• abominableSCOTT

    i hope this becomes a weekly segment. I want to see more of this first world solutionist. Great Job Mac. Cant wait for the next episode! you should get a PO box for us to mail in products for you to review… i bet you would get some crazy stuff sent in from us Chivers

  • Scott P

    That was f'ing aweso…….

  • Snuffle-afagus

    Does anyone else think mac's face cheeks seem fatter on video then in pictures? Just asking.

  • Mr. Obvious

    Sorry I criticized your performance Mac. I see you deleted my comment. What a pussy you are. Stick a corn dog up your ass and let Screech eat it out. Have a nice day.

  • longshot

    I have it on good authority that Mac's voice was actually dubbed over by Jon Hamm after they decided his real voice sounded juuuuuust a smidge too much like a Middle Eastern Pepe le Pew.

  • Jamey

    Functioning Alcoholics with Mac Faulkner

  • chiveadmin


  • Alicia

    Am I the only one who finds Mac to be insanely hot?

  • Ross

    that was not the voice i had pictured for him at all.

  • Mal

    Why is Mac so fineeee??

  • cnuge


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