We can rebuild him. We have the technology. (Video)

Nigel Ackland is a 53-year-old father who lost his arm in an accident six years ago. Now, thanks to a high-tech bio-hand so precise he can type, he’s finally something close to fully recovered. Nigel controls his not-entirely-un-Terminator-like carbon fibre hand with movements in his upper arm and little tiny muscle twitches it knows how to react to. I just hope he’s still on our side when the uprising comes.

  • Bud

    First, second, third, forth, fifth. Who cares. That’s good tech right there.

    • Ralph

      Imagine the ass kicking Taylor morris could do if he had these upgrades.

  • iaDF!

    He can open and pour a beer. Success!!

    • sixdeadelves

      does it come with accessories like detachable hand cannon and things like that?

  • https://www.facebook.com/VladKorsak Ian Korsak Mielke

    That is so freaking awesome! I wonder how much it'd cost…

    • Beck

      I don't know about his model for sure. But $85,000 for arm, hand and hook.

    • Levian

      for the most recent commercially available one, somewhere around 60k

    • Mike

      More than universal healthcare will pay for.

      True story.

    • Catbra

      My basic arm cost me $12500, and the one shown is carbon fibre. I would guess over $100k

    • Rob

      i heard he got the five finger discount

  • http://www.facebook.com/joey.pecoraro Joey Pecoraro

    JP should be getting his metal legs soon.
    All jokes aside, this is amazing technology!

    • J.P.

      How did you see me???

  • Terrance_

    Incredible. I love technology.

  • Jayjo

    I'm pretty sure that in the next 20-30 years these prosthetics will be preciser, stronger and better than our natural limbs. This will lead to a Deus Ex-like world.

    • Morgan Freeman

      Reminds me of Jet from Cowboy Bebop.

    • Pete

      I totally agree, we have microservo prosthetics now of which their reaction and strength easily outweigh human ability, the hurdle to overcome is powering them.

  • Tiber_Septim

    very cool

    • Connor

      liked your comment just because you have probably the best name I've ever seen in theChive's comment section

  • Zim

    awesome… i want that 2

    oookey… where is the knife

  • gclark

    WTF They casted Jax as a white man!!!! This is bullshit.

    • fff


  • Tstain

    Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • http://thechive.com/ PagingDrDickey

    Was I the only one who wanted to see him crush that beer bottle at the end?

    • Mjmchiver

      Same here, haha.

    • MylesofStyles

      TBH, I was waiting for him to bust out "Turbo Mode", for tickling his wife's bean.

    • lbChiver

      I was waiting to see The Shocker!

    • Mike

      I was actually curious how he knows how hard to grab things.

    • dub

      He should have at least crushed something… a kitten or something.

    • captian planet

      i was hoping his pinky finger would scramble the eggs … go go gadget style

  • http://twitter.com/Jutenza @Jutenza

    holy crap, thats awesome…

    • kryvian

      reddit picks up it's shit mostly from 4chan, it from other places yada yada yada. no one really cares.

    • kryvian

      quoted wrong post my bad.

  • /sigh

    Is there anything you guys don't steal from reddit?

    • Simon

      Is there anything I don't care less about?

    • Elk

      How many websites do you go on in a day to look at pictures? enough said.

    • sixdeadelves

      your fat ass mom

  • Ken

    trigger grip 😉 if you know what I mean, girls

  • Sir Boobsalot

    I kinda wish I had a robotic arm.

    Aside from, you know, losing an arm in the first place.

  • Dr Rockso

    Simply amazing. Add a vibrate setting and he'd be pretty popular with ladies.

    • ...

      And he wouldn't have to sit on it til it fell asleep to give himself "the stranger"

  • scarecrowe420

    Finally!! A robotic hand strong enough to handle my bionic manhood! All joking aside it is a good start to creating more advanced prosthetics and possible implantable devices. Well done.

  • bcanddc

    That is amazing! The futurist in me can't help but thinking we aren't too far away from people wanting these even if they have not previously been injured. Another ten years or so and these bionic limbs may perform better than your god given limbs. At that point, what would stop somebody from opting to have an arm or two amputated so these could be installed?

    Food for thought………

    • CanadianMedic

      Or maybe with more technology you could put it on like a glove and sleeve and not have to lose your arm

    • gifftor

      Nerve feedback. I think until you can "feel" with the limb, it's not something people are going to rush out and buy. Once that's all sorted…

  • Livin' Legend

    That's kind of badass. I mean, if you absolutely HAVE to lose an arm, at least you have the option of being the Terminator, where before your only options where Captain Hook and T-Bag.

    And please, scientists, never get rid of the whirring noises. That's our only advantage over the robot race.

  • Beck

    Ether of my amputees could kick this guy's a$$. Dose he even lift?

    • Meow Mix

      You have an amputee posse?

      • Beck

        I happen to have two friends who have partial limb amputations. One lost his right leg below the knee in Iraq. The other his left arm below the elbow in a car accident. He happens to have the same style of prosthetic that's in this video. He is employed as a carpenter. He just takes the hand attachment off and attachs the hook accessory. The hands are acutely fairly delicate at this stage. They don't hold up in a bouncy castle worth a shit.

  • Ranger Rick

    Mouse grip, now he can search for porn again

  • Cooper

    How does he shower?

  • BigDave

    Total badass

  • mike

    Ex Deux comes to mind

  • tralfaz

    Impressive. Most impressive.

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