Pants, you chose…poorly (32 Photos)

  • DriveBy

    wow. funny pants. big fun, eh chivers?

  • Dr. Evil

    #22 is actually sort of creepy.

  • Guest

    You misssed Winkers – the pants that wink:

  • Buffalo

    hey Chive…This post is almost as tasteless as that thong post you did a while back…I'm Just Sayin'!!!

  • Ally

    #5 one of these things is not like the others…

  • Put the pie down

    #13 Once you see it can't be unseen. Would like to have one of those wands from Men in Black after that.

  • chivette

    what the…..#4 & #15 to ghetto or white trash work a belt? someone please slap this generation.

  • chiver

    #16 Freddy Mercury making a pizza

  • Robert

    #7 Yeah can I get extra Starch? I like when my pants look like they're made of metal!

  • Ryan

    #9 Is that One Direction?

  • NP1972

    #3 #4 #7 #15

    Fucktards the lot of them

    • FishCalledWanda

      Yes, 'Fucktards' is THE word here.

  • jojo

    #20 I feel like I need these. I can't explain why thought. And that makes me feel a little afraid.

  • Anastasia

    #13 Just because you manage to get something onto your body does not mean it fits. I don't know how you got those on or if you'll ever get them off, but cover it up either way!

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  • Mike

    Well at least #9 & #22 can blame the 80's and being young…

  • billyjack13

    No fat chicks bro!

  • Tyler

    What are the name of the jeans on #3

  • TrollE

    Don't hate on #8 ! The Norwegian curling team got mad props for them back in the day :p

  • FishCalledWanda

    Doesn't this poor girl have SOMEONE in her life that will tell her, "NO!"? Seriously? I just want to kill this picture with fire…

    • FishCalledWanda


  • Canucks_Rule

    #32 – hahahahahaha!!

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

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