Beach houses are best houses (34 Photos)

  • LIJay

    Man, I wish I was rich.

    • Yerp

      Don't we all, don't we all..

      • Vicwick

        I don't wish LIJay was rich. I'd rather be rich myself.

    • Rich

      Hi, I'm Rich

    • Me.

      #30 seems perfect to me. Nothing better than relaxing with a beer by a fire pit until you throw that view in too.

      • Me.

        Oh and some beautiful women.

        • Yuppp

          Says the virgin.

      • BerryKT

        Though if I were to build a house, I would move it farther from the beach, since there might be a tsunami, but not too far. Though I love to hear the ocean waves….

        • ush

          So more like… inland then? Just make a 12 hour recording of ocean waves and then you don't have to move. Easy huh?

    • Yoooigcs
      • Yuppp

        Epic response

  • Eddie


  • Dirk Diggler


  • Eduardo Garcia


  • budock14

    one day

  • Bon_nie

    #16 Bewbs!

    • ManteLopes

      is that catherine zeta jones? lol

  • Petar

    #1 is Paraty House in Brazil.
    Easiest arch. scale model I've made – it's just 2 boxes on a beach, but it's so heavenly!

  • oqsig99

    #28 how many banks would I need to rob?

    • hara

      Considering you'd be lucky to get more than a few K hundo out of a bank, I'd say quite a few.

  • Henry M. Steele

    Well, once there is ocean front property here in New Mexico, i'll dream of getting one. Till that happens, i'll just start saving up my money.

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

    • Taylor Swift


      • Adele

        Come back to me, Taylor.

        • Hamburger

          You betrayed me, Adele.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    Hot girls in the middle of no where made me feel happy… This makes me a sad panda…

  • chivercom

    #27 no red wine allowed

  • Vicwick

    #26 is the only one that would stand a chance of surviving a strong hurricane.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #12 #27 – seriously beachin'.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

    • Yeah

      A Canucks fan would have a pointless lame comment like that.

    • Ryan

      #12 is at Sovereign Islands, Queensland, Australia.

  • Rich

    Depending on how fast the sea level rises, I'll have a beach house soon enough

    • gtfo

      No worries, -0-bammers gonna lower the sea level,


    If I had one of those good vaginas and a nice set of tits, I'd fuck my way into one of these. But, alas, all I got was this 7" dick and an empty wallet.

    • Jawbone

      Every one of these already comes with a whore ready to suck you off in order to stay there. Sorry.

    • Bomb Squad

      You could always fuck the wallet

  • Grewsome

    Yes, beach houses are best … right up until the point where a 65' tsunami shows up unannounced at your door looking to sell unbottled water. 🙂

  • Robert


  • Richie

    Hi I'm Rich. You wouldn't want to be me!! However if I was Colin the millionaire then maybe you would.

    • Jawbone

      No, you're "Richie". And no one anywhere ever wanted to be you.

  • wannaknowher


    Reminds me of some of the houses I've seen here in New Zealand.

  • Me/you

    This webshite sucks.

    • delboy

      then feel free to fuck off

    • Jawbone

      Were you shooting for a Sean Connery accent there, or are you truly that retarded?

    • DickBag


  • Kyle

    Beach houses are the best houses until….hurricane or tsunami, then they are just reminders that we are stupid and that my house in the mountains is the winner! HA

    • kylecali

      until there's a rockslide, avalanche or volcano.

      • Lisa

        I'm in Colorado. The worst things we get are wildfires. Usually we know they're coming and get the hell out before it's dangerous. I've never had to evacuate, but some of my family has. We've never been burned out though. 🙂 Other than that, it's blizzards. What do you do in a blizzard? Go inside or go OUTSIDE and play!!!! 🙂

        • Jarod

          ^As a person in Jackson, WY I agree completely with your blizzard sentiment. In other news, the only real threat I am even remotely worried with is Yellowstone blowing up in the next 5k years. I'll take my chances.

        • Sven

          Ima get me a beach house in Colorado.

  • Mike re

    Damn! Is #29 a house or a condo?

  • tim

    I need some fucking money.

    • Grieve

      Get a Job

      • NanananaGATMAN

        ^ Wise this man is.

  • My happy place

    As nice as these houses are, give me a hammock hanging between two palm trees, the sound of the ocean, and a warm breeze on my skin. And a margarita and a joint.


    • Jawbone

      Table #3 needs more soda. Get to it.

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