• @BigFuNation

    amazing, simply amazing, "better to have a short life, that is full of what you like doing; than a long life spent in a miserable way"

    • Moe

      best quote ever.

      • bewbz

        minus the semicolon

        "Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons. They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. All they do is show you've been to college."

        • Badger

          A valuable lesson only if you want to write like Kurt Vonnegut, who is responsible for that quote. Not a bad goal for some, but far from a universal rule.

    • Whaaaaa

      Yea, and if we all lived by that rule, than who would collect our garbage every week? Who would operate our sewage treatment plants, or live in remote areas to bring us goods and services we require?

      The reality is that our society requires a certain quantity of people to perform certain tasks or society collapses. There just aren't enough people interested in garbage collection to cleanse our society… Therefore we motivate them with money, so that they may spend their free time doing the things that they love.

      And that is the problem… that entire quote presupposes that people live their lives entirely for their work… Most people I know do not, work is a means to an end, their contribution to society allows them to utilize their free time to do the things they love. They do not 'go to work to a job they don't like to make money to live so they can go to a job they don't like',

      They do the job they do, so that they can do the things they do like. Things like you see the people in the video doing… Unless you really think there are careers made from base jumping into caves or climbing trees.

      • 5eagles

        Robots. Problem solved. You clearly have no imagination.

  • moderndayhitchhiker

    For those who are interested, this is a recording of a lecture by the late Alan Watts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Watts) , who was arguably brilliant and more than a little bit 'out there'.

  • Sam

    How do these videos not make the front page but anything cat or parkour related does? Inspiring stuff here. Good work Alec

    • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

      I dunno. I'd prolly watch a parkour cat doing what he loves.

  • https://www.facebook.com/dionicio.orozco Dionicio Orozco

    I can't stop watching this video. I am but utterly amazed from what I am watching. These words will forever be etched into my mind and I hope that one day I can show something for it.

  • WannabeNAVYbutMechE

    This is a brilliant video. It makes one question the society that we live in today; filling everyone with the idea that achieving monotonous mediocrity is the way we should live. Sadly, how many people actually question the current structure and then choose to act?

  • PiratesFan

    Two chicks at the same time.

    Also – amazing video. I'm currently in law school to become a teacher and when I tell my classmates that they might be making a mistake by being there just for the money I get crazy looks. Money can buy happiness, but it can't buy you enjoyment in what you do.

    • ChukDee

      Nothing better than debating a case and winning…that's enjoyment for more folks including the lawyers

  • Tiber_Septim

    that is the truth, I would rather be happy and fail having done the best I can rather than to squander my life being miserable and in a rut, existing

  • Joey Bones

    I'm lazy as hell and live by these words.. I'm 30 and still live off a good enough inheritance. Spend all my time playing Xbox, shopping with my wife, and writing music. I was born lucky, but I have to ask: what if everyone lived by this philosophy? Even the people who didn't have a financial support system, inheritance, or even food to feed themselves with? Who would, for example, collect the trash, clean up crime scenes, or guard our jails? Are we assuming that there are people who love being street-sweepers and assembly line workers? Sorry, guys!

    • ChukDee

      Ur a douche

      • Joey Bones

        You're either too stupid to understand that if we all followed the advice in this video, society would collapse, or, sorry to crush your moment of fantasy, you're the guy who collects my trash. Dare to dream!

        • truth

          The point you have made is accurate and also somewhat selfish in its own right. If society followed Watts' suggestion, there would obviously be a breakdown in function. However, Watts was not making a statement on what is best for society, nor those that depend on it for their comfort. He was simply suggesting to the listener to pursue a life not dictated by monetary justification. Watts indicated in the quote, "better to have a short life, that is full of what you like doing; than a long life spent in a miserable way", that there are notable tradeoffs in this pursuit.

          The selfish aspect of the assumption, that someone must have an undesirable life to ensure society continues to function, is regrettably true. If we are to enjoy the benefits of society's current hierarchical paradigm, there must always be those that choose to serve rather than be served. The only counter to the status quo is if society no longer needed the roles you referred to. In itself, the anarchy that you mention becomes the new social paradigm, and those that would desire to live off of society, rather than contribute to it, would become the abnormal.

          • Joey Beats

            So you said what I said, but made it sound a lot less offensive. He's not telling *everybody* to pursue happiness with no regard for the financial consequences, just some people. Because somebody has to man the assembly lines,

    • JSJ

      What are you going to do when your inheritance runs out?

      • Joey Bones

        Probably work. I'm not gonna be able to just do what makes me happy, as this video suggests, because I won't have any money to.

    • anonymous

      Sitting around playing Xbox is not living you lazy pos

      • Joey Bones

        I am ultra lazy. Xbox is my favorite thing to do with my leisure time. You're allowed to define what living is for me, why?

    • Badger

      I understand your point, but you're presupposing that our occupations must fulfill the goal of "what we want to do." Some people are fine working tedious jobs that they can leave behind at the end of the day so they can head down to the pub and play guitar, or sit in a coffee shop and write poetry, or whatever makes them happy.

      • Joey Bones

        Right. My dad was fine working his ass off so my mom and I could be very comfortable. But that's not to say that had he won the lottery, he'd have shown up for work the next day. The message in this video doesn't say "work a tedious job and be happy at the end of the day." It says "don't work if it's not fun."

  • Joey Bones

    Everyone can't be on designer drugs in the middle of the night, reading thechive on an iPad while dropping sick heat and refusing to get up until the bottle of gin is finished.. Haves and have-nots is the unforturnate reality of this world until we get robots that do all the grimy shit for us.

