Same place, different time (36 Photos)


  • Med

    It would be much cooler if they were holding up picture of the present and in the background it was the past.

  • Tony Pats

    #19 different times… memories of a better time…

  • TheBetterMan

    In the future people will be holding up a tablet with a picture on it

  • Acdc

    #36 – Finally someone does it right!!!!!

  • chron247

    #36 is pretty sweet.

  • Jeremy


  • 24/7 chive

    #28 Milf…..

  • Tom

    Great post. Now that I'm 30 I have enough years to really appreciate the feelings that go with memories like these. Well done.

  • bodykarmabella

    This is amazing.

  • BobBX542

    This is easily one of my favorite posts. This, and the black girls.

    #15…I think this one wins. LOL

  • Eder

    #36 … Golden Years

  • Djz

    I love posts like this!

  • reclaimer

    only thing i noticed is that people take way better care of there lawns now

  • john j

    #9 who stole the mountains?

  • cheeseSammich

    #9 – how many thought the one on the right was missing her bottoms?!?

  • gabba

    #27 must have been YEARSS apart! Look how much the Eiffel tower has grown!

  • Das Nuk


    I know this intersection. 13th Street and O Street in Lincoln, NE. I used to work in the building that's out of frame to the the right. NELNET.

    • Taylor

      I worked there too for one summer back in my college days.

  • Mikk P

    That was really cool. Thank you for the glimpse into some of your histories.

  • just-saying

    It would be nice if you guys actually gave credit to the website where these photos were lifted, i.e.,


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