Facts that might make you gasp (30 Photos)

  • Andy Valentine

    #14, having how many sailors? Damn bottom left logo thing.

    • Andy Valentine

      Oh, 80,000. Yey to producing image comment thing.

    • ShadowChiver

      I read it wrong the first time and saw she had 80 000 sailors working her instead of working FOR her….me and my dirty mind.

      • JESSE

        you read it right the first time.

      • Big Poppa

        thats alot of seamen

        • ShadowChiver

          Well played sir well played.

    • Mikey

      Ohh, lol. I didn't even know there was an overlay in the corner, the wonders of ABP.

    • Dave

      You can tell she loved seamen

    • gimletmike

      And we don't even know her name. The only name that has come down through history is "Mrs. Cheng". Mr. Cheng was a pirate and when he died his widow, a former prostitute, took over his ship; singular. She then built up the greatest piracy empire ever, but is still only known by her husband's name.

    • gimletmike

      P.S. Eventually the Chinese Emperor bought her out. His navy couldn't compete with hers, so he made her a noble and gave her an inland province to rule. Not bad Mrs. Cheng.

  • giggitygiggity


    • Judge

      You suck

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.d.campbell.9 Jesse Dragon Campbell

    #28 to much time on his hands.

    • lat297

      Scientists say he has absolutely no life whatsoever…

      • http://twitter.com/Jutenza @Jutenza

        Forever Alone

      • SGT_Fati


      • noname

        "How can you kill that which has no life?"

    • imdowngetme


      • Anonymous

        you know how people on here mention other people not having lost their virginity as an insult when usually it's not true?…. I'm pretty sure this guy definitely still has his v-card.

        • imdowngetme

          Nobody here mentioned about him being a virgin until you did. So I'm gonna assume you still have your v-card. Moron!

    • http://twitter.com/Violaceousgirl @Violaceousgirl

      I must find this man.

      • SGT_Fati

        I'm sure you'll be his first Violaceous.

    • SGT_Fati

      Probably pays more in WoW subscriptions than his mortgage. PRIORITIES MAN!

      • guest

        Wrong…no mortgage payment in mom and dads basement.

        • SGT_Fati

          Touché good Sir.

    • fagmallion

      There's a lot masturbating to be done in that room.

    • Kato

      Stuck in the Matrix!

    • bau5s

      Actually, he probably doesn't have much time on his hands

      • MissVega84

        eh, hes just doing what he loves 😉 Some might say I am lame because my idea of a fun night is playing MW3 or Battlefield until the sun comes up.
        And I even left work early to be in 3 Black Ops 2 Tournaments tonight…

        wow I do sound lame when I actually write it out haha

        • SGT_Fati

          An obsession with MW3 is preferable to an obsession over WoW. Well at least that's what I tell myself.

  • Jawbone

    #9 Hardly surprising. Most bums are mentally ill. The others are bums for a reason. They're lazy drug addicts and alcoholics.

    • Jiub

      Calling drug addicts lazy is pretty stupid, as there's hardly a more exhaustive way to life than that of a drug addict. And not all bums are bums because there mentally ill or lazy. I know it's hard to imagine if you're used to the good old easy black and white thinking, but something like "really bad luck" does in fact exist. Also, being rich is not as easy as you'd think, for example a lot of lottery go broke pretty fast.

      • MrSusan20

        bad luck is acceptable, shit things happen to good people. but people who have no disability who win the lottery and go broke can ONLY be stupid. there is no way around that.

      • Chris

        Yeah, pretty sure "bud luck" doesn't apply here. And "being rich isn't easy" doesn't have anything to do with why lottery winners lose their money. Money doesn't change behavior, and if you aren't good with money to begin with, being handed a stack doesn't change that.
        The rich stay rich because they continue the behavior that made them rich. The poor stay poor for the same reason. And before you start whining "NOT ALL blah blah blah", it's called a generalization, we all know there are exceptions.

        • Jiub

          Money doesn't change behavior?? Lol, are you for real? This is ridiculous. And that it's a generalization is kind of the point. Of course you can say all the bums are poor because they're lazy, and i get why you do that, because it's easy. Otherwise you'd have to differentiate, accept that the world is not black and white but rather complex, and actually think about problems. Who would want that.

          • Chris

            Nobody said "all the bums are poor because they're lazy." You're the only one saying that. How heavy is that chip on your shoulder?
            And as fo money changing behavior, you're obviously ignorant of the history of lottery winners in this country. Do yourself a favor and do a little research.

          • RoadSodas

            I volunteered for 3 years at a soup kitchen in a city of 60000 and the truly homeless folks that stopped in were all, without exception, drug addicted or alcoholics. Sorry, it's reality.

