Facts you likely had no clue were the absolute truth (30 Photos)

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  • Nicnac

    #18 Jenny McCarthy has since revealed her son NEVER had autism. But, the damage is done, with many parents refusing to get basic vaccinations for their kids.

    • FactCheck

      She has never said that her son never had autism. She continues to say that he did have autism, but has recovered enough that her son has lost his symptoms. This myth was propagated online by people who claim to be doctors, insinuating that he may have had Landau-Kleffner syndrome. And yet not one of them has ever looked at Evan, nor have they ever seen his records.

      Parents choosing not to get vaccinations for their children were around a LONG time before Jenny McCarthy or Andrew Wakefield. In fact, the latest incarnation began in the 80's when it was thought that the DTP vaccination was giving children brain damage, which resulted in the Government creating a law called the NVICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) that protects vaccine manufacturers from liability. Then, in the 90's, the Urabe Mumps strain vaccine caused more damage, prompting several countries to quit using it.

      The reason that parents are refusing to vaccinate is because their are children who are actually getting injured by vaccines. It has nothing to do with a pretty blond or a discredited doctor (who was discredited by a hack journalist with no medical training and who was paid by a pharmaceutical company to "expose" said doctor).

    • check it

      18 false, the board has been overturned and that doctor's work has been praised…….check our vaccination rate vs other countries, we over vaccinate and if you knew what was in those vacccinations you would never put it into your child….80% of measles infected had mmr vaccine? more people die from flu shot than from actual flu… do the research and not what the mainstream feeds you! use your mind

      • ya big dum dum

        you sir are a dope, get off the internet and do some real research.

  • Critical Observer

    #1 Still not nearly enough to raise his IQ or his morality rating

  • Mikey

    Ya'll need to get rid of that annoying box in the bottom left corner on posts like this.

  • Egon

    #27 Bullshit. I've tried it. It doesn't work.

  • Joe

    #2 I wish it were OxyContin instead of oxytocin, I'd be hugging the shit out of everyone

  • mick
  • Brad

    #22 As someone who has donated a kidney, I believe everyone should consider it. That doesn't mean it is for everyone, but the need for kidneys grows every year and getting one from a living donor is always preferable. And with domino donations, your one gift can can affect several lives.

  • Dillcheese

    #4 Do bee's have tongues? That's a fact I'd like answered.

  • Dudebro

    Good job copying eBaum's world again Chive

    • ImpressMe

      SSshhhhhh….. according to the other trolls all this stuff came from reddit….. or 9gag…..or their own personal blog…… You guys need to get a fricking life….

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – and at 40 seconds it becomes rape.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 -> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

  • Old Person

    re #15 one description of a 5-man tank crew: commander, driver, gunner, loader and "the bloke what makes the tea." or more formally, the hull gun operator.

  • thechivefun

    Exclusive 15 PHOTOS http://thechivefun_com/2012/10/daily-afternoon-randomness-15-photos/

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  • MonkeyMadness

    #30 300 of those hours would be spent getting Rick rolled.

  • Justin

    Hey chive, if you're going to put text on photos and put your watermark in the lower left, can you please make sure to indent so the watermark isn't covering words? Thanks

  • jake

    #23 Anyone that isn't in $16,000,000,000,000.00 worth of debt has more money than the U.S. Gov't. They just have the largest credit limit.

  • jake

    #24 pretty sure you'd be arrested for that today. Using 'testing my resolve to chastity' wouldn't hold up in court. Michael Jackson should've tried it out though

  • ArkChiver

    Has to be wrong! I scanned over google images for a solid three minutes and all of the large smiley faces are made out of humans… I'm calling Shenanigans! haha

  • http://onfunzone.com/ www.onfunzone.com

    DAR (25 Photos) http://onfunzone_com/2012/10/28/daily-afternoon-randomness-18-photos/

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  • RedcoatViking

    #22 is the patient on an episode of House, not a real person. The caption is word for word what he says. Season 8 Ep 3 "Charity Case"

  • Marcus

    Chive, you're a bunch of ignorant fucks. The Doctor you falsely accused of using fraudulent data has recently been vindicated. Recently US federal courts has awarded multi million dollar settlements stating that there IS a DIRECT link between vaccines and autism. Dr. Wakefield's study was discredited using criminal means and people are in serious trouble over it. He is currently in the process of being reinstated. I hope in the future you try and use actual data for these little known bullshits.

    • Sterling

      People like you are the sad, uninformed fools who continue to hang on to this nonsense. Vaccinations save lives. Read a peer-reviewed paper, or ten sometime.

      Also, geez! KCCO!

  • WayupNorth

    The Anti Vaccine (Dr. Andrew Wakefield) guy isn't anti vaccine, he's pro safe vaccine's. His medical license is still valid in the US where he now practices.

    He wrote a book refuting the evidence against him but the smear job has already been done.

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