Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

  • Paulson

    #32, #36, #51

    I'm giving an internet standing ovation to the Canadian Chivettes today

    • SmokeyTheBear

      MMmm I'd like to to find what that's all a'boot..

      • Anonymous

        As an american I was brought up tto think less of Canada…. this woman and the chive have successfully changed everything.

        • bill

          funny, as a Canadian brought up by an American father i was taught to think less of americans

          • JHL1

            touche' eh

        • emailhobo

          I really doubt you were told by your parents to think less of Canadians. If you really were told to think like that, ohhhh shit man, do u have flippers for fingers?

          • Chooch

            Im sick of the politics here anyway. This clinches it. Im defecting to Canada.

            • yoyo

              politics aren't great here either

    • Matty

      ohhhh Canada!

    • Tyellock

      Winters here in Canada are too long. It is hard to see the sexy chivettes bundled up in their parka, toque, scarves(yes more than 1), mittens and boots. With a layers of sweat shirts, long underwear, and wool socks.

      • Hugh G. Rection

        But it's just like Christmas every time you get to unwrap them!

    • NorCal420

      Whoa… FLBP!

    • Chris

      God bless 'em. Every one.

    • eh.

      Don't forget #24. Nice work ladies!!

      • Shawny

        Big time love

    • andrew

      Your gorges miss! More canadians!!!

    • Cory Wallace

      I am proud to be Canadian today.

  • Blushy


    • Daniel Tosh

      here is a fun game called "Zombie Survivor"
      1) go to craigslist
      2) select a random city
      3) on the for sale part click on free
      4) the 5th posting from the top will be your weapon for the zombie apocolypse.

      what is it?

      • HereLetMe

        The black hole of your mother's vagina.

        • Herold

          I think that might actually be effective against a horde of zombies.

        • Daniel Tosh

          my mom is dead

          • JWieBMoneY

            Did she turn?

          • Fellow

            No one cares

    • Fog Ducker

      First here, last in life.

    • D Mc

      Anyone else feel like Canada has more than earned a Chive meetup? Toronto it is!

  • Otto


    My dreams have come true

    • KyleGamgee

      I'm a boobs man myself but


    • Notknowing

      Yeah, I'll tap that…

    • foul83

      Yup, that one had me scroll back up a couple times.

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      don't tell nobody, but I'd beat that ass like I know Karate.

      • Jack Burton

        #5 I'd hurt that! :p


    #28 And your excitement shows…Well done.

    • SkyVader

      Glad they only shipped her half a shirt

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Brilliant….Killed it.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #51 Now that's going green..

    • Duh

      I knew it, another slut!!!!

      • SmokeyTheBear

        Dude, if you call this being a slut get off the Chive! She graciously chooses to show us her natural beauty and brighten our day. It's living art.

    • Mikey Mack

      It's about time for the leaves to start falling…

      • JHL1

        I see what you want it to do there

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      well she sure ain't shy

  • thebigbangdito


    I really need to stop flying southwest and find this airline..

    • MAike

      Must be somewhere in New York where they are grounded, and getting really really bored!

    • Solitaire

      Wait, this is obviously shopped, I can tell because the last attractive flight attendant stopped working in 1991, and the rest are left over from Pan-Am airways.

  • lace

    #47 hahaha should have just stayed home

    • chive

      too bad I can't un-see this

      • commander cool

        pretty sure no one wants to use that machine ever again..

    • thatdude

      At least she's trying.

      • hugh.m@rshall.us

        Should've asked for help, or just looked at the diagram for how to use it properly.

        • techno_viking

          Or instead of being an asshole and taking a picture, offer her a little help.

    • anonymous

      I only wish I knew less about this picture. This photo was taken at the 24 hr fitness in Chino Hills, CA. I was there I did not take this picture. This lady is a bit crazy and did a lot of other things and was eventually escorted out. I did not hear everything she said or see everything she did.

  • bones

    #36 great job with the hand bra. You had a difficult task harnessing those puppies.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Ok, you hold the camera, I'll hold your amazing set of personality..

  • Wesley

    DAR is late!

    • Tom?

      You take the time to notice such things?

  • Grizzle64

    'Bout time Chive! Nice DAR though

  • pritter72

    Happens to all of us….sigh…

  • AB

    #30 they see me rollin…..

  • roger doger

    #49, #50, #51

    Chivette of the Week, at least. Possibly the Millenium

    • H.G. Pennypacker

      She has got to be from BC! hope to see more from this Chivette

    • Notknowing

      Ya gotta give her credit. She knows what the chivers want and she's very creative about it.

      A proud Canadian

    • Red

      Proving they don't have to be huge to be very, very sexy….

