• Mikeisfilthy

    Broken ass

  • amanda

    I did NOT see that coming!! I thought he was gonna get all cut up or something

  • Mike

    Good thing he did not dive….fuck and fuck and fuck…

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  • http://hirejimessian.com/2012/10/19/friday-roundup-the-i-dont-hate-bob-brenly-edition/ Hire Jim Essian - Friday Roundup: The “I Don’t Hate Bob Brenly” Edition

    […] assume most of the pre-jump translation was “Seriously, don’t. You’re a fucking idiot.” (HT: […]

  • Sam_I_am

    Lmao what a tool, but good advertising in a fucked up sort of way

  • MeepMeep

    Harry and Lloyd at it again…the cameraman laughing was simply awesome.

  • Iceman ouch

    Fucking classic. I watch it over and over. It Does not get old. I love how fired up he gets right before he goes and then just bounces off the ice. Hilarious!

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