Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Oregonian


    • back2worknow

      <img src="http://cdn.memegenerator.net/instances/400x/30213328.jpg&quot; pxz:uid="-3d37035c-48">

      #3, I'm talking about you!

    • Ben

      Ironic that she is #10

      • More now!

        More MOAR Moore Mucho Please!!!

      • Ethix_

        That is not irony. It is a coincidence.

      • hootie

        look up the definition of irony there Alanis-

    • Teddy Roxspin

      Get this woman her own post damnit!

    • Dan Siego


    • UtahChiver

      Pretty sure that chicks jailbait

      • Mike Hunt

        Pretty sure you should stay in Utah forever.

        • pr0n

          What's wrong with utah?

      • ThaTruth

        Nah, she's 21. Name's Natalie.

    • lucas h

      ^ yesssss.

  • ME

    COLBY 2012

    • üäö

      Follow John on wheels

    • http://onfunzone.com/ www.onfunzone.com


    • ME

      C'mon guys. Never Forget!

  • CH2

    Love me some Hump DAR!

  • LCR915


    • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

      #10 beautiful!

    • Mari

      the cutest law enforcement agent ever!

    • Black6dog



    #10 Girl you're a knockout.And #33 is definitely doing it right.

    • MylesofStyles

      For some reason, I felt the need to read your comment in the voice of a fat black lady while I snapped my fingers back and forth.

    • ttyl hef

      #33 is that the Park City Hotel?

      (Yes – I am aware of how you know I am gay.)

      • Girl

        No it's a cabin in kirkwood, ca!

  • bob_the_cook

    #3- waiting for the gif, #11- KCCO dude. You got this beat!

    • Steel Jaguar

      You can't get a gif of a painting. Check the signature in the bottom left corner from the artist.

      • Washingtone

        He just needs to paint more frames!

      • RIAA

        The original is not a painting. This is a photograph that has been digitally manipulated. http://www.zzzphotos.com/

  • Whoopi_G

    #43 That backside is just fantastic.

    • Gpa Bob

      worst. skidmark. ever.

      • Team C

        It shits art.

    • Carl Weathers

      Love me some scrunchie butt undies!

      • Cammmon

        i enjoy your work Carl Weathers

      • Oregonchive

        FYI its call "ruched" (RooShed) and they deserve their own post….

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      Exclusive 15 PHOTOS. Exclusive 15 PHOTOS.

    • Yuri

      Katrina Eugenia

  • sixdeadelves

    #27 all this heavy drinking is really getting to me…

    • http://onfunzone.com/ www.onfunzone.com


    • my head hurts

      "Don't puss out on me now Frank"

  • Old Maid

    #8 No matter how many times it is washed, it's still a Miata.

    • tdog

      That is snow & ice, not suds

      • Old Maid

        Well aware man. Just ripping on the Miatas.

    • Rampant77

      Goes to show even When it snows in Edmonton 0 Fucks are still given! KCCO

    • Gersh

      let's see, miatas are cheap, rear-wheel drive, lightweight sports cars. what's the bad part again?

      • Jen


        • MrPants

          I drive a Miata. Anyone who thinks they are gay, just take a ride with someone who has one and have them push it to its limit. when you are screaming like a little girl you may decide to re-evaluate your "gay" comments.

          • Jen

            hey – it was just opinion, pal. im sure lots of bitches somewhere love them.

          • Dudeman

            Anyone who goes by "MrPants" would probably be impressed by a Miata. Plus, small boys fit neatly into the passenger seat.

  • beasty

    One look at here mother should have been enough, really.

    • Lucky Lucy

      the human thumb…

      • Gonz

        Pretty please Lucy! You know what we want!

      • Hrdwood

        Woman's got more chins than a Chinese phone book…

        • ...

          and more rolls than a bakery

          • JessieBelle

            WTF is going on with her armpit…

            • Ryan

              Its trying to escape.

        • whos.mike

          She is so fat, she walked in front of my TV and I missed three seasons of my favorite show.

    • meantux


    • M.C.

      Forget Durex. Maybe try a little parenting?

    • Mari

      Best condom ad I've ever seen

  • alan

    I like turtles!

    • peanut3603

      I like turtle soup.

    • ...

      alan you really seem to like turtles why don`t you tell us about it.

  • bob_the_cook

    #15- Yes… and all of the other pictures available of Carly Foulkes

    • J_Ace

      I prefer her wearing only the clothing in this picture, riding her bike, through my town.