      That girl is beyond hot.

    • Kevrhutch

      She needs her own post, if she already had one, She needs another!

  • greg

    #18 yo let sandy on the subway, shes got places to go to.

    • Johnlennon

      #16 flooded taxis? Or a flotilla of miniature yellow submarines rising to the surface…?

    • OH SHI-

      Looks like something out of The Poseidon Adventure or The Day After Tomorrow.

    • Tim

      Go home, Sandy. You're Drunk.

  • Yerp

    #5 please post this everyday

    • roxy

      …but have her wash first…

  • Kelowna Chiver

    #29 nailed it!! #49 #50 #51 my god I'm proud to be from the great country of Canada!!!!! Prayers are with those on the eastcoast kcco everyone.

    • ay jay

      the SJP horse jokes are getting soooo old

      • the credible hulk

        not this time!

  • SOhioChiver

    #25 for the win

    • Bill

      MOAR please. Best panty shot in months.

    • pixelogre


  • PeyKonzloas
    • TheDude

      Do not comment anymore. Thanks..

      • backflipman

        You really think he'd listen? Don't count on that lol :/

  • 858

    daaayyyyyyyymm guuuurrl

  • Irish Chive

    #32 Sweet!

  • Just sayin'

    WTF! Pretty sure that's illegal…

    • itslikethis

      Canada FTW ( also #50 )

    • Obviously

      nope not illegal for lesbians to have surgery, Canadians let everyone have access to health care, regardless of their sexual preferences

      • HMM

        just have to wait a year

      • Yup

        Homos are gay

    • Just Sayin'

      You're not from Canada are you?

    • Whoopi_G

      WTF! I'm pretty sure you're a fucking asshole.

      • Can I see you?

        You sound like an awesome person yourself.

    • Justsayin'isadouche

      Pretty sure its legal in Canada and pretty sure your a douche bag.

      • LylChv

        KCCO, both of you! Regardless of preference, aren't we all human beings?! Keep fighting! KC&FC! I wish you both nothing but the best! Don't give up!!!

    • Donkey Punch
    • yuck!

      when they're hot it's sexy! when they're not it's just gross 🙂

      • Fog Ducker

        They look like beautiful, happy people to me and glad they can smile after everything.

    • Ben

      You people disgust me! How dare you be all happy and supportive of each other! You need to be as unhappy and ready to divorce like the rest of us heteros. Gross… stupid real relationships.

      • hugh.m@rshall.us

        Folks didn't read past your first four words, hence the thumbs down. Sarcasm is hard! Don't worry about it. KCCO!

        • Can I see you?

          I'd say it's thumbs down because he's a tool. What kind of comment is, "ready to divorce like the rest of us heteros", anyways? This guy is a real keeper, I'm sure…….

    • Yikes1234

      This is another reason why Canada sucks…….

      • Can I see you?

        Canada does have the following items that are somewhat worthwhile: Their fair share of hot chicks, Molson………..and that's it.

    • Rahm Emanuel

      Not to be a dick…but is heart surgery easier for people over the age of 27? WTF? and it should not illegal, but it is…

      • ...

        not to be a dick…but English is easier for people over the age of 27 too.

        • Rahm Emanuel

          I am not sure, why don't you tell me. Can you tell us which of these sentences is correct?

          Give me fries what that. Or is it?

          Give me fires with that, you little douche bag.

          Think which do you hear the most at work? And is it correct?

          • ...

            Excellent try but you couldn't even get your insult right. "Give me fries what that. " Also I'm a paramedic so I generally tell people they shouldn't have have fries with that. Really solid try though, keep practicing and you'll get there someday. Also maybe learn to take a joke KCCO brother

          • lols

            long election season Rahm? a little too much to drink?

    • roxy

      Yay!!! MOAR lesbians!!

      I guess I can be considered a Chiver now

    • SweetGinger

      I wish it was illegal to be so stupid and ignorant. Love for my fellow Canadian/Albertan Chivettes! KCCO & A speedy recovery! ❤

    • pookak

      Dont care your gay but wtf are you doing wearing us army chive tee. Your canadian and there are us soldiers who dont have that. Messed up

      • Leftwing Bellends

        Don't you know anything? Gay people are special just because they like a specific kind of sex. Nobody is allowed freedom of choice, especially to support dykes unless they're gay as only gays should have rights.

      • Jerks

        Yeah, I'm fairly certain that Canadian Lesbians with major medical problems don't qualify for the U.S. Military. I'll bet anyone $100 that they misused the US Military KCCO pre-order (which was reserved for real service members) just to guarantee they'd get their special T-shirt.

