• Jon

    Did anyone else think that ball control was going to mean something else?

    • Pense


  • misschris

    Meet your new Goblin King!

    • ronnydump

      Dance magic dance

    • ryan

      the Labyrinth?

    • hoggle

      slime and snails, puppy dog tails

  • Crazy_Jake

    I never thought that i would ever enjoy watching a guy play with his balls, but here ya go.

  • Gradaddy

    herro prease

  • scott price

    i wish i could play with my balls like that…

  • Mr. Marcus

    The ending was the equivalent of the Randy Watson mic drop in 'Coming To America'.

  • MrROFL

    Did anyone else think that the guys recording were completely stoned

  • awalk

    forever alone….

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