        • Justsayoyvey

          Not the case at all, the rich don't stay rich and the poor don't stay poor. Some do but others don't. Look at a very big case and point, Sir Richard Branson. He started as a poor man, now hes stupid rich. Look also at any of the failed banks (Washington Mutual for starts), The owners became poor.

          • oh yeah

            Was Sir Richard ever homeless? there is a difference between poor and a homeless living on the street.

          • Chris

            Richard Branson didn't win the lottery. He wasn't given money, he earned it. There's a huge difference.

          • Chris

            I'm also curious where you get the idea that the "owners" of failed banks are now "poor." I don't think you understand what happened at all.

      • Shrug

        “Only the man who does not need it, is fit to inherit wealth–the man who would make his own fortune no matter where he started. If an heir is equal to his money, it serves him; if not, it destroys him. But you look on and you cry that money corrupted him. Did it? Or did he corrupt his money?

        -Atlas Shrugged

    • MikeOverHere

      And liberal.

      • matt

        i can taste the tears from here

    • Kodos

      the 47%

  • PdxChiver

    #30 That's fucking insane.

    • blouez

      He's on 'roids
      -Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    • Mr.ha

      I read on wiki that he bought that dudes mom a house after that

    • j,as

      Priest and minister had bets down..

  • kmotamed

    #1… the start of Nintendo's reign in the video game industry!

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      So is the Wii the end?

    • 29er

      What was their support advice? Blow on the cartrage and then power on?

      • arandomperson

        True story ^

    • GodsLatestGift

      Nintendo sucks ass now.

      • MissVega84

        Much love for Nintendo, they started it all for me ❤

  • kryvian

    the more you learn

    • guest

      *the more you know

      • Bob Ross

        The more you Joe

        • Banana_man

          Because knowing is half the battle.

          • Bobestradamus

            The other half is violence

  • fucked

    #28 A WOW player "Bradster" strokes his flesh arrow 36 times with himself 11 times a day.

    • jux

      60% of the time, it works every time

      • Kato

        Sex Panther

        • MissVega84


  • Squirrel

    #20 i would do that now if they were ever to bring it back.

    • passwordistaco

      Hell I'm going to unfriend a few people and send my own "Worthless Whopper" messages.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      I'd do it and not eat the whopper… because Burger King is fucking gross.

  • lat297

    #9 Ethics is what separates documentary makers from researchers, it appears.

    • HunterH

      Yes because giving a homeless person 100K to follow them around and see what he does with it is so morally wrong…?

      • lat297

        I'm suggesting that the documentary makers knew he would do exactly that, which is why they made the documentary. Their intention was to make money, not help him. If they had intended to help him in anyway, then they would have made a documentary on how 100k's worth of help, coaching and therapy got the man back on his feet.

        Instead, they used him, already knowing his decisions would be poor because of where he was when they found him, and made entertainment for others.

        THAT is questionable ethics.

    • Starbuck Employee

      Sounds like you are butt hurt that your ideas of homeless people being victims of everything but themselves went out the window?

      Awww poor homeless guy with 100k, allowed to fuck up his life (predictably) a second time.

      I'm just joking, He is a fool for squandering such a gift. At least he's probably dead of aids already.

  • Lisa

    #15. Yeah. Dusty in here. Rest in peace little one.

    • PiratesFan

      It would have been really awkward if she died after the first 7 minutes of the movie.

  • Vadim

    First of all, I beg your pardon for my approximative english. You'll understand where I'm from in the next lines. For the 21st picture, there's also a same bar in Toulouse, France, which is called "Le Trader$" 😉
    French chiver.

    • DontFearTheReaper

      There's one in Ft. Collins, CO called 'Sports Exchange.' Once every 2 hours they have a "market crash" and for the next 5 minutes, all drinks are sold at like 50%. It's a real cool idea for a bar.

    • Gus

      Same type of bar in São Paulo, Brazil too

    • DaveS

      Yes, several bars have Stock Market nights for drink specials with a running ticker. This is not unique

      • emmylou

        yup, my student union bar at university did it on a regular basis. I held out for lemon fanta to crash, would buy 3 pints of it and get high on the colourings held within at the time….. I was a nerd who couldn't drink alcohol due to medication, so I played the system lol.

    • Brian

      Same in Singapore, pretty badass place too. Sucks when you are drunk and miss the price hikes in the 'market' though…

    • jpss

      Kalamazoo Michigan has the Beer Exchange

  • Chris

    Saw this same exact gallery (literally, every image in the same exact order) on Ebaumsworld.com about a week ago.

    • TheMvn

      Yeah I was about to say, didn't I see this already? Image for image?

