For the first time ever, the KCCO is available right now!

kcco For the first time ever, the KCCO is available right now!

Welcome to a special evening here at theCHIVE. For the first time ever, The KCCO is available at theCHIVERY.

As if it isn’t obvious, these are not going to last long, even for a Midnight launch. The KCCO is authenticated with the Gold Foil neck label, QR codes, and it’s still probably bulletproof.

The KCCO is available RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE: All sizes now SOLD OUT.

  • Logan


  • William

    I got one eh

    • Bham Chiver

      canadian eh?

      • ezzahay

        right on eh….!!!

        • Bham Chiver

          oot and aboot eh?

    • TWON925

      I think this should be the only launch you guys ever do for this shirt
      exclusivity is key…I may have had a different opinion if I had not
      received one, but I suck it

      • enjoimark

        Agreed! I got one for me and one for the wife.

  • Jonny

    Got one!

    • mid13

      i am/was too drunk ='[ next time I'll have to stay sober..

  • Hassl'nTheHoff

    got my first chive shirt on the way!!! I can finally KCCO in style

    • HMM

      wow good for you

  • Chris

    I dont believe it I actually got one !!!

  • osman

    yes i got one!! good luck to everyone

  • joejob

    I got nervous about losing them, so I got a women's first, then a men's. Paying shipping twice, but oh well. Chive On!

    • NEchivette


      • Joejob

        I didn't want to lose the women's shirt ( for my wife) while trying to get mine in the cart, so I paid for one, then went back for the other. 2 separate transactions

  • ChiverOnFoot

    2 minutes early, plus some "drunk magic"! great night!

    • tommy

      was that the discount code?

      • ChiverOnFoot

        gotta do some scrolling around on the site and you'll find it

      • scott

        drunkmagic5 KCCO

  • karlJung

    holy crap, they must have printed more than 3………..coz i got one….good luck yall

  • lahlah

    got one and a white logo ohhh yeah. good luck to rest

  • Bham Chiver

    whooo frickin whoo! got my first chive shirt!

    • Dex

      Hell yeah! Congrats from a fellow Hampster and a fellow Chiver. We can rock our shirts together!!

  • josh

    Pretty sure I am number uno. sorry guys

  • Brandon

    Merry Christmas to me!!

  • Kielomite

    Got one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jrobmofo

    snagged 2. There needs to be more midnight launches!

  • ladypirate2k

    Yay, new green KCCO for me!

  • Bigtommy83

    This will go nicely with my collection…

    • joejob

      Same here. All I need now is a DAR

    • DavidP

      Congrats. As it will mine. No 9 In my collection +
      Wife 1
      Kid 1
      Sister 1
      Pal 1

      I donate for a good cause. Chive is just that.


  • Marie E. Porter

    Finally got my first ever Chive tee! May take a while to arrive, but I will KCCO in the meantime!

  • Shiguy

    Yup…got mine and the koozies….congrats on the chivers that got their first shirt!

  • t-rex

    Is anyone else having a problem when it comes to ordering a size? i did it exactly at 12 actually a minute before 12 and every size i pick always goes to Mens small even when i try to do Womens sizes it always defaults back to Mens Small has anyone else had this problem? for some reason this always happens to me and i never get the shirt size i ordered and i always end up having to cancel my order… If anyone could help me out that would be great

    • Bham Chiver

      try a refresh or reload

    • joejob

      My only guess is you have to wait for the page to fully load, and don't click add to cart more than once. I'vde had problems with the page not loading all the way (even tho it looks like all the pictures are up, it might still be loading. look for the cursor in the address bar

    • Shiguy

      Go now….you can get one….only 2700 people on…compared to the 20,000 for the green original. KCCO!

    • josh

      yes and no I also ordered a KCCO and it went fine but then ordered a danny does drugs shirt and it confirmed mens small. I am not small.

    • vic

      try firefox, ie always has the sizing issues. but when iI switched to firefox iI haven't had the issue..

    • Jason Brown

      On your phone? My friends with droids always have this problem. They either have to buy them on the computer, or I will pick them up one from my iPhone.

    • MikeTheChiver

      Yeah I can never order from my phone. Always have to be at a computer, for some reason it always reverts back to Mens Small.


      yeah I've ordered two shirts that came in men's small. Let's just say they don't fit my xl frame! Oh well. KCCO

  • DucatiT3ch

    One for me and one for my brother in the USCG. KCCO.

  • cisco

    easiest one ever

  • Jeff

    Got mine.

  • Really?

    Almost sat down for a movie when I remembered what time it was. Still got a KCCO and a mousepad. Now if only I could get that damn hoodie.

    • Ashley

      I'm with you on the hoodie man!

    • justme

      Me too.

      • Mwdkev

        I got one 🙂

  • DisNinjaSeen

    One of those "I wish I was there moments.." DisNinjaGot1!!!

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