Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • http://www.printfection.com/nice DrakeFriedman

    #1 is that the Real fuckin Keanu Reeves?
    #7 Yes, excuse me, I'm looking to join the Mile High Club?
    #49 & #50 I Love You. Thank you Canada!

  • absure2

    #25 very sexy

  • absure2

    #28 you both looks great! Thank You


    #47 Aaaand then I immediately cancelled my membership

  • 562chiver

    Canada is doing it right

  • reaperACTUAL

    #29 Nailed it.
    #47 (in best Steve Carell voice) "I have no idea what I am even doing!!"

  • Zander

    #22 deserves some respect. real life superman pose right there.

    • Cr8317

      Hey thanks. I appreciate that.

  • James C

    #15 Hello gorgeous…

  • rooster

    #25 is smokinnnnnnnnnnn find moarrrrrr
    #49 #51 #51 michael myers is a very lucky bastardddddddd

  • LostBroncoFan

    except for the vikings gear he should be a happy camper, he has chicks and beer

    <img src="http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/dar-tuesday-192.jpg?w=250&h=333"&gt;

  • KailuaChiver

    #29 this picture belongs in a "Nailed it" post

  • boyRenaissance

    #51 SMoke show.
    actually, the whole gallery really. Proud to be northerner!

  • Grant Labuschagne

    #7…I'll fly with them!

  • Greg

    Sinful wet dreams, sinful sexual hassment law disgraces God by saying a few compliments have to be viewed in black and white, so they all can't be seen as good, no shades of grey. God did not create our planet with that kind of attitude where only some things are good other things got to be bad. If God created the world the way we destroyed it, we would not have a planet to live on.

  • Tank

    #24 I think her husband looks a little gay!!

  • http://www.iraaqna.com شات عراقنا

    thank you

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