• Sam


    • This.

      ^ screw you… When he hits the siren over and over it sounds like PacMan

      • This.

        Maybe not pacman but definitely something familiar I cant figure it out though….

  • MylesofStyles

    This shit was straight out of Ronin. Relentless.

    • Verbal_Kint

      Great flick.

    • ps86

      plus if the cop gig doesn't work out he can fall back on the DJ skills

    • DJ cop

      Sounds like Skrillex.

    • Mike

      Be Agressive! BE BE AGGRESSIVE!!

    • Rhianna

      Ronin, exactly! Good call.

  • 4nbstd

    Too fast too stupid

    • r@f

      I imagined the whole time Samuel Jackson was chasing him. muthaf##kr!!!!

    • stonedwalljackson

      i was pullin for the dude

  • doublemeat

    Super cop is super.

    • Dave

      you're gay

    • Guest

      Funny…Did you come up with that?

    • GNM

      If this was in the UK the Biker would get a 6 month ban, the maniac cop 2 years in prison.

  • Pfizzle

    Great driving officer. Hopefully you enjoyed the pummeling you gave the dipshit after you stopped him.

    • Aorata

      Yes, great driving. Yes, he did stop the biker nicely.

      But he was reckless as hell! I would only justify his insanity if that guy was a rapist or a murderer. Not for a traffic infraction.

      Also, if I am driving a car and I see a cop behind me, I would pull over to the shoulder to let him pass, but this cop swerved in an out like a crazy person, so I would probably get hit by him in my attempt to let him pass.

      He is a jerk! he should have let the biker go, just to avoid bigger problems.

      And no, I am not one of those ¨fuck the police¨guys, I have great respect for them. As long as they don´t endanger other peoples lives unnecessarily

      • Micks

        i agree with you

      • Guest

        Whilst I see what you mean, I think they have to pursue him as there could be a reason why he is fleeing.

        • http://www.pricehound.ro/bz Dan

          great mentality. let all criminals go and do want they want. nice one

          consider this: ambulance instead of cop car. what then ? no passing on the right? its a 1-way street Aorata, you cant expect all lanes to shift to the right to let the ambulance pass on the left.

          consider this: fleeing from the cops is a crime (in that situation), but so is shooting at them with a gun. would you apply that same mentality ? let him go ? because he has balls ?

          • Aorata

            He was driving in many places, look at the whole video. NOT only a one way street. He got on shoulders and dividers, so please don´t argue if you didn´t even see the video.

            Consider this, I BEGAN BY SAYING if he is a rapist, or a murderer, etc. I would understand, not if it was just a traffic violation.

            And if things get to risky and other peoples lives are at risk, (if the violation is minor) DO LET HIM GO.

            In fact, I´ve seen many of those cop shows (usually in the US) were the cops decide to let the perp go and catch him either with a roadblock or another day, NOT chasing him like a maniac through crowded streets. They could have got his licence plate and tracked him down or something, I don´t know, I´m not a cop, but driving like that is INSANE.

            Imagine a little girl ran through the street chasing a ball… cop hits the girl. Yeah, by all means, lets drive at 80mph through crowded streets!

          • truth

            Let me answer your scenarios with 1 simple answer. Police Radio. This is not some smokey and the bandit shit. Police do not have to out-drive suspects anymore. The idiot(motorcyclist) was on a expressway, meaning he had limited venues to escape. The police officer could have easily radioed ahead for assistance. Instead, he put himself, and everyone he aggressively cutoff, in danger.

            This video highlights 2 idiots; both driving recklessly and potentially endangering the lives of everyone on the roadway. They both got lucky…plain and simple.

            • Aorata

              I agree with you, but some idiots think that the driver is superman and all is well.

      • lol

        fucking stupid.

      • Guz

        I'm a cop. And I agree with you.

        • whale hntr

          ^^ must be referring to the beating part

      • kryvian

        Reckless? That's his driving level, if you did that with your driving level, it would be reckless, not him. get your facts straight, no one was in danger, even when some drivers didn't know how to get out of the way, and would probably be the source of a crash, he already foresaw it by their reaction and just danced past them.

        • Aorata

          Ok dude, what ever you say.

          Lets hope that awesome driver doesn't hit a little girl crossing the street. Because you know what, at 80mph you need a lot of ground to stop a car. Maybe the little girl shouldn't have been on the street, but that won't stop her from dying…

          I just can't believe what some people say man, he is so awesome that it is no longer reckless? man… oh man…

          • I don't know

            If you really want to get analytical you need to drop the what ifs and only look at the hard evidence in front of you. There wouldn't be a little girl on a 6 lane high way or in a tunnel. This man is obviously a professional and has been well trained and used it perfectly. While I agree that he could of just let him go if it was a minor infraction, but based on how everything turned out his judgement was fine. We pay these people to carry a gun and use their descretion to enforce the law. This officer felt the risk was worth the reward and acted. Your same hypothetical situation could be applied to the driver of the motorcycle and chances are by the way he was riding he does this fairly regularly so maybe it was worth it to take this risk this time to prevent him risking others every other time he's on the road.

