• factchecker

    Christ the bills could use this kid

    • Me.

      let him get hit by a 300lb lineman and see who gets dominated then…

      • Me.

        Re-watched video and came to the conclusion he is in fact a better quarterback than Romo.

        • Mikel

          so sad I can only this comment one time

      • MattyDeuce

        What 300 lb lineman does ANY kicker have to get by?

        • Me.

          I was just saying.. he doesn't dominate the sport in general..just the ball with his foot.

      • g_money

        I'm guessing you've never heard of "roughing the kicker"? Yeah… Kickers don't get hit.

    • Daniel Tosh

      i want to see him do that under pressure

    • Smd

      At the end of the day he sucks ….. Me dry

      • whale hntr

        Omg, what an awesome surprise, new name, new material, same awesome jokes, u made my day lol

    • Piper

      Especially the early 90's Bills..

      • Brandon T

        Because that would have helped them in those 4 Sb's…

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.hawk.92 Dylan NinetyTwo

    Fusssss rohhhhh dahhhhhhhh and its good.

  • Question_Mark_

    Redskins are already on the phone

    • lat297

      international rates to dial Norway may be too high for them….

    • Stephen

      Condiff (SP?) could take a few lessons from this guy!

    • Emucratic

      Thor? is that you?

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    I need to forward this video to the miami dolphins… we need a kicker

    • Mitch

      Thats exactly what I was thinking!

    • Groggy

      Couldn't get Snowflake back?

  • ARNG

    Yeah except you can't drop kick a football in the nfl into the uprights.

    • lucky

      Yes you can. See Flutie, Doug.

      • johnny
      • jim thorton

        Actually, the way the norwegian dude is drop kicking it is wrong, like ARNG said, it has to hit the ground first then it can go through the uprights (like in the Flutie video).

        • relock417

          After seeing what this guy can do, I don't think having the football hit the ground first is going to be any issue for him. He could probably let it hit twice and still kick better than some NFL'ers…

    • ChefChiver

      If your saying that it's not a good thing to hit the uprights, than you are correct. If you are saying that the NFL has rules in place that say a drop kick can not be attempted, than you are wrong. Doug Flutie was the last player to attempt a drop kick and he attempted it as an extra point. Before that, the last one was in 1941. Players are even allowed to drop kick regular field goals and the longest converted field goal was a 50 yarder. Also, look up the rules for "Fair Catch Kick", interesting stuff.

      The more you know!

    • KillaCal

      Actually you can… It still counts as long as the ball touches the ground

    • SHU Chiver

      He was kicking them off the stand too numb nuts

    • Matt

      Did you watch the whole fucking video? He both kicked it between the uprights punting style, and place-kicking style.

  • Salt

    Now he just needs to practice the fake running into the kicker fall and he's ready for the NFL.

  • jhoratio

    His skill is worth millions of dollars if he can do it consistently – which is tough to deduce from a highlight reel.

    • Wiley

      and 6 straight made from 50 yards in high winds is not consistent?

  • Kp1000

    Finally something creative with that stupid shaped ball.

    • rdfght

      Egg Hand is a popular sport!

      • Kp1000

        Haha I forgot about Handegg, I mean they don't primarily use their feet and it is shaped like a egg.

        • Urethra Franklin

          I dont know why i find the term "egghand" so funny

    • stonedwalljackson

      that stupid shaped ball has a strikingly similar shape as your face ya doucher

    • lat297

      you sir (kp1000) are either brave or a fool. Possibly both.

      • Kp1000

        Probably both, sometimes I feel like the only American that doesn't like football.

        • Clark

          you are the only american who doesnt like football

        • Boldspoo

          As an American rugby player, I don't find American football to be at all entertaining. Went to a game even… was so bored I got hammered instead, but at least I know why so many people drink during those games – there's nothing to do for 3 of the 3.5 hours you're there.

          • MattyDeuce

            thanks for quantifying your answer "as an American rugby player," because the smugness of it can now fully be appreciated.

        • MylesofStyles

          You know what the worst part of disliking football is? Having to tell your parents you're gay.

  • Mr. Mackle

    This guy needs to be on a NFL kicking team like yesterday.

    • ChefChiver

      They are all kicking teams…just saying 😉

    • Brandon T

      What's this NFL kicking team you speak of? Are they different than regular NFL teams? or are they in their own league…

  • comish

    most insane part was towards the end…

  • Boobs

    Dominates American football? Yeah, the kicking aspect which encompasses 5% of an entire game.

    Impressive none the less.

