Iranian social network girls succeed at failing (50 Photos)

  • Brendan

    Oh god… The American Whore culture (i.e. Kardashian, Hilton, etc.) is becoming the gold standard across the world? God help us all!

  • deglantra

    its not burkas that lot need, its bags over there heads

  • Anastasia

    #20 is the scariest thing I have ever seen.

  • pouya

    what's up with the air bags in the lips?

  • Emanuel Riitz

    I've spoted a few Adams apples…

  • Evan

    wow I didn't think there was anything worse than Italians tell now.

  • Daniel Assayag

    Should be called UGLY and SCARY SURGERIES girls from IRAN.
    Girls from IRAN are BEAUTIFUL, not like those.

  • BobBX542

    #18…She's actually pretty hot.

  • dickinson

    why do they all look like shemales!?

  • Anomanom

    #7 The one on the left and the one in the center look pretty good.

  • Maz

    Ok as an Iranian let me clear a few things,

    i lived in UK since i was 16 and now im 25, its around 1 year that i am back in Iran…
    in Iran girls have to coverup their body in public so the only part they can show is their faces, that's why they put so much makeup on. and over these 30 years since the revolution in Iran, they don't see too much make ups a negative point.

    2-these are not the high class Iranian girls, its the worst possible selection of their pics trust me. because i know girls in Iran that hates too much make up.

    3-in other countries such as England, only transsexuals wear too much make ups and only they try to become more like a woman, that's why an English guy relates wearing too much make up to a transexual

  • Mike

    Iranian girls are much nicer than these fake loosers!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Close the borders…now!!! :S

  • Gentleman Jack

    It's like Jersey Shore threw up on the Middle East.


    somebody tell me whats wrong whit this girls? #38 #28 #25 #50 #46 #18 #9
    They r really good lookin girls, so cut the crap Guys :-p

  • شات عراقنا

    thank u

  • دردشة عراقنا


  • kevin

    Since when did New Jersey invade Iran?

  • spidermonkey

    Are you sure that isn't New Jersey ?

  • one al0ne guy

    oH JEsuS 😡

  • Rug

    #18 … thank God for photoshop … now I need a drink.

  • sara

    kheiliyyyy mozakhraf bodan!
    albate ina iraniye vaqei nabodan
    ye mosht jende (bitch girls) bodan!!!

  • persian

    shut the fuck off guys im persian and persian girls are not like that
    i dont know how the hell u found this pictures but it is not true
    persian girls are not like that
    they are pure
    they are persian
    stop ….just stop ….dont insult them …im sensetive about my country
    but some of them are bitch like some of the american peoples
    sooooooooooo shut upppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp please

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