteers called Spitting Image, they apparently had a TV show over there for a couple of years.

      • Jim

        Spitting Image used to be a satirical comedy show in the late 80's / early 90's in the UK. They used to absolutely rip politicians apart, it was brilliant. Unfortunately using puppets meant each episode cost a fortune to make in comparison to comedy panel shows and it got cancelled. Shame, because it was one of the best things on tele.

      • Tag

        You are correct, but I remember seeing some Splitting Image aired in the US back in the day as well. Moar trivia: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor were brought in as head writers at one point to help save the show and after doing so they left to create the cult comedy/sci-fi classic Red Dwarf.

        • Blushy

          No way! amazing, iloved red dwarf #

    • gifftor

      That's what I thought of as soon as I saw these puppets. I loved that video as a kid (but need to watch it again to see if I "get" what was going on in it now).

      You realize that we've all dated ourselves pretty definitively, right?

    • Dave

      F*cking terrified me as a child. Terrified.

  • @Bathoris

    If they didn't have the names on the bottom, I wouldn't have guessed half of them

    • Jim

      To be fair, these are caricatures of what people looked like 25 years ago…

    • joeybastardo

      upvote for The Goon!

  • Guest


  • misschris

    These all reminded me of this damn Twilight Zone story. Scary as hell.

    • MylesofStyles

      I remember watching this with my father, bragging to him how I didn't find it scary at all. He hid in the closet in my room while I was getting ready for bed, waited until I was comfortable, opened the door slowly and walked out with a pig mask on. I love my dad.

      • abaffuto

        That's awesome.

    • FONZIE

      Great find!

    • DemonIAm

      hahaha, I remember that. Dunno if the rabbit or the kid is creepier

    • Squooshy

      The Gremlin on the plane with John Lithgow is the one that always got me!

  • This guy

    #1 is Mac

    • PoorMac

      no no that cant be…. this guy looks like he actually enjoys himself

    • klmsk


  • Slowlycreepingdeath

    Aha Spitting Image puppets how I miss thee

  • Steve

    All hail Spitting Image!!

  • meat.


  • Trailer Ray

    #3 is dead on.

  • Biff T.

    These were called "spitting image" puppets, and were really popular in the 80s…and used to scare the living crap out of me.

  • janeyqueen

    #14 I think that is a vast improvement on how he usually looks in real life.

  • halo

    #5 Eat the puddddin pop

  • Nigel

    These all seem very…what's the word…80's, that's it.

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    It's crazy how easy it is to name them.

  • Livin' Legend

    Can't you see this is the land of confusion?

  • Sade

    #14 He looks like this now! xD

  • Loadedcarp

    #18 Springsteen should be pissed…..

    • Holmespump

      I thought that was Liza Minnelli.

      • BigHeadEd

        Same here.

    • Nothemama

      Shitstain should be pissed on Fixed it for ya.

  • @Simplyton The Chicken Song (reached number 1 in the UK singles chart) Never met a nice South African

  • sam

    #20 strangely the only doll that isn't as creepy as the real life version

  • thom

    Who would have thought that Madonna and Whoopi would look even worse then these now!

    • Kodos

      I would've thought.

      Angry, hateful bitches like them deserve it.

  • Wannabang

    #20 looks like Bruno Mars

  • Larence

    this shit is fuked up!

  • Force Kin

    Spitting Image was funny . Ahhhh the 80s.

  • Force Kin
  • Beaker

    #19 Madonna has never looked better!

    • RobWhitey

      #19 Madonna. Is not a puppet. Thats an actual real life picture taken of the bitch last week. 

      • Vent187

        Na, not leathery enough.

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