There’s something unusual here… (35 Photos)

  • boob_cuddler

    #23 lol.

    • Mateus

      Ministry of Silly Walk's competition.

  • BygNick

    #7 who knew Robert Downey Jr. was into archery?

    • guest

      They're saying Robert Downey Jr. takes it in the ass.

      • BygNick


  • DrakeFriedman

    #33 the secret "coat" of arms

  • Wes

    #35 absolute genius. So funny

  • skee


    i've met the guy he is super nice

  • Kirsten

    #16 is in Ephesus, Turkey. I totally have an almost identical picture to that one.

  • ms.unidentify


  • Brandon_plays_drums


    The floor is Lava!

  • Richie

    #10 is an albino alligator they actually look like that!!

  • kmotamed

    #2… Bearguin?

  • Jame

    #24 Come on. They should have at least made it apple flavour.

  • ppolonskiy

    Hey Chive, think you've had #29 in enough galleries yet?

  • Red

    18, watch she is actually a kid kid. I can imagine Jabba jr carefully getting in there, but let's see her pull her tail out. On a side note.. Nope still not on the side yet… Oh well, and they wonder why they're so "large"? I wouldn't be surprised if she is stuck and ends up suing the store. Trying at any rate. Possibly planned. And I'm the asshole

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