Behind the scenes on set of ‘ Silence of the Lambs’ (12 Photos)


  • Thomy G

    This shows that you can really have a lot of fun in a straight jacket and muzzle.

  • _DoC_

    Still no less scary

  • r00s7a

    #4 I'd fuck me

  • Davis

    Anthony Hopkins is a badass

    • davo

      nah he's an actor. just an actor.

      • kidn

        i hope for your own sake that you haven't grown overly attached to your liver.

  • ScottishYankee

    #4 Became a cop on the show Monk

    • Tim

      And he also played a cop in Heat.

      • ChiverOnFoot

        and a cop in The Fast and The Furious

        • Boondock

          He also played a serial killer in Silence of the Lambs.

    • 1C451

      And General "Bloodbath" McGrath of the Confederate Army…

  • Wood

    I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Still gives me chills. Awesome movie.

    • Bamajess

      Wasn't that line improved? And yes it gives me chills too. One of the best actors we'll ever know!

  • Zack

    Great now I have goodbye horses stuck in my head

  • NebraskaGuy

    #2 "I can smell your …. " oh never mind!

    • Jimmy da Hat

      That what her girlfriend says!

  • Hrdwood

    #7 What do you do for a living? Oh, I make skin suits for horror movies…

  • Livin' Legend


  • RobboJohn

    That movie still creeps me out.

  • rsjem1979

    If I'd been on that set watching Anthony Hopkins' performance, I don't think I'd ever sleep again.

    • krypto092108

      That's the whole point.

  • JustaGuy

    Chive WTF! – I just commented on the… post how you simply copied an entire post from another site and you do it here again!

    Post on 10/17 at Piximus:

    Posted on 10/18 on TheChive:

    And the poster again is? Bob or course!

    You didn't even bother to change the title… Way to come up with your own material.

    • r00s7a

      Would you like a big titty to suck on while you cry and complain?

      • JustaGuy

        Cry and complain? doubt it asshat. Just pointing out that Bob has recently decided that simply copying another site's work without giving any credit is the Chive way. I doubt John and Leo would be cool with that..

        And the trend continues….

        Post on 10/16 at Piximus:

        Posted on 10/17 on TheChive:

        There are also a least four or five other entire posts duplicated on both sites on the same day but NOT a single one posted on TheChive first so I suspect we know which way the copying is flowing….

      • V4Vendetta14

        Probably just a downsized image of a titty from another site with the Chive watermark affixed.

    • Samir Nagheenanajar

      Dude, didn't you see where theChive tagged Flavorwire so as to give credit and ACKNOWLEDGE from where they got the post?

      I view theChive as a mixture of homegrown and imported galleries… that way, I only have to go to theChive, instead of checking out other sites as well.

      Way to KCCO there, JustaGuy. Try not to take life too seriously…

      • JustaGuy

        Agreed – I missed the tag on this one but there are no tags on some of the other posts.

        He knows what he's doing so whatever….

        You're right – I do need to KCCO! Back to work…..

        • Lol

          It's better when it's on the chive. Those other sites suck.

    • truth

      Calm down and put shit in perspective for a moment. It is just a damn website, not your life's work. If you want originality, buy a Picasso. If you came here to relax and kill time, KCCO.

    • Paula_

      Do! Not! Nag! About! Bob!!1!

      – or I'll cuddle you long time

    • DickHead

      This is how the Chive has been doing things for a long time. read Reddit's Pics section, the next day all the top posts are on the Chive.

  • Thomy G

    #4 I put the lotion on the skin on the first date

  • nuccabay

    this movie is legitimately the only "scary" movie that ever truly scared me…the scene where hes wearing the night vision goggles and he can see but she cant, reason i still dont like pitch black rooms

    • Joe

      That scene was filmed in a brightly lit room and edited later. She just did pretty good acting

  • OmahaDude

    "It rubs the lotion on its skin"

  • Ed Cubberly

    I am the designer and creator of the Hannibal Lecter mask. Thanks for sharing these rare pics. I've never seen these before.

    Ed Cubberly

    • Hehawhee

      If it really is you…. Sweet mask you creepy bastard.

      • Ivan

        Of course it's him, Einstein. Why else put the url in?

        Great job, Ed! True genius work, that!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – it puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again!!

    attn bc chivers/chivettes!!
    – 1st unofficial vancity meetup (nov 24th) –>

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