    • Boner

      I'm not a leg man, but good lawd I'm loving her right now

      • blueberry

        I misinterpreted that as "i'm loving her right [leg] now." As in her left is average, but man, oh man, her right leg is sexy. And I thought you were a bit of a weirdo.

    • Mike Hunt

      Much better than the lamp I have on my end table. I've tried to jack off to a lamp before, mixed results.

    • DirtBag

      Why the fuck are her arms always so long? Oh well, she would be a fantastic time.

    • Solitaire

      Are we allowed to vote ms. Foulkes for COTW? she has mine.

    • RCT

      I just got full bars.

      • Woop

        i just got bars in places i didnt know could have bars

    • ShaggleROC

      She's Canadian.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #1 It's just as effective as praying to anything else…

    • Zeke

      hey look ma, it's one a them there trolls…

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Sorry to break it to you Bible Belters, but religion brings war, not peace.

      • KyleHeier

        Something tells me you just want people to hear you

        • TheWizardofWoz

          I would agree, but he IS right…

      • Marko

        Extremism brings war. Religion brings closed mindedness. Unless you're Budhist, in which case that brings pajamas.

      • Woop

        You have spoken…wisely.

    • Elvis1721

      Obvious troll is obvious…
      Oh, and please bring back Milf Sundays!

  • Whoopi_G

    #10 What big, beautiful…….eyes, that's right, eyes you have.

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  • ...

    #33 Something special is going on here

  • IamAwesome


    Look at the fun bags on that hose hound

    • Ginger

      You may want to check her ID. Well executed arm bra though.

      • IamAwesome

        She looks to be about 19-20 which is good enough for me. Hell, here in TX they only have to be 17.

        • Matticus

          Im moving to texas

  • Los

    #49 I start at the end. What a nice end

    • Los Troll

      You start at the end because you know there will be a hot chick there every time, just so ya can leave a comment. Don't cha?

      • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre


    • http://twitter.com/FryNick @FryNick

      she's right. "it" is awesome

  • ChivetteKellie

    #11 Chive on brother. 🙂 You can do it.

    • diehardcard

      You can follow his progress on facebook @ Ryan's Journey 2012. Dude's been on TV here in Phoenix. Awesome story. He's a TSGT in the USAF but was injured in a BMX bike racing accident. Ran marathons and stuff too. Getting married in Feb to an awesome girl named Meagan.

      Stay strong Ryan! KCCO my bro!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #33 …and I just had a blizzard in my pants

    • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

      more like a "light dusting"……..

  • AS7

    Corunna, MI

    • Big Joe

      My condolences

  • pimpninjaa

    #15 those legs. Mamma mia!

    • Med

      those tooth picks

      • pimpninjaa

        Like you would complain if they were wrapped around your head?

        • SmokeyTheBear

          I'd wear her like a crown.

    • Gene Simmons

      my tongue would wear her out…. she'd need vaginal reconstruction surgery when I got threw eating that…

      • Jen


  • beasty

    Moar motorboating footage please.

    • asdfasfs

      I also require the source of this.

      • Search_Destroy

        I concur.

    • AB

      Great Oden's raven!! The source link must be found!

      • Me.....

        Youtube"I'm on a Boat" I think

        • Hellow

          You sir/madame are a true chiver and a scholar.

        • Me....
          • OmahaDude

            Well done you

          • askdjf

            Blonde is Brit Kersey decent facebook page

    • beasty

      I swear it looks like she's singing "Mother effing, motorboat" But it's real hard keeping my eyes off her boobs.

    • JayRomey420
      • JLW

        This video is so much better watching on mute!

    • fapped

      excellent tities

      • JSJ

        Absolutely gorgeous! And yes, excellent titties.

    • Kato

      There's a part deux to the video:

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  • Los

    #13 the more attention you give it, the more it will stick around

    • Red

      First "kill it, kill it with fire" comment in 3, 2, 1…

      • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

        just ignore it!!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Birth Control….It just makes sense #38

  • socalmarti

    #11 and #14 get all the AAAWWWWSSSSSS!!!!! ❤

  • drewdeze

    #2 GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!!!!!!

    • don meok

      "this is gonna hurt" – Balls Mahoney

    • Unfkngblvbl

      "Okay, sorry sorry, just lemme get my beanie first."

    • Boo Hippies!

      Never bring a knife to a chair fight.

    • MXM

      ever hit someone so hard with a chair that his beanie fell of?

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