      EDIT: here it is http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/82899427

      • coop

        Oh thank GOD! I was afraid that noone else on the internet would ever see these. WHEW! You're both such HEROES!


        • Chris

          Yeah, you guys are dicks for pointing out someone else's complete laziness and shit creativity! Jerks

          • The_Dood

            TheChive is the best of the internet on one site. It can't really be that hard to understand that to be the best of the internet that they must take things from other sources than themselves.
            That being said, I am somewhat disappointed that they didn't credit the source. They usually do.

            • Anonymous

              No, you're thinking of Reddit. This site is two-day-old leftovers plus tits.

    • John

      Wow…since I don't go on ebaums world, it's safe to say I would never have seen this. In the future, save your facinating nugget of knowledge and find something productive to do.
      Instead, everyone now thinks your 'Bradster' from WOW with way to time on ur hands.

      • oflanigan

        They don't site their sources. They copy 90% of their posts from izismile.com. No joke, literally almost every picture comes from that site.

        • Bob Ross

          Oh, you mean all of the user submitted OC that makes this place a community and not just another image forum?

    • DaveS

      People still go to ebaumsworld?

    • Robert

      lol, literally every gallery online exists on a ton of other sites, and it's pretty damn impossible to figure out where it originally came from, there is a strong chance ebaumsworld isn't the original source either

      • Jeremy

        does ebaumsworld sell shitty overhyped tshirts too?

  • upandatthem

    #19 this has actually been proven to be incorrect

    • john jacob

      Also letters does not have an R in the picture

    • abakala

      Plus, there's an 'r' missing in lteets.

    • Silverstone

      There's also the R missing in "letters"…or maybe they just intended to use the word "settle"?

      • 1_eye

        But the rael qusteoin is cluod you raed the siht or not? You srue as fcuk culod, so I tinhk it smees to be ture.

      • Kato

        actually they are right. it is pronounced as "lettets" It's origin is french.

        • anthony

          in either case it would be missing a letter

  • MARK

    #27 Is pretty sad considering all the money and publicity they get from all over the place these days, Should spend 99% on cancer research and only 1% on all the pink stuff the NFL has to wear

    • Anonymous

      it is in every way shape and form wrong that so little goes to cancer research, but that 15% is probably still a lot of money.

      • Open minded

        Research – 20.9%
        Health Education – 39.1%
        Health Screening – 13%
        Treatment Grants – 506%
        Fund Raising – 5%
        Admin – 11.3%

        Susan's sister's goal was never research but awareness and education.

        • paws

          That's a hell of a lot for treatment grants! There's your problem!

          • Open minded

            5.6% – I got lazy with the proofread this morning.

            • paws

              Sorry to mock the fat-fingering… not like I've never done it!

    • Simon

      “You Can’t Believe Most of the Quotes You Read On the Internet” -Abraham Lincoln

    • Joe

      As usual, most of these "Facts" aren't really the truth – they're just blah blah. Read up! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_G._Komen_for_t

      Not that I expect The Chive to be the pinnacle of fact-checking (I use them mostly for body-checking), but really is "this is not true but we're making it look like it's true" a good use of your time, Chive editors???

      • Chief Slappahoe

        are you really citing Wikipedia as your source for "Fact Checking"?…

        • Lou

          Ahh yeah that is what I was going to post

          • Idk

            The biggest problem that I have with this weak over used argument is the fact that most wiki pages have multiple sources quoted. If you doubt it, you can go through the source material and find all the info yourself. There's enough reliable information on wiki to make it more trustworthy than some picture on the chive.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jbvancamp Jb Van Camp

        By Komen's own figures, however, 21% of the total budget goes to research.[69]

      • Jeremy

        Netflix the documentary Pink Ribbons.

        Cancer should NOT be a marketing campaign to make profits. 100% of proceeds need to go to research and finding a cure. Any percentage less is a scam and a slap in the face to cancer survivors and those that have lost their battle.

      • mittens

        The facts are never facts. That's the point; it's supposed to be entertaining, not educational.

    • Tatas

      Support the American Cancer Society and the Making Strides against Breast Cancer program if you want to support cancer research. ACS is the largest private funder of cancer research ACS is who the NFL supports, not Komen.

      Be careful what how you support cancer research and don't fall for everything pink must be great. Support the American Cancer Society.

      • I like sandwiches

        True story^

    • FunKiller

      My friend did the "Walk." She had to raise something like $2,300 from her friends….if she didn't raise that amount, she had to pay the rest out of her pocket.

