I do what I want (23 Photos)

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  • Ron

    I drive thru the gate on #10 several times a week. Everytime I have to open it, I ride that shit. Sadly, I roll solo and haven't been able to get a photo. Here's to you fellow gate-rider with friend to take the photo!

    • jasgat66

      Thanks for making no Goddamn sense…

    • PPPB

      Puff, puff, pass….bitch! Or, in your case, "JUST SAY NO!"

  • Electric Boogalo

    #4 I love London.

  • ashley

    #22 PSY can do whatever he wants 🙂

  • Joel

    #19 I'm pretty sure this guy is the lead singer of Smash moiuthfile:///C:/Users/Computer/Documents/chive.jpg

  • Stick

    'Murrica! Fuck bikes, apparently!

  • TheGaffa

    #22 That's Gangnam Style

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – well done sir!!

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 -> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

  • Dale

    #8 If you don't use a forklift from that side, how do you install it then? That's how I've always seen those installed…

    … and I think #15 deserves a "Find Her"….

  • KristiJ

    #9 Best boyfriend ever!!!

  • kmotamed

    #21, this worries me…

    • gma

      I'm a diver and I can't imagine how she can safely control descent and ascent rate. If she has to do it at all, she should have at least 2 qualified buddies next to her at all times so they can dump all that crap, share gas with her, get her to the surface in the event of an emergency.

      • gma

        Well I take all that back. I sound like a panicking ass. The whole thing is a joke and not a wheelchair bound person taking a dive. I don't know why I was being so serious about it.

  • Robzombie

    #1 That's a very small uninterrubtible power supply in that fedex box

  • gma

    #16 You're a public embarrassment. You remind me of the last time I was in Hiroshima Memorial Park and there were a group of Americans laughing and screaming and running around ringing the bell at this shrine that is only sounded once a year.

    • Haus

      This idiot obviously doesn't do what he wants……… lame.

  • John Robert

    #18: I'm all for independent thinking and everything, but this one is NOT COOL.
    Maybe we could all be a little more respectful of handicapped people.
    Parking like that makes you a self centered egotistical S.O.B.

  • Adam Warlock


    Excuse my ignorance… but huh?

    • gma

      It's a bank drivethru window.

  • Yak Surfer

    #15 Must FIND!!!!

  • pigpen627

    #18 This fuckin' douchenozzle should have their car towed……with a forklift…..through the windows. I always find that it's the rich pricks that do shit like this. " I can afford a Mercedes so the rules don't apply to me." Fuck you, douchecanoe.

  • the credible hulk

    #21 Dive on wheels

  • LostBroncoFan


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