  • Aorata

    I like the idea, and it is inspirational, just not very realistic.

    Do you think all the bus drivers in the world want to be bus drivers?, how about fast food employees? but where would we be without them?

    I like designing and programming video games, but some times I must work on projects I hate just to put food on the table… that is life!

    Life is hard, it is not an utopia where you do what you want and everything works just fine!

    Come on Chivers, you know this! dont get carried away by unrealistic but inspiring videos.
    Oh, and next post is "I hate my job" … the irony!

    Thumbs down coming in 3, 2 1!

    • a-nom

      Don't assume that we folk would fall in descent of your point just because it is in derision of the video; it's pessimistic and makes your strong point seem weak. The orator is wrong in the way that you are right. We can't all be what we dream up as children. Society needs; as aweful as it is, classes in order to function. That doesn't mean that each person has to be content or happy with their lot in life. A better message would be don't be satisfied, work hard, and try to find something that makes you happy whether it makes you money or not. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters in this life. Be well and do good!

    • Eaton A. Burger

      this is somewhat true…. but I think the video has everything to do with where you end up in life. I have a passion and a real job. I went to school to have a job that paid well enough for me to live and allows me to take time off to pursue my passion. I'm slowly making my way up and am able to start making money doing my passion, and I won't stop till pursuing it till I no longer have to work at my day job anymore.

      I think the point he's trying to make is that most people say "good enough" or settle with a job they don't like simply because it pays well or they need it at the time. It doesn't mean I should quit my job and live on the street, because that sure as fuck isn't what I want to do. However, there's always a risk in trying to do what you love for a career, but it must be taken, and that's what I believe this speach is all about.

      well done

    • Badger

      Please, Aorata, continue living your life as you see fit. No one is saying you should change your job or your view of the world. Watts' message is there for the taking…or not. Your choice. But there are those of us who find a certain resonance with it. I'm thankful I heard it, and I will follow as best as I can. And I encourage those who are like me to ignore those who say that your happiness is unrealistic.

    • trololo

      call me crazy, but all non-creative jobs are potentially replaceable by machines. As for bus drivers, some cities have driverless subways even today

  • Versari

    Saw this a couple a days ago. real inspirational stuff. One could only wish though, one could only wish…

  • dan

    i can honestly say that his book, "the book," changed my life

  • A.J.

    So the message here is do whatever you want and things will find a way to work out. Sorry but I'm with Aorata on this. Unrealistic and borderline ridiculous.

  • ChukDee

    Money not a problem…Asian hookers and Blow…all day ery day:p

  • Todd

    Everyone is an idiot. All the things shown in this video for example skydiving, cliff diving, scuba, climbing insane mountains and trees in ancient forests costs thousands of dollars to do!!!!!!!! The gear, the travel, the training!!!! You have to be a millionaire to do it, you have to be rich to enjoy life you fucking morons, this guy was a complete jack ass.

    • truth

      You missed the whole point of his message. You watched the video, which had nothing whatsoever to do with what he was saying, and you came to the conclusion he was an idiot. It doesn't take being a millionaire to do what you enjoy. Some people, coincidentally, spend millions of dollars to discover what really makes them happy. That is all that Watts is saying.

      Instead of calling Watts a jackass and everyone else, morons; you should consider that you are not in a place in life where you can understand the message. It does not require a great journey to be well traveled.

      • Badger

        I agree with you Truth. What I don't understand is why you continued reading Todd's post after the brain-cell-killing intro, "Everyone is an idiot."

        • truth


  • Murf

    A few people have commented on practicality of what he is saying or that the images are of expensive hobbies or that they would spend their time doing raves, drugs and decadence. That isn't Alan's point he isn't saying do what feels good or fun, he is saying follow your passion, there aren't to many whose passion is drug-taking but keeping the world clean travelling from place to place, educating others yes. Then he says figure out how to make your life this passion rather than working to try and reach your passion.
    Far to many people do something for the money or others rather than the passion and then can't understand when others don't, they mock and scoff because they are unhappy or jealous or angry. They get even more angry when those that follow their passion achieve success and try and attribute blame or reason to it.
    If you love what you do, the rest takes care of itself.

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      Yeah i know but then their have to be jobs nobody has a passion of doing … cleaning waste tanks standing behind a cash register, … so then who would do that if everybody goes painting and writing books ? If there is nobody to sell them or make them.

  • project mayhem

    how do I make money fapping to future lower back problems everyday?

  • http://twitter.com/GrantCook5 @GrantCook5

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  • Electric Boogalo

    I would sell paper and paper products.

  • ReneUreta

    I enjoyed this video much. Not everything is to be taken literally. the message is the importance.

  • Nathan Ladd Rigsby

    I want to work for theChive. 🙂

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    Quite an inspirational video…right up to the part where I apply it to my own life and then I found myself saying "yeah, but I like food, shelter and clothing". There's a reason there are two separate words for "work" and "play".

    I'm totally on board with choosing a life wherein your work is something you enjoy doing and, in fact, the narrator is saying as much. Showing people sitting under a tree in a park, running in a field with horses, standing all dramatic like on a mountain top and skydiving into a hole in the ground isn't work though. Nobody is going to pay you money to do those things.

    Narrator pretty much nails it. Folks who put together the accompanying video and schmaltzy piano soundtrack didn't.

  • Brendan


  • Hotsauce101

    Well, I've made bad choices in my life.

    Thanks for bringing that to light…

  • sucks.

    Unfortunately all the things i want to do in life require money…

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