• JSJ


    • Yoselahonda

      I would have enjoyed it more if the jackass in the background would have turned down the volume of his Double Dragon game long enough for me to hear the exciting action I was watching.

  • becca3416

    Move over Chuck.

    • hi mom

      chuck who?!?!

    • KCO617

      Sorry, but why weren't you in the redheads post this morning?!

    • Meh

      Marry me, Becca!

      • Fap Jack

        Becca u so fine girl! #1

    • Yeah

      I thumbed up because hawt.

  • This guy

    Gee ay why

  • @nickinwarcal

    Best thing I've seen since west of the Missippi

  • Tyler

    Quality acting right there.

    • truth

      I liked it better when he just got his ass beat.

  • Cartman

    Da fck?

  • Shawn

    lmao what?

  • Picard_

    The fuck did I just watch?

    • captainmalcolm

      I was going to say the same, hah!

      Plus 1 to Captains

    • homie

      That is Cuneyt Arkin dude! De deadliest man in the history of the Turkish moviescene 😛

  • Unfkngblvbl

    It's like Walker, Texas Ranger and the Three Stooges combined.

    Man, the 70's were awesome.

    • NebraskaGuy

      damn man, that was funny!

  • Sick350Z

    Clip from the 3 stooges movie?

  • Popowich

    The Bitchslap @ :50 made me laugh.

  • _LG

    This is awesome, and the sounds effects are pretty money…but why in the world are there two shirtless men attacking him?! This looks like an intro to something on the NC17-rated side of things. I was prepared for cheesey porn music to begin once they were defeated and on the floor…

    • Antihumanracehuman

      watch a lot of gay martial arts porn then to know so specifically what to expect…? I guess that is what you would term "money" is that right?

    • DirkDigglerLV

      You need cheesy lines like " I heard you needed some "Sausage" for your pizza. Or perhaps "I'm sorry for beating you guys up, come inside for some lemonade and I'll beat you off!!". Suki!

  • BigPup

    It sounds like the Three Stooges fighting Bruce Lee…

  • jdubx

    i wish my punches and kicks sounded like gun shots

    • bigcityreem

      They can. You just have to add your own sounds.

  • Peter Griffin


    • Elzuperx

      Hi peter!!

  • Buster Cherry

    And his hair was perfect.

    • mike

      he doesn't look like the Werewolf of London!

  • _DoC_

    Was that a young Jay Leno?

    • TWAJT8D

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Orkun

      That's a Turkish movie and the name of the actor is "Cuneyt Arkin". Check his movies out. he has much more funnier movies believe me :))

  • Archie

    I have just found the gun show

  • rob

    Dude looks like David Hasselhoff

  • Robbie

    If you watch closely, you can tell that he doesn't really hit them.

    • Bevi

      Blasphemy! He was just so fast it looked like he didn't hit them. Yeah, that's it….

    • guest

      wow get a life

      • Robbie

        Wow. It was just a joke based on the fact that the kicks were not even close. You, my friend, are forgetting the true essence of this website/community. KCCO

    • seanjo

      If you read closely, you'll notice zero fucks were given

  • KingThing

    The Three stooges meets Jacki Chan

  • Will

    The foley artist on this must have been exhausted

  • justin

    I didn't know The guy from "Little House on the Prairie" could throw down like that..

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      His name is Michael Landon.

      • project mayhem

        no, his name was Robert Paulson

  • Fatboy

    Why is Michael Landon beating up Freddie Mercury and Hacksaw Jim Duggan?

    • justin


    • DirkDigglerLV

      Freddy should have never talked shit about Little House On The Prairie.

  • aliabi

    cüneyt arkın – turkish actor.. forever battal gazi 😉

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