You’re the Judge: Choose your Ride (56 Photos)

  • steve-O

    #6 is that even a serious question?

  • 562chiver

    #39 this Bavarian beauty does it for me

  • abefrolman

    # 11 Takes the Cake!

  • chivester

    #19 is that a Triumph Stag? Used to love the sound of those.

    • @MontePreisman

      Triumph? No Sir, it is an Aston Martin.

      • chivester

        ahh of course…beautiful, thanks!

  • Jamie

    Nobody Chose 51?? Unreal! Best car up there!

  • Critical Observer

    a nice subtle caption line below the photo would have been nice, too bad you guys never seem to think about that. you may have the subject and source info handy, but we don't and some would like to know that.

    an ok mix of photos otherwise.


    #39 as my daily drive With #38 in the garage for appropriate occasions.

  • minnyvw

    #8 every time.

  • minnyvw

    #51 too bad no more saab

  • Caleb

    #40 badass trucks

  • Anonymous

    #6 the Pantera hands down!

  • newfie

    I'll take one of these #2 and one of these #33 and might as well throw in one of those #57

  • bob

    i like #20 just for the WTF factor, and #42 doesnt count, its really just a MG

  • Alan

    #35 Where have I seen this car before? Oh yes …

  • Barrett

    Have to be the '69 Judge drag car, then the 70 Judge (thinking more Two Lane Black Top and Dazed & Confused) then the black '57 with Ralley wheels. If it was for two wheels, the Buell XB12S Lighting.

  • @MontePreisman

    #43 #53 #19 Three favorite cars in my Top5. Just missing a 65 Chevelle and a Lusso

  • Canucks_Rule

    #56 – love the mclaren slr.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 ->

  • hank moody

    34,23 can't top it

  • Alicia

    #2, #19 and #47 Love some classic 'Merican Muscle!

  • Kenny

    #1 – Instant panties remover.

  • Jaw-knee03
  • Robert Siniscalchi


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