            • Aorata

              Hard evidence, first part of the video is high speed through what looks like a neighborhood.
              People could easily be walking about.
              Nothing else to say.

              Reckless, and stop playing videogames, GTA is not real life!

              • Nighthawk

                Also let's look at he fact that if the motorcyclist was only guilty of a traffic infraction, he would've stopped. However, lets figurehe is guilty of something much worse hence why he kept going. Also of a little girl is running across the highway, blame her parents for lack of supervision lol

        • ericblair

          Ill bet the only driving you do is Need For Speed…. What 'level you on'?…

    • anon



  • Chiver

    Well done that cops got dangles

  • Hess cukin

    If that guy knew how to ride a motorcycle like the people in the states he would have made it home in time for football

    • nope22

      Yeah that was sad….guy had no idea how to ride and run

    • Slim Jim

      if you can't get away in 10 seconds don't try

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yes, yes. Americans can always do everything better than everyone else.

      *rolls eyes*

      • Jen

        you're learning!

        • TMTL

          …or Canadians. Our 'pack' was never caught. Its obvious why this guy is riding alone.

  • awesometrooper

    dang it! I'm not gonna buy NFSD Hot Pursuit!

  • Static

    Awesome driving!! wow

  • MeepMeep

    move bitch, get out the way

  • Ryan

    Yea let's risk the lives of a bunch of innocent people for a traffic ticket

    • Right

      Yeah, let's keep that mentality and let people drive as fast as they want… that will stop innocent people from getting hurt.

      • tv_paul

        I agree. If the guy pulled over it would have been a simple speeding ticket, now it's multiple counts that go far beyond a traffic violation. Any Chivers in law enforcement should be able to count them up .

        • prince

          This wouldn't happen in North America… Cops don't pursue. For the very reason Ryan mentioned.

          • my2cent

            It depends. I've seen similar pursuits in the northeast. People are sick of maniacs like this here. If the guy on the bike had jut pulled over the police wouldn't have had to pursue him in this manner. He was the one who was recklessly endangering lives, not the police.

            • t-dogg

              The police wouldn't have had to pursue him in this manner…. umm, no one was holding a gun to the cops head saying "Chase that biker at all costs!" And last time I checked, majority of accidents involving motorcycles have one injury victim, the biker. Complicated choice when to stop pursuing, but pretty sure this cop crossed the line as he was weaving in and out like crazy. Cool to watch though!

              • smartdrivers

                It wasn't as reckless as people are making it out to be. As much as I don't like dealing with cops, he did have his lights and sirens on, people WERE pulling over, and I did see the cop slow down when necessary to make sure no one got hit. Other cars were putting on their brakes to make sure the cop could get by. Anyone with a brain in their skulls knows to get out of the way. The drivers were not retarded. If they were, maybe they'd be in a bit more danger, but the officer didn't break any protocol I can think of.

            • JTW

              Did you miss the first part of the video, the cop driving like a maniac down the street to catch up with the biker? If the guy had pulled over when the cop first approached him that would have still had the cop being an idiot for a dozen blocks.

              • TommyD

                No kidding. He was blowing through red lights way before he even caught up to the bike.

                • ImanAmerican

                  I guess you're an expert at blowing

                  • Donovan


              • Donovan

                Cops are trained for these situations and driving conditions. People who comment like this are generally the same people that would have crucified him for not going after him. How about you all let him do his job and he will not tell you how to do your job.

            • Err

              I agree, generally in traffic violations when an officer pursue the person would pull over and deal with a minor law infraction. I bet this cop was thinking the same until this guy just kept going and changed things from something minor to a possible felony (although this is in Europe and laws are considerably different). Yes the cop was a bit over zealous, however once the pursuit was in motion and the biker refused submission, the situation changed and the cop had to take action.

          • Know your policy

            Not true dickhead. We chase everything.

            • SGT_Fati

              It differs by state and situation Mr. Policy…

          • Mr_fn_T

            "This wouldn't happen in North America… Cops don't pursue."

            Right…which is why about 90% of "World's Wildest Police Chases" is made up of clips from the US

      • Jon

        So was the biker more or less of a danger once the cop began chasing him? Hard to judge from the video, but his speed didn't seem (at first) to warrant a police chase. Also…who was more of a danger, the speeding biker or the cop?
        At some point a cop has to think.."this isn't worth risking peoples' lives over. The person I am chasing is less of a threat than I am."

