The light festival of Ghent, Belgium (33 HQ Photos)

  • Joe


  • fff

    wow indeed

  • Joe

    My mind is so blown

  • First guy


    • Ur a douche


      • Parkview

        So when you were born your parents looked at you and said "you a douche" and that was your name from then on

        • Parkview

          Sorry "ur a douche"

          • JustKidding

            So when you were born your parents were like "I hope our son/daughter/whatever is not one of those gullible individuals who thinks that people actually use their real names on the internet. Let's name he/she/it Parkview, because I cannot bear to look at it and would rather view this park." Just like my parents were all like "we should have a kid! Haha Just kidding!"

            • Zanet

              All y'all are douches. Especially you JustKidding.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #33 I'll take some eyegasm with a side of acid please.

    • BeerAndStupidity

      There's no good acid these days, man…

      • FSU_Chiver

        Yes…yes there is.

      • Rafael_RS

        There is some impressive quality going on here in the south of Brasil, come check ir out

    • Nat3dawg

      Top notch shrooms will do the trick as well.

      • SmokeyTheBear

        Mescaline/MDMA was the best thing I've ever experienced in the history of experiences. Ever.

        • Nat3dawg

          I haven't been able to get my hands on that so I wouldn't know. Sounds legit and glad you enjoyed yourself. I have got my hands on DMT which was pretty awesome.

          • SmokeyTheBear

            The short, yet intensely awesome experience of DMT is as strong as any hallucinogen's peak. So, in a way you have.

            • Nat3dawg

              Oh I did not know that. Guess that's why they say you learn something new everyday haha.

  • poozle


  • Spam

    I feel enLIGHTened.

  • MaartenD

    I was there and it was fantastic! Looking forward to the next edition.
    Proud to be from Ghent.

    • hira

      Here is to a fellow Gent chiver. KCCO

      • Heleen

        And here's another one! Wear those t-shirts, i'd like to findelly meet a Chiver here in Gent! 🙂

        • MigraineBoy

          KCCO fellow Gentenaars. Best city ever! Woo!

        • Kiang

          one more here!

          • hira

            Maybe it's about time we have an Unofficial Chive meetup in Gent.

            • Heleen

              I agree!!

              • GentKCCO

                Well, suggest a time and place 😉

  • majorfathead

    #27 what I think my yard looks like after decorating #24 what my yard actually looks like (sort of)

  • @MathijsBaert

    I'm so glad that the chive has done a complete part about the city where i go to university,
    Seen as for them it's the opposite side of the globe.
    (even tough i've seen some pictures of Ghent appearing now and then)

  • MNExpat

    #24 I love lamp.

    Seriously, though, these are beautiful. Ghent is one of the most picturesque cities in Belgium (at least from an historian's perspective), and to see these Medieval masterpieces lit up like this is amazing. I hope some day to be lucky enough to see them up close and personal.

  • CTV

    #27 is probably what heavens gate's look like when you die stoned..

  • HCSOPiggy

    #10 hope the neighbors have blackout shades in their bedroom.

    • GentKCCO

      Actually it's mostly student neighbourhood. We don't go to sleep before dawn anyway.

  • Jones

    Some places of Europe are unbearably beautiful

  • joo croo

    SO psychedelic.

    *Someone* has dropped acid before!

  • Ah hah!!!

    #7 I can do that

  • kmotamed

    #24: what a cool (and wasteful) idea! i'd like to go there one day…

  • Mchells

    I live there… all off that happened in my backyard

    • gruffguano

      Did they use the power socket in your toolshed for all of that ? That'll be one hell of an electricity bill.

  • Kevin

    #7 Absolutely gorgeous!

  • chivester

    I'd hate to pay that electric bill

  • Ryan

    I live 30 minutes away! I definitely have to check this out.

  • sma

    The buildings and canals look very similar to Amsterdam. Something tells me that lights like this there would be appreciated a lot more….or a whole lot less.

    • sma

      Says I posted 3 times….can some admin please erase my other two posts please?

  • Will


  • Dutchy

    #25 is actually taken in Eindhoven, the Netherlands during Glow 2010. None the less really nice pictures!

    • Whoelse

      As is #18

    • curmudgeon

      well, that would mean that the others like this aren't in Ghent either. these guys vet their info about like yahoo's yayhoo's do their research.

  • MigraineBoy

    #20 Goddamn, I love my city.

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