        Not making any judgements on their homosexuality, but they're jerks for misusing an honor system.

    • Tom?

      It's satire, you morons! He's being ironic to make a statement. "sarcasm" is also applicable here.

      • Trevor

        Thumbs down to their shirts….

        Canadian Chivettes wearing US MIlitary KCCO shirts….really? YOU HAVE YOUR OWN SHIRTS!!!

        On a side note, happy you're happy and KCCO

    • Jezza67

      What's illegal? Two consenting adults enjoying a happy and loving relationship?

      Would it be better if they were forced to marry their 50 year-old uncle when they were twelve and then never leave the house without a male relative and wear a black KKK outfit for the rest of their lives?

      Or would it be better if they were married to abusive, drunk rednecks?

      What gives you, or a relevant legislative authority the right to decide the legality of personal relationships? You might as well go back to making negroes stand up for whites on a bus.

      • pujols

        is that the only liberal argument? if you dont agree with homosexuality youre a redneck hillbilly extremist? a penis doesnt belong in a butthole. its where poop comes from. you dont have to be trailer trash to see that.

        • DoingIt

          We know it doesn't belong there, that's why it's such a turn on.

        • Tonmi

          Why the fuck would you care? Since it's probably not your butthole getting a penis in it. It's not for me, even with girls, but I don't see why it's any of my business what two consenting adults do between themselves.

        • Pate

          You do know that vagina is where pee-pee comes from?

          • Big D

            Oooh, so close

          • roxy


        • lols

          pujols, why are you trying to regulate what goes into other people's buttholes? should you not get a prostate exam because a finger doesn't belong in there? that's an out hole not an in hole. your views are that of a child's.

    • bill clinton

      man its trendy nowadays to support guys who bang poop filled assholes and chicks who scissor. hold your religious bs cause im not religious, its just un-natural, and pretty gross. keep calm and fuck off

      • Prof

        Banging assholes is awesome, just look at all the straight anal porn. It's a very popular niche. I recommend something with Taylor Rain in it, she's hot.

    • Robzombie

      It seriously disturbs me seeing this level of small minded hatred by Yanks. They are just a couple of nice girls who happen to love each other. They are not going to hurt you. They are not going to blow you up. They are just trying to be happy and live life through adversity. Grow a brain and be nice dickheads

      • The_Truth

        I am nice. I'm probably a lot smarter than you. And I'm not close minded. I'm sorry I have morals & am disgusted by gay marriage. It's not something I can control. Religion aside, science contradicts it. 2 dicks can't mate & neither can 2 vagina's. You liberals like to push limits and rules for whatever reason. If gay marriage is ever legalized (which I believe it will someday), the next thing liberals are going to try to legalize is marriage between family and animals. And your excuse will be, "Don't I have the right to be happy?" The answer is no. You don't. Live life by life's terms. Don't know why liberals can't grasp that.

        • Cheddar

          "Probably a lot smarter than you"…does it matter? It is not relevant, especially when someone has made (finally) a thoughtful comment. Furthermore, the rest of your comment shows that you are, in fact, close minded. Open minded does not have to mean you agree with others, it means that you are able to accept that others have different opinions, outlooks and lifestyles while not judging them. It means that you go about your life while they go about theirs. Open minded people are happy with who they are and are happy for others that they are enjoying their lives on THEIR own terms, not other's. By the way, marriage is a legal contract between two people. Most places in the world do not distinguish between marriage and "gay marriage". Lastly, I realize you must be smarter than me, as I cannot even begin to comprehend your animal arguement.

        • lols

          "i'm probably a lot smarter than you." with the argument you just gave, not likely

    • Jimmy

      FAIL for wearing the US Army KCCO's and trying to be a proud Canadian.

      • Cheddar

        Perhaps they are Canadian Army and jumped on the US shirts when they came out? Canadian forces shirts came out well afterwards.

    • The_Truth

      Gay marriage is wrong religiously, scientifically & overall makes me vomit. I hate it when the Chive posts gay rights stuff.

      Having said that, good luck with your recovery. KCCO

      • lols

        it's not scientific, you fucktard. if scientific laws made it impossible for people to get pregnant then we wouldn't have octomom. your arguments are weak and clearly so are you if civil rights make you vomit.

  • elbie

    well wow… #49

    • Rick

      Using the wrong tool, though.

      • Professor Squeegee

        That's in his other hand.

        She is smoking hot, by the way.

  • HatBomb

    #4 Mac? I didn't know he wore glasses.

  • MattyDeuce

    #47 Line forms to the left, fellas

    • Max

      Right at head level…

  • Oltimey

    #51 Oh Canada….We Stand on guard for thee.

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