How do I put this, you are an idiot (11 Photos)

  • Adam

    How many cats does she own?

  • jeremy

    Come on peeps, it is great artwork, she has every right to express herself, quit being rude, I'm sure all of you assholes are perfect, get a grip

  • NP1972

    Personally I think all tattoos are poor life choices, my late Grandad, dead some 20+ years now had an anchor a la Popeye on his arm, because in his day this was the height of fashion when in the Navy… but by the time he was 80 it just looked like a blue blob of shite….

    But, if that is her thing then so be it, live and let live that's what I say. I would imagine that some of the negative posts on here wouldn't have been so negative if it was a fit 20 year old beautiful blond with big tits and an ass that tastes like French vanilla ice-cream, they would be all over it, like a cheap suit.

  • thenomadadventures

    she needs a new artist – these movies/books are not old enough for these tattoo's to look so faded out and blown out… each their own, but go to a good artist at least….

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