• first

    its not working…

    • rlp

      videos on this site fail 90% of the time for me

      • HumpDan

        Sucks to suck,

        but who drew the NYC metro lines on the gym floor?

  • dlux39

    wooooptyy wooop ….. WHAT!!!!

  • first


    • Yep


      • AppleSucks

        Forever alone..

  • Jeremy

    The bleachers still being folded up in the back say enough

  • Steve Chi Town

    What about his teammate just watching him. He didnt stop him after the first try?

    • Macro


    • Sergio

      What would happen if his teammate fouls him ?

  • Amigo

    fail at failing…… success?

  • Miguel

    Failed at failure!

  • ChiTownChiver

    You just went full retard

    • elijah

      you NEVER go full retard!

      • ChristophersonofGray

        Everyone knows that.

  • Bryant

    even the ball knew it was the wrong basket

  • Mike

    Where da white women at?

    • Urethra Franklin


    • Z D

      running from your creepin ass

  • jayd

    and the guy at .22sec traveled

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'm almost as good as that guy at basketball…

    • Hrdwood

      Agreed… I'm constantly trying to put it in the wrong hole and when I fail, I just dribble all over the place…

  • rob

    Another fail – Who the hell drew all the lines on the court?

    • Mucibert

      you fail!!!!! this is a multi-sport gym 😛 hahaha

    • Squirrel

      its pretty common for a court to have multiple lines on it. Various half court setups, lines for volleyball, etc. Some High School courts even have College and NBA lines on them so that the kids can practice at real distances.

      • dawgbone98

        Which in the end just results in a bunch of confusing lines that takes a masters in math to figure out.

        • dirtysteve

          Or the ability to tell colors apart.

  • Erika

    Oh le French …

  • tv_paul

    The Harlem Globetrotters have just found their new team to travel with on the road.

  • GuyF

    I'm guessing he wanted to add some bogus rebounds to his total. Maybe he was close to a triple/double or something.

    • http://twitter.com/tonytouch24kt @tonytouch24kt

      Ricky Davis

      • Carl

        You misspelled Ricky avis. There's no "D" in avis.


        • DoucheBag Hunter

          You forgot to capitalize Avis. The "A" should be capitalized.

  • Hrdwood

    No wonder they needed our help to win the War…

    • Kim

      But you both lost to us.

    • nico

      Actually it happened in Belgium

    • dirtysteve

      Are you Russian Hrdwood?

      • Hrdwood

        Never rushin'… always stallin'… (old stooges joke…)

  • TheRealLomo

    Someone spiked the Space Jam water

  • http://twitter.com/ofwiv @ofwiv

    This ass clown knows what he is doing. He is well on his way to leading the league in Rebounds – suckers!

  • boobs

    fuck you chive

    • chive is my drug

      Why ya gota be that guy?

    • DaGODFather

      So…you must be that poor guy in the video!

  • Dumas

    Good thing he's white.

  • Mr.ha

    Didn't even get benched. Even the frenchy coaches are pussys

    • Paulie Gualtieri

      That's not happened in France,idiot
      you're just a typical ignorant american fatass fucktard…

      • Team C

        "That's not happened in France, idiot"

        Oh, the irony.

        • Paulie Gualtieri

          Oh… Did I made some mistakes ?did i offended you grammar nazi?
          please tell me how many language do you speak correctly? …

          Ce n'est pas parce que ça parle français que c'est forcement en France.
          ça va peut-être vous choquer,mais il existe d'autres pays que les USA sur terre ,et certains de ces pays utilisent la langue française également.

          • Urethra Franklin

            The best part was when you called him a Croisant. hahaha priceless!

            • UrethraFranklins Son

              Go 4n guy!

          • DoucheBag Hunter

            Speaking of ignorant… HAHAHA!!!!! Not only does your English SUCK, so does your spelling! Typical croissant… too lazy to even use the damn spell check. No wonder France is so pathetic.

            "The ignorance of French society gives one a rough sense of the infinite."
            Joseph E. Renan, French philologist, religious writer and historian

      • Not fat

        Why does he have to be American!? Enough with the country bashing. Half the "Merica" trolls aren't American, don't feed into it. If you dislike us get off the site.

        • DoucheBag Hunter


      • Z D

        Paulie, Your a yellow belly pig f**ker. Just thought i'd let you know. Let us "typical ignorant american fatass fucktard" know when you need another war won. Pussy!

        Yours Truly
        An American

        P.S. Your gay!

        • Paulie Gualtieri



  • LeftFlasherOn

    I'm glad you cleared that up. At first, I couldn't figure out the fail of a puppy playing with a door stop. I watched it for all 2 minutes and still couldn't figure it out.

  • TXChiver

    faire du sport? le fail!

  • tyvm

    Hey thanks John Madden!

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