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  • Macro

    #12 Better known as the first time he did anything relevant.

  • putzco

    The floor of the transformer room in the original Star Trek is the ceiling of the transporter room in TNG.

    • Guest

      What's a transformer room?

  • torontobackgroundgirl

    #7 I totally want that first forehead.

  • gimletmike

    He was an artillery Lieutenant in the Canadian army. On D-Day at Juno Beach he was hit by friendly fire. He took 4 in his leg, one in his chest, and one that clipped off his right middle finger. Yeah, he was a stud.

  • svp

    #20 beam me up scotty was never said

  • dicker

    ashley judd was wils love interest for acouple episodes

  • TheFrontier

    #7 Seriously, who steals a forehead?!

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