Rich Hong Kong tycoon offers $65 million to any man who wins the heart of his daughter (22 Photos)


  • stan

    Carpet munching lesbian.. wooohooo!

  • savagecabbage

    Ah she's worth a poke…

    • the chobe

      nope shes ugly

      and yes people im pretty handsome myself

  • Andy

    Is the current wife included?

    • Chew

      Was wondering the same thing… Could I marry her and sleep with both them and split the 65 mil?! 🙂

    • nix

      Current wife is in #8

      • black27696

        That was the weird part. There's all these pics of her with random people, I was confused why there weren't just pics of her with her wife?

      • ps86

        oh shit that's a chick? are we sure? has anyone checked for a penis? cuz this might be problem solved.

    • EDawgie

      It would be a big sacrifice but I'd be willing to take the dough and endure the sight of hot ladies frolicking around me…….

  • the_mike

    Challenge accepted. Do you have a contact for this guy?

    • whos.mike

      No shit…. I have done it trice, and now I could possibly make it a forth…. Hrmmm…. I munch carpet just like the best of them. Maybe she will split the money with me???? and her and her wife and me could live at the same house.

    • goatpunch

      This doesn't make sense. How long to you have to be with her to establish the 65 million? do you have to marry her? If that's the case she should just divorce her lover, marry a male friend, possibly even let him impregnate her, split the money with him, then get back with her gal and raise the kid happily ever after

  • Jeremy

    65 million? Where do I sign……

    • r00s7a

      For 65 million, I'd turn his son gay! …just kidding.

      • Woop

        Unless you're serious.

  • TommyB

    Not even for $65million……

    • tommybisaliar


      • MrSusan20

        clearly a billionaire with no penis.

    • clark

      she wouldn't even sleep with you bc you're a douche!

  • janeyqueen

    I'm gonna be honest here. If my father offered me that much money to be straight, I'd turn into Lea the Dick Queen in a second.

    • MylesofStyles

      It's not worth it. Just be true to yourself…and please feel free to post pictures doing so.

      • thom

        Gigi is how you say penis in Mandarin. He should have know when he gave her that name.

      • Dave
        • janeyqueen


          • Dave

            Sorry, couldn't resist when I looked at your photobucket and read Miles' comment. It's a cute picture, don't be to mad!


            • Yeah

              And I thank you Dave.

    • Smitty

      I'm not sure that's possible. From a Guys point of view, and chime in here. . . Someone offers me $65 million to turn gay. I'm not sure . . . yea, and after careful thought, that's just not happening. Sorry. ;-(

    • Qwerty

      Why bother? When the old man dies she inherits how much? Shit ton more that that.

  • boredasshi!

    Challenge accepted!

  • Kodos

    How much for just the vagina?

    • Sean

      Literally LOLed at this…well played, sir

  • MylesofStyles


  • back2worknow

    Who is he kidding… he just wants a grand baby. Poor lonely old man 😦

    • Boston Rugger

      She could still have a baby, the guy is just a narrow minded rich asshole

      • Huell

        Not a legit one. Same sex couples shouldn't be allowed to be parents. Bottom line. Most of the world would agree with me. It's not narrow minded. You're narrow minded.

        • Boston Rugger

          How would a gay women impregnated by a donor be any different than a husband impregnating a wife? Pretty sure it would be a "legit" baby with 23 of her chromosomes directly related to him.

          Just because someone impregnates a person doesn't make them a good parent. A gay couple is just like any other, it doesn't mean they will be good parents but it also doesn't make them bad ones.

          This guy isn't asking for someone to have a child with his daughter he is asking someone to change who she is and what she identifies with. That right there is being closed minded, not me wanting someone to be able to live their life the way that makes them happy and is not hurting others.

  • npachuco

    I wonder if my wife would mind if I left for awhile? She's a pretty hot lesbian. Could be fun!

  • AllanA

    It's a trap….

  • that guy

    Meh, I bet he wants her to go straight so that he can ensure grandchildren from her with a father than he can meet that will help raise the kid/s. Asian cultures can be a little crazy about that. IMHO.

    -Supports gay rights!

    • Huell

      I'm an American guy and I believe same sex couples shouldn't be allowed to have children. It's not crazy. It's called having morals.

      • Mikel

        do you also believe in slavery and other bigoted ways of oppressing anything you don't agree with. Remember, it took a straight couple to produce a homosexual, not the other way around.

  • moondog

    Not for all the rice in China!!

    • MrSusan20

      well how about 65 million?

  • gooddoer

    I would do it for free. But with the offer already made, I accept.

  • GFJ

    #10 is that Tom Cruise

    • nodon

      must be standing on something.

    • Adam

      who the short one? LOL

    • Glen

      Nah, he's an actor from China. Can't remember his name, but I think he's mostly white. Actually, most of the people in those pictures are Chinese actors.

    • FunKiller

      That's actually his asian counterpart….Thom Kwooze.

    • daddy

      asian tom crusie?

    • troodat

      oh my god, its ethan hawke

  • morebeer

    GAMECHANGER……its actually his son!

  • Tony

    How about $6.5 million for a 3-way?

  • thrillho

    Asian Julie Bowen

  • Sinz

    Challenge accepted

  • FSU_Chiver

    #14 serious case of the crazy eyes

    • chiapet

      fugly without makeups…

  • Rick

    #3 Hong Kong?! Looks like a Thai-Surprise.

    • Jane

      The millions given is for the surgeries & peace of mind O_o

    • mrhongkong

      That's a MAN. damn. scary. that looks almost like me actually. lol.

  • yam

    I'd bee a shoo-in if it involved turning her from straight to lez. Other way around? Not so much. My poor wife.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    I'll take $1m for a shot at converting her. Only $1m though cause I may just solidify her lesbianism.

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