Facts that might make you gasp (30 Photos)

  • JesusHernadezChrist

    JP Morgan enslaved America to the dept system

  • matt

    #26 = white collar

  • Lucky Lucy

    #27 is true and is the exact reason I don't donate to that foundation. They line their pockets with money raised and have also tried to copyright the use of the colour pink as it relates to breast cancer. Planning to sue others for more money! Way to make a profit off such a horrible disease… so shameful.

    • Methos


      As posted by Ben Dover elsewhere in these comments:

      "I took some time to go through both Komen’s tax filings for 2009 as well as its Annual Report for 2009-10 (PDF), and the breakdown of expenditures goes like this: 12 percent for administration; 8 percent for fundraising; 7 percent for treatment; 15 percent for screening; 24 percent research; and 34 percent for education."

      Thanks to Ben Dover for actually doing what most can't be bothered to do… research the truth.

  • Guest

    The one in NY is awful!

  • Some Guy

    "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet." – George Washington

    I would love to see sources for most of this stuff.

  • Stick

    Pornhub raised, and is raising, a good sum of money. You watch a 'boob' themed video, they make a donation.
    Komen refused the fucking money.

  • Tom

    #9 is incredibly interesting. #20 is super funny. I would have loved to have done that.

  • CanucksRule

    #12 – knew about walberg, but had no idea about macfarlane.

    #23 – figure it out folks. i did. and it's a crazy number.

  • Adam

    # 3 …
    Cyrus The Great is the first guy who banned Slavery in 600 BC in Babylon.
    read about Cyrus Cylinder http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrus_Cylinder

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #9 Anyone know what the doc is called?

    • TheNamer

      Reversal of Fortune

  • Jeremy

    I don't believe half of these …

  • http://twitter.com/iamnickpawson @iamnickpawson

    loved this post!

  • Digital

    I really hope people aren't getting paid to repost reddit TIL. Scratch that I would want that job so good job chive for making dreams a reality.

  • Daywalker

    #6 #12 #15

    I Knew!

  • SpeakTruth2Power

    #18 is NOT true. Yes, he died 2 years after recovering his sight, but from natural causes, not suicide. Guess you CAN'T believe everything you read on the Internet. Who knew?!


    • Otter

      Interesting. I once watched a documentary where an older couple, deaf since… a young age or something, received implants to allow them to hear again. They both hated the constant noise and had the implants removed.

  • oilyegg

    #2 would't a picture of pinocchio have been more appropriate? lteets!!!

  • Abe

    Doyle was in that fight to afford a house for his mother. After his death, Robinson gave Doyle's mother the earnings from his next four fights to allow her to buy the house.

  • Boom

    Can you please get rid of or move the Luminate box? It blocks some of the text…

  • trollatc

    Just want to know what happen to Tapiture? Open up popular and can't tell if I have tagged it before or not. and the worst thing is can't see what is there.

  • Gaunilo

    Re J.P. Morgan: He also personally bailed out Wall Street during the Panic of 1907.

  • Benthedingo

    Most disappointing Chive gallery ever. Most are entirely uninteresting and unbelievable.

  • schneid52

    #16…actually Mercedes-Benz invented the 3 point seat belt…and airbags…and crumple zones…and anti-lock brakes…and pretty much every safety feature used on all cars today.

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