    • Nic

      maybe they meant "Dominates THE American football"

    • Giblets

      And adverts make up the other 95%

    • Meut

      Plenty of games are won and lost by kicking buddy…

      • Urethra Franklin

        You spelled Billy Cundiff wrong…

    • Daniel Tosh

      and still makes millions for 10 sec of work

    • Rick_

      Ironic that in America FOOTball kicking only encompasses 5% of the game…

  • Everclear

    Thoroughly impressed. And the last one. Holy shit.

  • fucked

    Al Davis would sign this g…oh wait

    • Christian

      Hahaha too soon?!

    • MylesofStyles

      Al Davis did sign that guy…except he was from Poland, and can hit 70 yarders like it's nothing.

  • A Guest

    Isn't this basically Australian Rule Football?

    • Mikel

      LSU had an Australian for a punter and it worked quite well for them

    • Fred


  • That Guy

    Incorrect. He dominates at KICKING a football. Lets see him take on Ray Lewis

    • boldspoo

      That would be a roughing the kicker penalty since he would have no reason to ever be tackled as a kicker… but nice try.

      • Dandude

        Except if the ball was hiked wrong and he got tackled while holding it… but nice try.

    • EireMC

      Wtf would he be doing taking on Ray Lewis? There's a gazillion rules in the NFL to keep guys like Ray Lewis away from the kicker.

  • fucked

    :58 seconds…what in the actual fuck is that field/court?

    • Loic

      I call that a "street" or a "city street", It's pretty common in France, and allows us to play (street) football (that would be soccer), (street) basketball and (street) handball for small teams under any weather. They are pretty cool to meet people too (there is always some kids playing in "street").

      Not sure about the name though, it may just be me and my friends who call it that way.

      • fucked

        shit that's actually a good idea

    • EireMC

      It's an all weather or "astro turf" training pitch. It allows training for football/soccer/basketball when natural field is out of action. In Ireland they're also rented out for 5-a-side games.

  • Popowich

    We will see him in the NFL very soon guaranteed!

  • Mike Shanahan

    we would like to speak to you ASAP

  • waachit

    Helium filled footballs…

    • Qqqq

      Because the helium makes the ball accurate

    • MathNerd
      • waachit
      • waachit

        True with Q about accuracy but not true with distance… The Myth Busters was a test for hang time…

      • emu90

        "the lighter ball would create less drag"
        umm… what?

  • Rodion

    He has skill but it's a different story when you have 300lb men rushing at you and the game is on the line. How many times do we hear the announcers say they saw the kicker nail 60 yarders during warm up just to watch him shank a 35 yarder?

    • Mikel

      Normally the 300 pounders don't get past the line. You have the 185-225 pounders actually running at you

    • HUH?

      thank you rodion. any college level kicker can do this stuff. the $$ comes when you can do it with 11 guys trying to rip your head off, under pressure, with 80,000 people screaming at you, no time on the clock, etc etc.


    What if he's actually using the metric system?

    • hmcse

      a meter > a yard

      • lat297

        more or less. Don't get involved in the Space Program please.

        • Wwwz

          Dude, > is mathematical notation for "larger then". And please, can you not just switch to SI-units? It's really a neat system ya'know…

          • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

            "larger than" haha

          • lat297

            I read it wrong, my mistake. But while we're at it, if you want the USA to switch to SI units (which the UK did a long time ago), then can everyone please start spelling 'metre' properly. 'meter' is an Americanism that doesn't comply with the international system of units.

            So there.

  • Whorehey

    Somebody sign this man NOW!

  • ChukDee

    I'm calling Bullshit

    • adMANistrator

      what's his number?

      • ChukDee

        1 800 BUL SHIT

  • JP1983

    Sorry, but if kicking field goals were the same as punting footballs, this guy might have a point. Kick it off the ground, with nothing but a 3-step drop, and also make sure it gets over a line full of guys 5 yards in front of you who have their hands at least 8ft in the air. Then we'll talk. Punting a ball 60 yds is done by every NFL punter out there. Also, put pads on him so it restricts his movement.

    • give em credit.

      1:02 he kicks off the ground 60 yrds with 4 steps..lets not argue over one step im sure he can do it.

      • MattyDeuce

        1 step is absolutely critical when kicking field goals..what I just said sounds so ridiculous but it is true.

    • sugar, spice&ect

      that kind of raw talent is still impressive.

    • MickeyFig

      Well said

  • Nistel

    We would like you to come to Penn State please…

    • Norwegian man

      I'd rather shower at Penn State than play for Penn State

    • PDiddily420

      He's not young enough for Penn State.

    • Boobs

      Why would anyone want to play for a program that's going to be in the shitter for the next 10 years?

      • Bad taste, i know.

        theres a lot of things going in the shitter there 😉

    • Sandy

      Make sure he brings lube!

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