• patrick907

    Not first

  • sfb101

    Reminds me of Eddie Murphy doing Buckwheat on SNL.

  • Joe

    this is bad.

  • you are my woman

    oh my 'lanta…

  • Grant Kluge

    This is WAY too forced…

  • Paul.C


  • TheRealLomo

    The butttext was the best part.

  • Joshua Lopez

    i gonna pinch ur face!

  • melissa

    haha…I love stupid shit!!
    i wanna hate six with you!

  • Urethra Franklin

    "Dim the lights until we are though" made me laugh way too hard. I'm ashamed

  • tim

    I really tried to lobe this song.

  • Brian D


  • CanucksRule

    why did i just watch that?

  • MrStiggy91

    Good idea, just poor execution. It gave a couple chuckles, the butttext was good but that was about it. I feel that there were missed opportunities.

  • High

    This song is awesome when your high. 😉

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