        • weavers

          I'm pretty sure it wasn't his speed being an issue, but the biker riding between cars and weaving in and out, putting those who aren't expecting some arrogant biking jackass to pull out in front of them illegally. Just cuz he's a smaller vehicle doesn't mean he has new rules. I passed my motorcycle certification so I'm pretty sure I would've caught that little part.

          • TommyD

            How do you know that's not legal where this was filmed? Hell, it's legal in California.

            • trolldetector

              congratulation TommyD, You've won the internet douche of the day award.

              • ...

                Oh man you didn't even let me finish the day I had some good ones saved up for the DAR. I try so hard and you just give the award away to an idiot.

                • Wade Eepiner

                  And the Lord said, "Let there be multiple internet douche of the day awards." And it was so…

              • 5280Blazin

                He is right dumbass. Go detect yourself.

            • The Mad Zak

              He was driving in the "Taxi" lane. Similar to the carpool lane some US states have. At the beginning of the video, take a look at the traffic. There is a long line of cars in the left lane and the right lane is wide open. You can see "Taxi" painted on the pavement in right lane. They biker obviously didn't want to wait for the traffic and got nabbed. I think it's great. I hate it when I'm stuck in traffic and people pass on the berm then try to nose in ahead of you at the last minute. Fuck 'em.

        • BlueSuit

          Before you judge, get the whole story. I'm an officer (and chiver) who's policy would NOT warrant this chase, with a few exceptions… Of course the average Jo assumes the biker committed a traffic infraction, but the real picture is, we can't judge it unless we know all the facts! Who's to say there wasn't a BOLO out for a fella who raped a little girl or robbed an old woman at gunpoint that fled on that model bike, wearing the exact thing? In that case, my… our rather (we're all brothers and sisters where I live) policy would allow this chase. So before your so quick to judge, consider that you know probably 5% of what actually happened. KKCO. Do the right thing.

      • Jon

        I don't Ryan, or anyone else, believe that people should just "drive as fast as they want." Sometime, such as in this video, the driver speeds up to avoid the cop, which is actually worse than just letting the driver go. That cop was going way too fast just because of a speeding motorcycle.

        • Jon


        • usa#1

          Who knows maybe the chase wasn't just for speeding. Maybe he was involved in another crime and that's why the relentless pursuit ensued.

          • 5280Blazin

            Very good point. For all any of you know he recognized the bike from a bulletin and went after it for something not shown in the video.

          • Chaosd

            Yeah speculation like this makes a great argument. I can do that too. "Who knows maybe the cop was Jesus and would not have allowed anybody to get hurt by divine influence." Lets stick to what we know from the evidence we actually have. Based on that the cop was not justified in this pursuit. Get the license plate and show up to his house later.

            • You're dumb

              Ever barrow a friends car? Then that wouldn't be the registered owner. Hope you get killed I a traffic crash from some one driving like the guy on th e bike.

              • Right Back atchya

                Hope a cop chasing the guy who killed me accidentally kills you

    • Renoob

      Jesus, it's pussies like you that make me sick. Personally, I was waiting for the cop you sandwich him into a guard rail.

      • prince

        For speeding? He was maybe going 20 over when the cop started pursuing. You wanted him dead for speeding?

        I don't know what the law is where this happened. But here in North America, passing lights and sirens on the right of vehicle's is begging for an accident. The vehicles are supposed to pull over to the right… Cop tries to pass on the right. A cop where you live "Renoob" would be suspended for pulling shit like this.

        • Renoob

          Most of my family are are high-level law enforcement. They don't get where they are by saying, "Well he's going too fast for me. He can go. I'll pull over the next guy in the minivan." Most people who run from cops are not running from a speeding ticket. They are wanted for other crimes.

          BTW. I'm right here in the US.

          • prince

            High level? I assume you mean high ranking. Which means it's been 15 years since they've been in a patrol car? A lot has changed. The powers that be have discovered that a cop was far more likely to cause a casualty by chasing than the speeder was in the first place.

            Let's not just go ahead and assume this biker is wanted, that's a bit of a stretch.

            • no.

              So we assume he's a outstanding citizen going over the speed limit and riding between cars on a two lane street? Good police work there prince. I'm sure you'll catch a lot more that way.

          • your dad

            being a security guard at a mall does not count as high-level law enforcement man, just saying.

        • Tyler

          Speeding? Running from law enforcement =|= speeding. No one here has any fucking clue what the real circumstances were so please stop acting like clairvoyant jackasses and enjoy the video. Holy fuck some people are so incredibly dense.

