Go fix something this weekend (23 Photos)

  • Rick3381


    • JustKidding

      I am honored to give you the first thumbs down. Jackass.

      • Rick3381

        Little harsh no? Oh wait…you're just kidding!! Never mind.

        • Smashy

          Consider it constructive criticism. You first twatwaffle.

    • chiveadmin

      Randomness (25 Photos) http://onfunzone.com/2012/10/16/daily-afternoon-r


    • Gamblin'Fool

      Rick3381, all joking aside, you seriously are somebody I admire! I dream of the day I can put that oh so impressive "FIRST". One day…one day.

  • Rick3381


    • fuuuuu



    • _DoC_

      I think I'm only impressed because for the first time, the "FIRST" is actually first and "SECOND" is also actually second at the same time.

  • tv_paul

    #23 Not any dumber than Crocs.

    • Guest27


      • gmx

        The fact that you consider this genius and your inability to spell says a lot about your cranial volume.

        • Sick350Z

          Teh fatc thta yuo trlol too corrcet ppls seplling syas a lto abuot U.

  • Lame

    You suck Rick3381

  • dreez

    So much duct tape in this post

    • DaddyD

      Don't remember who said it … you only need two things in life. Duct tape to stop things from moving and WD-40 to keep them moving.

      • Armed Ann Dangerous

        First said by Abraham Lincoln. True story.

    • Kevin

      Actually there was no duct tape in this post at all

  • LordofEntropy

    Not really a "fix" I see these all the time in various establishments. Just handy fans really.


    • faninyourfan

      yo dawg…

    • backseatchiver

      this is a "luxury" ceiling fan that can eb found at jsut about any big box store selling larger home goods.

      nothing fixed…at all….just bought and paid for like the typical non handy american

  • Yup

    #22 silly Mexican

    • Yup

      ^Why haven't you guys taken care of this yet Chive?

  • sittal

    Anybody else just get a bunch of great ideas?

  • damian warszawski

    Super polish face!

  • fucked

    #11 I guess it's a remotely good idea

    • rob

      fuck off chiveadmin, oh and great comment

    • damaged

      its kind of… turning me on 😉

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    #17 is not a fix that is a commercially sold fan

  • Whoopi_G

    #16 I've seen this a million times, but it's still brilliant.

    • The rooster

      Sprayable cock sauce? Genius!

    • Sick350Z


  • BigSexy

    #22 needs to be killed with fire

  • Black6dog

    #5 Is actually really impressive if it's doing what it's supposed to

    • Slim Jim

      na it's an hp, something else will break.

  • Lame

    Stupid ass

  • Kyle

    can we get rid of this?

  • creeper

    #10 is a skilled carpenter and a pedo

  • Spudrik

    #20 the floor is made of lava

    • VaderWRX

      Caption for this photo should read:

      "Sense, This makes none"

    • aPel

      The weight of the phone is keeping pressure on the shitty plug this person has so it will make the electrical connection and charge.

  • Donkey_McDonkey

    #3 is a real cowboy job 🙂

  • Dr_StrangePants

    #13 I frickin LOVE Push-Pins

    also…fuck-off chiveadmin

    • Tillman61

      You should get a billion thumbs up for the chiveadmin comment. I hate that.

    • Missedperfect

      wtf is the chiveadmin thing?

    • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

      pretty genius!

  • chiveadmin


    • chron247

      Don't make us sick Paula on you…

  • chiveadmin


  • chiveadmin


  • Dapper_Dave

    What's #9 supposed to be fixing?

    I see the air conditioning unit……but whats with the fans and the umbrella?

    • Coral

      I think it's probably supposed to be so that rain doesn't get into the unit…

    • mittens

      Guessing the fan motor in the unit died, so they've set up the fan on top, with the umbrella to keep the rain out of it, since its motor is likely not rated for exposure to the elements.

      • Craigery

        I guess they live in an area where it never gets really humid or foggy, condensation (dew) doesn't exist, and there is no wind so rain always falls exactly perpendicular to the ground.

    • gma

      The thing is; it's usually not the fan motor that dies in these cases, it's the starting capacitor, and they're usually situated for easy replacement.

  • Statan

    You are SO RIGHT! Best comment evar.

    • chron247

      learn how to spell.

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