• DaveTuck

    Jason Borne is really losing his edge!

  • iHuntBoobies

    Would have been better if he had a faster bike….

  • Antifreakazoid

    What did the guy do, shoot the pope? I seriously think the cops were putting lots more people than the perp. Shit, it looked like the taxi that was in front of him was going just as fast!

  • Quoter

    i want my 4 min back

  • Alex

    Its awesome that skrillex did the soundtrack for this video

  • Rossco

    Totally worth it… high speed chase on a busy freeway for a minor traffic offense. Fucking pigs…

  • The Mad Zak

    That cop owned his ass. The dude wrecked because the cop tapped his tire, and he did it at a slow speed so the dude didn't get hurt. Awesome work!

  • Aidan

    Liam Neeson's a cop?

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