Daily Afternoon Randomness (42 Photos)

  • AirwolfWilly

    #13 – Just when the douche level couldn't get any higher…. Apple sticker on an HP out of nowhere.

  • Rick

    #25. Well done sir, well done. Respect.

  • Rick

    Rock on HOTTIE, rock on.

  • Rick

    #21. Above comment.

  • MUpde

    #15 And I'm spent….

  • absure2

    #4 Thats fine with me!
    #31 pretty darn nice

  • eenniferconnel

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    very nice

  • TommyKnockers

    I laughed pretty hard at #30

  • Adam

    Love #19. Looks like a fun route there – I see a toe-hook in your future. Sexy as hell when ladies climb that hard.

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