    • Open minded

      Research – 20.9%
      Health Education – 39.1%
      Health Screening – 13%
      Treatment Grants – 506%
      Fund Raising – 5%
      Admin – 11.3%

      Susan's sister's goal was never research but awareness, education and treatment options. Think about what you write before you write it…

      • paws

        Still spending a lot on treatment grants, I see.

  • abakala

    #23 How much is it worth now?

    • Awesome-o

      Eleventy billion dollars….

      • Justin Cider

        since the market crash, $12.00

        • Bubba

          …aaaaaand it's gone!

      • Daith_Lee

        …lol…I INSTANTLY read this in Dr. Evil's voice and its been YEARS since I watched those flicks.

    • Bigdude

      There is a lot more to that story. It's pretty cool.

    • life is rough

      that is what they gave the bum in #9

    • MBA Finance student

      When done $6.975 trillion, assuming interest rate of 12% which is an average stock market return to date and includes all recessions and market crashes.

  • chucknorris202

    Answer to picture number 3:
    Emperor Ashoka probably was a Canadian feminist travelling back in time from not very far future lol 🙂

    • matt

      no wonder he seemed so reasonable and educated

  • Ben Dover

    I took some time to go through both Komen’s tax filings for 2009 as well as its Annual Report for 2009-10 (PDF), and the breakdown of expenditures goes like this: 12 percent for administration; 8 percent for fundraising; 7 percent for treatment; 15 percent for screening; 24 percent research; and 34 percent for education.

    • Markpong

      Kudos to you for checking out the real facts and helping clairify a figure that looks horrible when taken out of context!

      You sir win +1 internets today

  • TheHoopty5.0

    #19 until you forget the r in letters and it completely fucks up the message.

    • Bigman


      I am glad I am not the only one who noticed this.

  • Mr. White

    And thus is the accumulation of 30 of Reddit's TIL's.

  • @megantalks

    #22 … Like Spookers in Auckland NZ?

    • Otag

      It's called Black Out…formed in NYC but now has a location in Cali i believe. Crazy stuff….google it.

      • KyleGamgee

        My friend did Blackout here is L.A. He said it was life-changing, and he does recommend it.

    • http://www.cleverogre.com NoraEj
  • Seldi84

    #29 Nick Frost (Shaun of the dead, Paul, Spaced & Kinky Boots) Thinks the same thing about dogs.

    • Kato

      Not true bro. It is common knowledge that all dogs go straight to heaven when they die.

  • Lazy Jake

    I like seeing fun facts like these, but what the fuck #22.

    • yup

      I think a place in NYC makes you sign a waver that all the actors can touch you and really scare the sh** out of you. Apparently if you make it through the whole thing without saying the "safe" word they refund you your money…

      • The_Dood

        Around here, the Midwest (Ohio to be exact) this is an urban legend. http://www.snopes.com/holidays/halloween/haunted….

      • JSJ

        What I want to know is what is the sexual situations????

        • Stick

          Fake rape and all.

          • zdfklaed

            oh god I see a bunch of twisted dudes getting their jollies off..

    • misschris

      I think these guys have been reading Cracked.com as well! I just read this article the other day. I don't think that place is for me… http://www.cracked.com/blog/7-insane-moments-in-w

  • Thoridin58

    All of you that complain that theChive posts things from other sites seem to not understand that many of us, if not most, do not spend our time cruising all over the Internet looking at who knows how many other sites that exist. We have no problem with theChive posting things that we would probably never see. And if you think that theChive is the only site that posts content from other sites you are not living in the real world. Learn not to sweat the little things.


    • Kebert Xela

      And something you don't seem to understand (nor TheChive for that matter ) is giving credit where it is due.

      • ImpressMe

        Do you actually believe that the pics are original to those sites? If I go visit them will I see each photo tagged with credit to its original author? No. Because like 1,000 other sites they got it from someplace else… OP credit is hard to come by…. Also, I like the way the Chive is formatted…I like the community here…and I don't like either at most other sites…..

        • The_Dood

          And often, they do post the sources.

          • mobama

            Nope. They copy almost every pic they post from izismile.com. literally every post pic for pic is from there.

            • Bob Ross

              You're right. If it offends you so, feel free to GTFO.

              • tralfaz

                I pretend the Chive is like my butler and I say "Chive, bring me all the cool stuff that I like to look at from the internet." Then I say "Thank you Chive that will be all."

  • StPaulChiver

    #21 There is a bar in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that does the same. Its appropriately named "Kalamazoo Beer Exchange" and drink prices change every 15 minutes with the occasional "market crash" when prices bottom out.

    • Rob

      Kzoo!! Great place to drink, as well as eat.

    • illuminati

      There's one in Barcelona too!

    • SpartyOn81

      ha you beat me to it

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