Back with a Choose your Ride (30 HQ Photos)

There are many dream cars out there but these are the dream cars for this week.
So, if you have to take one, which one would ya take?
theCHIVE wants to show off your dream car
Submit your Photos here

  • terd sandwich

    #65.. I'm cheesin' my fuckin brains out.

    • terd sandwich


    • dan

      absolutely, that and #54 Find her

  • Mark

    Loving #43 and #33… Beautiful cars.

    • Sorry

      Yeah, nope..

  • david

    I would love to take #28 out for a spin. Oh, and the car is nice too.

    • ???


  • WestCoastPete

    #7 I choose her….NOT the bike

  • Borys

    Old school mini

  • Stephen

    this should work fine… #15 #32 #53

  • Iso

    If I could only have one it would be #2 the car is even more impressive in person.

    • Big Joe

      Old school cool and classy!

  • DaveB

    I would gladly mount #8 and ride her, "her" being the bike of course.

    • DaveB

      Wtf I meant #7, damn renumbering.

  • Willy Makit


    Will have one in my garage someday

  • nodon

    #5 – matte black looks awesome on this car.

    • antoine

      Can't go wrong with the F-40! My all time fav

  • Jordan

    I know the owner of #5. Awesome to see his car make it on theCHIVE.

    • Barney

      He came in for a seat check so he could ride in a CF-18 Hornet while at race the base in Cold Lake Alberta. I have some other pictures but like this one the best. Later in the day he got it up to 304.6kph going down the runway.

  • Wicked One


  • Jorge

    #26 Koenigsegggggggggggg

  • tv_paul

    #39 I like the multiple trunks on display here…oh and the cars okay too.

  • punl

    #10 #33 #56 *drool*

  • Whatisachiver?

    Hey retards. Here is a newsflash. A website is not a lifestyle. Anyone who refers to himself as a "Chiver" is a dumbass. Its like calling yourself a "Walmarter" because you shop at Walmart.

    • ckron247

      So would you be considered an "Assholer" because your an asshole?

    • whatisatroller?

      if someone trolls, does that make them a troller? KCCO

    • Dustin

      Chive on angry dude.

    • AGNUS

      With that kind of attitude, you could find yourself hogtied by your keyboard wires and having me personally fist-feed you what a chicer is. I realize that this might not actually help with you learning what a chiver is, but it would probably be a lot of fun cause trollers are faggots

    • Drunkendave

      It's simple. You murder someone, you are a murderer. You religiously come to this site and see all the pictures of hot chicks and funny shit, you are a chiver.

      That said. Go fuck yourself.

    • jon

      Hey dumbass when you add the r to it, it becomes something you do like a skater or a biker. Fukboy

    • Whatisachiver?

      Wow! You guys are really uptight! I thought being a "chiver" was about keeping calm. Maybe you need to get off the computer and get laid

      • Yerp

        I'm on my phone. Also, I just got laid this morning.

  • The Dude

    #9 Shelby Cobra…Every time. BTW Shelby Cobra is NOT a Mustang.
    #51 is extremely bad ass as well. Would love to have a commuter like this.

  • Notknowing

    #1 #31 #35 #39 #64 Would be in my dream garage. BTW, too many dodges not enough chevys.

    • CDNChiver

      Solid line up man. Especially that ZO6, and I agree with there being to many cookie cutter
      Mustangs and mopars. KCCO!

  • magman007

    #6 for sure

    • Jack Burton

      Damn right!!!

  • Jon

    #10 color is perfect. car is perfect.

  • Drunkendave

    #56. Oh hell's yeah.

  • steve-O

    i know there is a car in there somewhere but frankly, i don't really care

  • ChivetteHeather

    #7 I'll take one of each, please and thank you!


    #56 I’d take that ’69 Coronet R/T over anything else in the gallery

  • Blackfiveoh

    #26 for me 😀

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