How do I put this, you are an idiot (11 Photos)

  • Jonathan Searer


    • Jonathan Searer

      oh, and she is retarded

      • _DoC_

        Still not as retarded as "first" posts.

        • Jonathan's Left Hand

          Next he'll brag about how he fucked me last night…

          • Jonathans Right Hand

            That bastard cheated on me?

      • Jane

        oh my gosh, i can't decide which one i hate more in your picture

        • cheeez

          i'm hoping he's the goon on the right

    • Kris

      "first"?? How old are you, four?

      • GusRocket

        They are competing… how's more retarted…

        • GusLovesBoys

          you are the most retarded. Cant even spell "who's" correctly.

        • Nbl

          Lol wtf

      • Robbie

        Bob is an idiot.

    • Craigery

      Spiderman's gay.

    • Nbl

      Yes ur right I was ur mothers first


    That's fucked up.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      In her defense, the tattoo work is pretty damn good.

    • TheDoctor

      sadly…..I'd do her

      • Nbl


  • TheMvn

    No words.

    • StuBABY


    • chive is my drug

      How about, "Paula. Is that you?"

  • JayMackB

    Good for her, she has a passion and expresses it. I'm doing this with Lethal weapon starting tomorrow…

    • rsjem1979

      You're getting too old for that shit.

    • sithney

      shine on, you crazy diamond.

    • MrHat

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    • The Joe

      Well Lethal Weapon is fine… No one sparkles in it.
      Plus Danny Glover.
      Nuff Said.

    • EggSauceTed

      Full back tat of Danny Glover on the toilet.

  • doodles

    To each their own. Get over it Bob.

    • KCCOLady

      I agree – the chive is 90% awesomeness and life affirming and then this offputting 10% making cruel fun of people for being different. I think Chive can be better than that.

    • burt

      Look at Bob's goofy ass picture with balloons on his head. He's an idiot.

    • meT


      • truth

        Bob needs to make fun of someone else to feel good about himself.

    • The_Truth

      I thought the Chive was all about embracing who you are. That's why they're always defending gay marriage & shit….

      I'd much rather be covered in Twilight tattoos than have 2 dads.

      • Craigery

        Chivers defend gay marriage? I've never seen any evidence of that. Mostly I see Chivers calling others "gay" or "faggots" because of the way they dress or what they're into. Homophobia and intolerance are alive and well here.

        • The_Truth

          Just last week they posted a pic of 2 women during the birth of their child. Made me fucking vomit.

  • Yerp

    Wow, that's gross. Great life decision dumbass.

    • daveh873

      At least she doesn't have to worry about what they'll look like when she gets old.

    • Craigery

      I'm sure your life has been full of nothing but flawless decisions.

      • Yerp

        I don't have any tattoos I will someday regret, I know that. Is this woman your mom Craigery?

        • Craigery

          It wouldn't bother me if it was. What do you have against this woman?

          • Yerp

            Her tattoos.

      • Guest

        I'd hope Yerp hasn't made choices as bad or worse than this woman

  • Jaro


  • Matthew


  • Hrdwood

    First I'm sad over the last posting, now I'm laughing hysterically…. I gotta go home now.

  • DJ Tanner

    kill it with fire

    • chive is my drug

      Why would you want to kill Paula?


    you put it this way… are an idiot!!! quit with the stupid posts!!! we want more boobies!!!

    • Yep

      If boobies are that important to you, here's a helpful hint: Type "porn" into any search engine and be prepared to be amazed at how many sites pop up.


        I wanna see chivette boobies!! Not old woman back fat…I'm sorry I offended you if you are a Twilight fan or old tattoo woman back fat kind of guy!! Sorry that I like to look at fine women!!! KCCO

        • Craigery

          Alas, this is the only website on the internet with pictures of fine women. *sigh*

    • Craigery

      If only there were other places on the internet where you could see boobs…

  • Yuppp

    Not even the twilight fans think this is cool.

  • Trailer Ray

    The artwork is halfway decent but, twilight? Really?

  • jhento

    what a dunce

  • Luke

    She must have lots of cats….

    Forever alone…

    • MJNarcy

      I don't think so. Even the cats would be embarrassed by this woman's tattoo.

  • Loadedcarp

    Wow, i guess we don't believe in live and let live. Let's bash the hell out of this lady, right! Pile on! So much for KCCO…..

    • Just sayin'

      Get over it, and have a laugh, loser.
      Ya, life has limits, standards and opinions, this is new to you?!

      • Loadedcarp

        Way to miss the point, shitbrain. I would explain it but you are obviously too fucking stupid to understand.

        • Craigery

          So much for KCCO.

        • Chiven

          He obviously understood the point you made or he wouldn't have been able to make you look like a fool for making it…but then again, you probably voted for Obama which gives us an idea of your intellect. Let's save the world and have no one judge anyone and we can all frolic in the flowers like one big happy family and while we're there we'll combine all of our money and have a plane drop it from the sky and everyone can have some!

    • Yeahhh

      Good idea, lets do it.

  • Jonny Isles

    Ah yes, Twilight the story of a young girls choice between bestiality and necrophilia.

    • Joe

      Well put.

      • Noob

        Lol that's awesome

    • Yep

      hahaha I remember that joke!

  • guest

    And remember her vote counts just as much as yours.

    • guest

      We saw the evidence of that this week.

      • Lex

        yep, Robme coming that close is definitely a good example…

        • Yuppp

          Who is Robme? If I knew, I probably would have voted for him.

          • Lex

            you missed the whole election? Twitt Robme… that lying buffoon running against the president.

    • Craigery

      Her vote counts just as much as that of the redneck yahoos who voted for Romney.

      • Haha!

        Haha, I love how butthurt Craigery gets.

      • SilkySapper

        or those hipster cunts who voted for Obama

    • Happy Chiver

      I have seen this before she is actually British so…

  • ryan

    i mean she could at least have the blu-ray

  • cee dub

    Pretty good tattoo art. This is 'fail' or 'idiot' because someone does what they want? You failed with this topic.

    • Guest

      Would you say the same to someone injecting heroine into their face? "Oh just let them do what they want guys…."

      • Craigery

        There's a pretty big difference between injecting heroin in your face and getting a tattoo.

        • Guest

          No THAT tattoo

    • Just sayin'

      So, because someone "does what they want" makes it okay? Or do you need to qualify it further until nobody's offended. Love the logic in that dude.
      Try again.

      • cee dub

        "does what they want" in the broad sense of the word and as presented in this case. Nothing else!

  • boob_cuddler

    It's her body bro and I'm never going to look at it.

  • LuvsHorror

    Oh well, as long as it isn't my back.

  • TheRealLomo

    In all seriousness, I don't want (her) to live on this planet anymore…

    • Craigery

      If that's how you feel, I don't want you on this planet anymore either.

    • Guest

      Whilst I think it's the dumbest tattoo I've ever seen…I'm very glad you don't have the power to banish people to space.



  • Mike

    This woman is unhealthy in a multitude of ways.

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