Beach houses are best houses (34 Photos)

  • Nick Parsons

    I'll take a #13 "Thank you, please pull forward."

  • sito1002

    someday I'll have my own.

  • comeonnow

    Everyone that owns a place on this thread can suck nine dicks. I'm freezing and poor.

    • Bomb Squad

      Sell your computer and buy a sweater and a case of ramen noodles; problem solved!

  • bob

    Oh, he must be sleepng, he looks dead tired!

  • Crim

    Too many windows to clean…

  • Bella

    I'm feeling depressed…what I have is an apartment with a view to my neighbor window, front-side, and a garage…I wish I could wake up everyday with a sea view and the sound of the sea…take my breakfast. under a coconut tree, looking to the infinite blue and feel the soft wind in my face(let me dream a bit ok?)..

  • ovdovovac

    Let's talk about financial crisis.

  • Alison Lario

    i want to live in one of those one day!!

    • Bomb Squad

      I just checked out your picture blog. I'm thinking you'll get there…

  • Dream Police

    #32 Technically, not a beach house… unless that 65' tsunami comes a knockin'

  • PeyKonzloas
  • JB1

    Who s dougy

  • tjo55555

    #27 I want


    if I had the money to buy #18 I would definitely buy some sand to put on that beach

  • irussadai

    hey hey hey who took a picture of my house????? #36 jajaja only in my imagination

  • @undefined

    as Ray said I didnt know that some people are able to make $7575 in one month on the internet. did you look at this link

    • Bomb Squad

      Go away you spamming pos

  • phoenixv8

    These all look amazing but I can't help but think they would be terrible to fortify in a zombie apocalypse

    (thats how I deal with having a 1st floor, 1 bedroom apartment in a city)

    • Bomb Squad

      Please adjust your tinfoil hat

      • phoenixv8

        Please go find a sense of humour

  • Vinnie_Jones

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  • Critical Observer

    gee, wouldn't it be nice if you were to find some pix someplace other than Architectural Digest? Show us some realistic beach houses instead of these over rich peoples designer wet dreams

  • rcorrino01

    All those commenting about hurricanes, tsunamis etc. Have you seen the houses on the post. The owners of these houses will care if their house is destroyed by a tsunami as much as I would care if my car was carried away by a tsunami. Sure it is a loss and I'd be pissed but nothing I could not replace and nothing that would ruin me financially.

    As much as youth is wasted on the young, money is wasted on the rich……

  • SPZander

    #12 .. that's what I call a big screen tv

  • jensen beach homes

    I simply love all the beach houses. The interior and exterior design of Beach house is commendable. Beach house No-12 is awesome……..

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