          • 5280Blazin

            I would like to second Tyler's response here but also renoob's. Prince you are a moron, congratulations you caught him using level instead of ranking. This is sort of like trying to answer for A (2x+5=A) without knowing X. Bunch of stellar armchair quarterbacks here today.

            • Tyler

              I'm frequently embarrassed for people that have thought-processes like this. At least I can be grateful that I am not one of them. Well said, Blazin.

        • Ass

          Yup. I want him dead for speeding and failing to stop for police

    • http://twitter.com/beagleracing @beagleracing

      The cop here is an abnormality in the police force. i.e. he can drive. He did a great job of car control and it's rare for a police officer to look that far ahead while driving. We do police officer/sheriff/dept. of defense driver training here in Austin and it's shocking at how bad these guys are as drivers. Put them into pursuit scenarios on a track and it's downright scary. I personally like the "no pursuit" policy because of the cops inability to drive!

      • anon

        Agreed. He also used caution and finesse when disabling the rider. Rather than smashing into him, the cop directed him onto a grass median and the roofer basically crashed himself. Still, I wonder about the judgment of pursuing so long, they should have had the guys plates on camera. Also, to the rider, but a faster bike.

      • Wade Eepiner

        Also, it looked like they were German. German cops are not to be trifled with… and can drive like our pros. You should see 'em on the Autobahn.

    • Mike

      Since none of us were there, how do we even know what the pursuit was for. Maybe the driver was just involved in an armed robbery or something else that was violent. Don't jump to thinking that things are always as you see them.

    • Matthew

      I could not agree more. If the rider makes a mistake he gets hurt. If the idiot cop crashed innocent people will get hurt. An experienced rider would have smoked him. Congratulations on catching a novice rider.

  • 4nbstd

    He ain't no Super Trooper though.

  • puttputt

    should have used a bicycle

  • boo

    I'm not rooting for the biker, but it seems like the cop was putting alot of lives in danger just to catch a speeder.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Yeah, great driving at the least, but I saw a lot of red lights with crosswalks. He looked to be going upwards of 80 mph through them…luckily nobody was walking.

    • cdt59

      this is why any decent cop will tell you they don't chase bikers. They put the lights on and if they don't pull over they try to get a tag and let them go. The cop or the biker will end up putting innocent people in danger for a speeding ticket. This is what this cowboy cop is doing. I'd have his damn badge.

    • Black6dog

      Glad you all get the point of not just blindly chasing a speeding motorcyclist just because you dislike them, Most of the commenters above are amazingly short-sighted it's amazing. Like no one has ever panicked while driving before, jeez

    • Guest

      But how do any of you know that he was "just a speeder' that could have been someone that had a warrant out for his arrest for some nasty crime.

  • tv_paul

    Nice driving officer, I bet this guys was very clumsy and "tripped & fell "a lot on the way to the station for booking.

    • asdf

      Well clearly that crash at the end was enough to break at least 15 bones, mainly in his face

    • Slim Jim

      so people are all for police brutality as long as it involves a biker now?

      • MylesofStyles

        I don't give a fuck if he was riding an elephant, he got what was coming to him, so stop your little bitch whining.

  • Tiger

    Kick ass cop!

  • cerb

    Yeah, something about two wrongs here.. How about reading the license plate of the vid or something?

    • FuckPaulaPaulaSucks

      Yea well why don't you tell us what that number is then. I sure as hell don't see one. In fact most bikers tilt their plates to make them not visible to cameras and barely visible at all. Get a fucking clue man.

    • You're dum

      What's the second wrong? Chasing someone who has committed a felony? Fleeing and eluding is a felony.

      • Black6dog

        No, it comes after the cop starts his high-speed chase of a single motorcyclist and He catches some motorist off guard causing a 4 car pile-up

  • NcouthYouth

    Amazing driving. Wreckless as hell.. but great driving.

  • slidmysr20

    Didn't know Ken Block became a cop

  • BigtotheD

    That cop is my fucking hero! LAPD would have let him go

  • misschris

    I'm sure that biker was thinking "What the F*CK?! Give up already!"

  • RealBIker

    Doesnt the biker know to get of the dam interstate? He would have been able to get away if he took a exit. Go places where the cop cant fit. Rookie Biker.

    • Dirk Diggler


  • cels0_o

    That cop doesn't give a fuck.

  • Jive

    That guy needs a faster bike!

    • misschris

      Or to stop driving like an asshole. One or the other.

  • Alex

    good thing they got him and nobody got hurt which is always a good thing.

    • Grammar lesson #1

      Redundancy is redundant.

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